After being recruited, Vanilla sets up a shop in the Pocket castle. This allows you to buy the merchandise of most item shops without having to navigate through the cities or villages. The shop's inventory starts with few virtually useless items, but the shop's stock grows steadily as you advance through this quest.

Her full inventory contains the following

Item Price
Herb 10
High-Quality Herb 100
Boost Drink 50
Phoenix Tail 100
Antidote Grass 15
Eyedrops 15
Echo Grass 20
Restorative 20
Full Moon Grass 15
Lucky Mallet 30
Holy Water 30
Harpy Feather 15
Thread of Guidance 35
Fire Stone 50
Ice Stone 50
Thunder Stone 50
Wind Stone 50
Earth Stone 50
Water Stone 50
Holy Stone 50
Dark Stone 50
Shuriken 50
Fuma Shuriken 200
Roast Newt 25
Cicada Shell 4
Weeds 1
Acorn 4
Pine Cone 2
Beetle 60
Rock 1

This quest can be started as soon as Vanilla is recruited, but several seemingly unrelated actions need to be taken to finish it. These include the saving the merchant from Talus Hill, recruitment of Mini, curing the harpy epidemic and getting the healing seashell for the dark elf in Enrika. Vanilla needs to be in party when you're talking with her future trading partners.


1. Save the Talus Hill merchant

2. Recruit Vanilla (if you started an NG+ and want to restock the shop, you need to go through the process of recruiting her again or the following won't trigger)

3. Buy an item from Vanilla's shop

4. Talk to the merchant from Iliasville who sent you to Talus (Adds herb to the shop)

5. Buy another item

6. Talk to the merchant from 4. again

7. Talk to the mandragora at Talus Hill (Adds Antidote Grass, Full Moon Grass and Eyedrops)

8. Buy item

9. Talk to Mini in the castle (Phoenix Tail)

10. Buy item

11.Talk to the harpy in the Harpy Village item shop (Harpy Feather, Thread of Guidance)

12. Buy item

13. Talk to the storehouse keeper in alternate world Rostrum (Fire Stone, Ice Stone and Thunder Stone)

14. Buy item

15. Talk to the dark elf in Enrika item shop (Echo Grass, Restoratives)

16. Buy item

17. Talk to Ilias Port shopkeeper

18. Talk to the samurai in the Ilias Temple job explanation room (Shurikens, A Nice Shop achievement)

19. Buy item

20. Talk to San Ilia shopkeeper

21. Talk to Elka in Monte Carlo (Boost Drink, Lucky Mallet, Holy Water, Wind Stone, Earth Stone, Water Stone)

22. Go talk to Sabasa shopkeeper

23. Buy item

24. Talk to the samurai again (Fuma Shurikens)

25. Buy item

26. Talk to the Witch Hunt Village shopkeeper (The Witch Hunt Village Sidequest may have to be completed at this point - needs checking)

27. Go get the Agriston from Salon caves and give it to her

28. Go back to Witch Hunt and give the shopkeeper the Agriston (Holy Stone, Dark Stone, Fully Stocked Shop achievement)

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