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Slime Bess
Pink Slime.jpg
Queen Alraune Throne Eggiel →
Level: 58
HP (Normal): 21000
Experience: 170000
Skills: Jelly Hands, Melty Bust, Slimy Hips, Slime Girl's Slimy Blowjob, Amoeba Haze, Amoeba Drain, Water Spirit Summon
Area: Undine's Spring
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Slime Bess is a slime-type monster that Luka encounters in Chapter 3. Formerly a subordinate to Erubetie, she betrays her and allies with Black Alice.


Black Alice recruits Bess to her cause by promising her the position of Queen Slime. Bess later reveals her treachery at Undine’s Spring, which is being used as a shelter for refugees from the war. She poisons the lake with magic mercury which causes low-leveled slimes and humans to suffer from intoxication. Erubetie quickly evacuates the civilians while Luka defeats the traitor. Once Bess is dealt with, Erubetie is left bewildered by the turn of events, but Luka uses the revelation to convince her to take an outlook of her formerly cruel actions toward humans and that not all her subordinates would agree with Erubetie's views.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A low class, predatory slime. An extremely self centered monster among slimes, she believes that other creatures exist only for her own simple minded enjoyment. Exploiting her unconscious evilness, Black Alice recruited her. It’s believed that she has secretly attacked many men and women in secret from Erubetie.

Though she can easily survive on any sort of meat, she finds devouring humans to be the most fun. Covering her prey with her entire body, the digesting slime paralyzes them with extreme pleasure as she preys on them.”


Jelly Hands: Normal attack. Will trigger hand bukkake on losing.

Melty Bust: Normal attack. Will trigger breast bukkake on losing.

Slimy Hips: Normal attack. Will trigger ass bukkake on losing.

Slime Girl’s Slimy Blowjob: Normal attack. Will trigger face bukkake on losing.

*Water Spirit Summon: Causes all attacks to hit thrice and causes all binds to be inescapable.

*Amoeba Hold: Triggers bind status.

Amoeba Haze: Binded attack that damages thrice.

Amoeba Drain: Binded attack that damages thrice and drains. Will trigger an extra scene on losing.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Bess can be a potentially difficult battle, due to her hard-hitting attacks and binds. Gnome is therefore necessary here. However, once she uses Water Spirit Summon, switch to Serene Mind or Sylph to evade her attacks.

If Luka is defeated, Slime Bess will slowly consume his body while draining him of semen.


“I heard there’s a new food on the market called Slimebait. …Of course, I am referring to you. With both high attack power, and a strong bind, Gnome is your best choice here. If she summons a spirit of water, her attack power will further increase. But you don’t have Salamander, the opposite attribute, yet… Since you have no other choice, you may need to use serene state or Sylph to do your best to evade the damage. In addition, if you lose to her draining move, she will continue to insult you. Not that your end result will be any different… Now go, oh Slimebait. You aren’t allowed to lose to a Slime at this point.”