Siren, or Leene as a companion, is a monster in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A powerful bird monster that roams the Northern Sea. Using her seductive voice, she tempts sailors to her, and then extracts all of their semen. Due to the potential for loss of life, experienced sailors usually travel with earplugs.

Though they usually act alone, Sirens have been known to wait in groups on rocks to attack gigantic ships. With her high quality vagina and seductive voice, the Siren can easily overpower a man in ecstasy in mere moments. In trade for this pleasure, the man is milked until his death.”


  • Attack – One Foe
  • Feather Caress – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Feather Caress – One Foe (F), Pleasure Attribute
  • Feather Wingjob – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Chest of Pleasure – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Mouth of Fascination – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Armpit Squeeze – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute
  • Dive Bomb Pin – One Foe (Luka), Bind (1 Turn Break)
  • Thirsting Vagina – Rape, One Foe (Luka, Bound), Pleasure Attribute
  • Thirsting Vagina (Cont.) – Rape, One Foe (Luka, Bound), Pleasure Attribute
  • Sexy Dance – All Foes, Auto Hit, Horny 75%, Trance 75%, +800 Speed
  • Love Song – All Foes, Auto Hit, Trance 75%, +800 Speed
  • Song of Seduction – All Foes, Auto Hit, Seduce 75%, +800 Speed
  • Hustle Dance – All Allies, Heal



“It looks like you really enjoyed that Siren’s song. How odd… Since you keep ignoring my scolding, I thought you went deaf. Siren uses a variety of skills that cause status ailments. If you don’t finish her off quickly your entire party can be wiped out. She is quite frail in the defence department, aside from her high evasion rate. If you attack her using magic and status ailments, you should have no problem defeating her. Now go, oh Brave Luka. For the security of all those who travel the sea, destroy that monster.”

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