Selene was a famous pirate from times past... Until she made a fatal mistake opening the Calamity Box, which held the Beelzebubs inside. She and her crew died within moments, but that was enough for Selene to use a treasure called the Jewel of The Rotten World to seal off her ship, preventing the Beelzebubs from leaving. With the regret of letting the Beelzebubs free keeping her from the afterlife, she pretended to be her great granddaughter: Selena, and stayed at Gold Port, looking for adventurers to take out the Beelzebubs.

Once the party comes to help, Selene takes a ship and sails the party over to her ship. After finding the key to the captains room, the party bursts inside, fights the Beelzebubs, and apparently kills them for good. Selene, with her one regret taken care of, ascends to heaven... Until the party finds her back at her house. Selene thinks the cause is that the Beelzebubs are still living, and joins the party on the condition that they help her find them.

Meanwhile, the Beelzebubs, having been out of touch with the outside world for years, are shocked at how casually monsters and humans are living together, and settle down on a bench in Yamatai Village, where the party can speak to them to recruit all three, with Selene joining permanently.

Recruiting her allows Luka to recruit Leviathan to his group once the Admiral of the Navy is beaten. 

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Selene: “I'd like to set out on a voyage again... I wonder if I can come with you?”

With Ashel:

Ashel: “You're the legendary Captain Selene... Could you please teach me the secret to raising a pirate queen?”

Selene: “I don't think there's any secret... It all depends on the person's talents, effort, and self-awareness.”

Ashel: “Is that so...”

Selene: “I'm sorry for the boring answer. But Bonnie definitely has talents.”

Ashel: “What about the remaining effort and self-awareness...? Good grief, it looks like she has a long way to go...”

With Bonnie:

Bonnie: “Ah, you're the magnificent Captain Selene! I'd like you to teach me how to become a great captain!”

Selene: “The most important thing is... composure and bravado.”

Bonnie: “Composure and bravado...?! Both of those are my strong points, are they good enough?”

Selene: “Military prowess and intelligence have never been more ideal, but... Even without those, there have been people who have served as splendid leaders.”

Selene: “But those who stand above the rest absolutely need a flexible attitude. No one would follow them without one.”

Bonnie :“I see... I've learned a lot!”

With Levia:

Selene: “I can't believe I'm able to travel with Leviathan once again...”

Levia: “I'm very happy about it indeed... Won't you please forgive me, Selene?”

Selene: “Nevertheless, you were the size that you could ride on my hands back then... Now I can ride on your back.”

Levia: “Would you like to take a ride? I cannot guarantee any comfort however...”

[If Tatsuko was recruited]

Tatsuko: “I want to ride on Levia-chan's back too!”

Levia: “You can't! And don't call me Levia-chan!”

With Roza (Zombie):

Selene: “You're the Pirate Queen, Roza...”

Roza: “You're Captain Selene... It appears I have earned a reputation as a Pirate Queen in the time following my death.”

Selene: “It would seem so, but I preferred not to fight much. That's how we became the greatest power in the seas.”

Roza: “I also refrained from direct combat as much as possible. It would appear we were similar people...”

Selene: “And we both never lost a decisive battle. Did you know where to fight, and when to gain victory?”

Roza: “If you and I lived in the same era... I suppose we would have divided the seas in half.”


Grandeur Theatre

Playful Actions

1st Action:

Selene: “Let's fight, everyone...!”

Selene cheers on the others.

Their morale rises!

[Party gets increased Atk/Mag for a few turns]

2th Action:

Selene: “Ufufu...”

Selene sends a flirtatious glance at [Enemy]!

[Chance to Seduce random enemy]

3th Action:

Selene: “This is a fire-measuring device...”

Selene is secretly playing with matches...

The surrounding area caught fire!

[All enemies take fire damage]

4th Action:

Selene: “Now, let's go!”

Selene gets psyched up!

[Selene gets increased Atk for next turn]

5th Action:

Selene: “Here you go.”

Selene presents a gift!

[+1 Hotdog]

Additional Skills

  • Attack +20% - Combat Ability
  • Attack +30% - Combat Ability


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