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Games containing similar gameplay elements to Paradox:

If you specifically want to see if your favorite MGQ girls appear in another medium, check this page instead.

Games with a monster recruiting system:

  • The Shin Megami Tensei series. Players can talk to enemies and recruit them to one's party, much like in Paradox, though it is arguably much less forgiving in its difficulty.
  • Dragon Quest V. Similar to Paradox, enemies have an automatic chance of joining the player's party at the end of each battle (though not all of them are recruitable). This game, along with other titles of the Dragon Quest series present in this article, has received an enhanced version in the form of a remake, which in this case includes more recruitable enemies among other additions. The Dragon Quest series, in general, also has similarities with both Monster Girl Quest and Monster Girl Quest: Paradox in its setting and tone of humor.
  • The Dragon Quest Monsters series.
  • The Pokémon series.

The Suikoden series also has some similaries with the huge number of recruitable characters (108 Stars of Destiny in each game), along with also having a castle where recruited characters reside in.

Naedoko Demon's Ground. This is an eroge and it has an (unofficial) English translation. The player controls a heroine who can give birth to different party members and have them fight in battles for her (the protagonist herself does not engage in battles, but can still take damage). It's an interesting concept and one that is well executed. The game has over 80 different party members, a catchy soundtrack, and a good amount of things to do in it as well. On the other side of the spectrum, it has a good amount of erotic scenes with some variety of fetishes (the main focus is impregnation, egg birthing, and tentacles). As a warning, this game contains loli content.

Games with a job system:

List of games contained in the collaboration update:

Games containing monster girls with femdom elements: