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Seeker's Cave is a location in Monster Girl Quest Paradox


Seeker's Cave (求道者の洞窟 kyūdōsha no dōkutsu) is located south of Monte Carlo. This cave is home to Minotauros, Sables , and Centipede Girls .

Map Of The Area



  • Blue Ice Stone, 1F, Red Chest
  • 2500 G, 1F, Red Chest
  • Blue Horn, 1F, Red Chest
  • Rune Staff, 1F, Red Chest after broken bridge, Can be accesed via B1F
  • Mimic. 1F, Red Chest near the exit
  • Life Nut, B1F, Red chest
  • Blue Water Stone, B1F, Red Chest
  • Mithril Sword:Wind, B1F, Red Chest
  • Yellow Thunder Stone, B2F, Red Chest
  • Mithril Plate, B2F, Red Chest
  • Fuma Shuriken, B2F, Red Chest
  • Magical Thread, B3F, Blue Chest, won't open without first seeing Puppeteer's tower event.
  • Pulse Ring, B3F, Green Chest
  • Proof of Initiation, B3F, Platinum Chest

Small Medal Locations

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