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All the skills and their cost by the end of Chapter 2.

All the skills and their cost by the end of Chapter 3.

Skill Points, or SP, is the measure of Luka’s capacity to use skills in a battle.

Each time Luka uses a skill, his Skill Points will drain according to the SP cost of the skill invoked. Without the necessary skill points, he is unable to utilize his skills.

The game begins with Luka not possessing any. After his first training session with Alice, he receives 2 SP. As the story progresses, his level increases, leading to an increase in the maximum amount of skill points that Luka possesses. The maximum amount of Skill Points that Luka can acquire in Chapter 1 is 5. This increases to 10 in Chapter 2, and 13 in Chapter 3.

In Chapters 1 and 2, SP is represented by a small orange dot. If Chapter 3 is integrated, every 5 SP appears as a large blue bubble.

In some battles, Luka may start with very few SP, usually down to 1 or 0. As Alice states, this is due to the enemy catching and engaging him off guard.

Skills and their SP cost:


  • When Luka first learns of Skill Points, he incorrectly calls them “Super Points”, and as a result is berated by Alice.