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Sentora in the center, flanked by Hellgondo in the north and Ilias in the south.

Sentora (セントラ Sentora?) is the central and largest continent in the world of Monster Girl Quest. It is divided into four key regions which surround major human settlements.


The four main regions of Sentora are: the southern Natalia region centered around San Ilia, the western Safina region which surrounds Sabasa, the eastern Noah region dominated by Grand Noah, and the northern Gold region based around Grangold. To the far east is a fifth region centered around Yamatai Village, which is connected to the same landmass but is quite disconnected from the rest of the continent otherwise, and this is generally being considered as part of the Noah region.

As Sentora is so huge, the geography and cultures are incredibly varied. Each region contains a main settlement that serves as a hub, and surrounding settlements that can be visited once they are highlighted through dialogue. In this way, each region acts as an equivalent to the smaller continents of Ilias and Hellgondo.

Other than human settlements, the continent seems to be a hub for two groups of four legendary beings: the Four Spirits, who can give their power to those seeking it should they prove their worth; and the Guardians of the Directions, who generally rule over their respective regions in some way and guard several of the Six Orbs used to hatch the egg of a Garuda Girl.

The degree of faith in Ilias varies from location to location. It is very strict in the south while the north is willing to accept monsters.

In Monster Girl Quest Paradox, the Great Disaster split up the Sentora Continent and formed a Tartarus in the middle of the ocean where the Navel of the World was once located. These Tartarus can be found though various places.


Luka spends most of his time on Sentora during the first two chapters, recruiting the Four Spirits while dealing with any sort of trouble coming across his path. He arrives first in the Natalia Region, before going to Safina, then Noah, then finally Gold before going to Hellgondo.