Shirohebi is a white-colored lamia residing in the Snake Shrine of Yamatai Village.


Chapter 2

When Luka visits the Snake Shrine, Shirohebi is there to meet him. She tells an astonished Luka to be more respectful of the monsters coexisting in Yamatai Village. When he asks about the village monsters being too friendly, she tells him that only friendly creatures can live in the village, as long ago the humans were violent and drove monsters out of Yamatai Village and in response the monsters also became violent and attacked travelers, and her elder sister was part of that group.

After Luka seals Yamata no Orochi, Shirohebi reveals she has kept the multiple-headed snake in a jar so she reflects on her own actions, and will release her once she does.

Chapter 3

The elder Shirohebi, now a servant of Black Alice, appears to the younger Shirohebi, much to her surprise. The elder knocks out the younger before announcing the attack on Yamatai Village.

After Luka returns to drive out the invaders and seals the elder Shirohebi, he then finds the younger Shirohebi regaining conscious nearby, who then scoops up the sealed white snake when she tries to escape and puts her in a jar. The elder Shirohebi angrily hisses several times until the younger says she will turn her sister into soup, but states it is a joke and that she will never harm her sister no matter how evil she becomes.

The younger Shirohebi participates in the summit at Monster Lord's Castle, and meets with other monster Queens and leaders, and the human Royalty and town representatives. She notes she is close to obtaining the title of Queen Lamia and jokingly asks Tiny Lamia if she intends to challenge her for the title.

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