Current title screen.

Set at the end of part 2, Luka is suddenly sent to an area far from the Monster Lord’s castle. Where is Luka? And what is going to happen to him as he quickly encounters Black Alice. Major updates will be released as "chapters" (minimum of 7-8 monsters) currently far as story goes, around 4 chapters written with the expectation of a total of 5-6 chapters.

Monster Girl Quest: Sealed is a Full Patch Mod Side Story created by Ginrikuzuma.


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Author's Note

[I am desperately looking for help with art for TITLE SCREEN. If you know someone who is willing to help / if you can help please post it on my talk page or e-mail me (mail in Read-Me. At the moment, unless said differently in the credits, or right above the Gallery at the end of the page, all the art that is originally in the game belongs to Torotoro or their respective artists. Any monster girl art not specified as to whom it belongs to in the read-me file (or added in the gallery below) belongs to Kenkou Cross.

The title screen arrangement was prepared by me but only the black eye sprite on the top left belongs to me. All skill visual effects not found in the game were created by me with the exception of the recoloring of the fire.bmp found originally in the effect folder.

I have scrapped the Idea of adding H-scenes until I later change my mind if ever.


[Plenty of spoilers, avoid introduction section if you do not wish to run into the spoilers including parts of the story that has not yet been programmed into the game. [Subject to change]]

Chapter 1

Black Alice’s Castle

Luka finds himself in an unknown castle that is not of the Monster Lord’s. He is quickly approached by Black Alice and asks him why he is here.
If Luka says “I know..”, he realizes that she sent him to this unknown place and prepares for battle.
If Luka says “Not a clue..”, the figure reveals herself as Black Alice. Luka suddenly realizes that she is the instigator that Queen Fairy and Queen Elf mentioned.
If Luka says “....”, Black Alice reveals herself as Luka remains quiet. She comments on how simple it is to kill Luka in his mute state. If he continues to say “......”, he is immediately swarmed by hordes of monsters and receives a Game Over. If he says “I won’t die easily!”, the story continues.

Black Alice requests for Luka to live long enough to endure her traps, not having gone through enough trouble to make them for him to die in the beginning. Black Alice disappears, but is replaced by Amphisbaena who, according to Undine, is a fake but still capable of killing Luka. After much hassle, he finally defeats the copy. Luka begins to wonder how he was separated from Alice, if that Black Alice was really who Queens Fairy and Elf and Granberia mentioned, and also notices the Angel Halo shimmering with light more wildly than at the Sealed Sinner’s Prison.

After another rumble, he decides to move on. Black Alice’s voice rings and warns Luka about his decision on where to thread.
If he tries to “Continue Here”, he is suddenly killed, resulting a Game Over. Black Alice decides to bring Alice or one of the Four Heavenly Knights for her next amusement.


If Luka tries to progress through “The Door”, he finds out that it is locked, and Hainuwele appears with the key. She soon retreats after losing her wind, and drops the key, allowing Luka to progress.

The door leads through some sort of garden. As he moves in, the Four Spirits appear and Sylph tries to tell Luka something, which Undine and Salamander think is a trap. A Chimera Dryad Vore suddenly shows up, which Luka has no problem with.

A voice suddenly shouts out, which happens to be related to what the Spirits were talking about. However, it is still likely a trap, so they leave it up to Luka to decide.
If Luka “Ignores the Voice”, it will call him a fool and then remain silent. Before he can decide his next course of action, he is immediately swarmed and eaten by plant monsters, leading to Game Over.
If Luka “Follows it”, he runs towards the direction of the voice, but encounters a vengeful Alra Priestess.

The alraune proves too much when it heals 100 million HP (using a reference from Fire Emblem), which is even higher than Quadruple Giga 10^4th. The same voice suddenly appears and stuns Alra Priestess and tells Luka to use Quadruple Giga while referencing IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER. The two fire Octuple Giga, 10^8th power, and obliterates the entire castle.

Torture Chamber

If Luka tries to progress through “The Stairs”, he encounters Bio-Weapon #777. Luka realizes the ground is unstable, and uses the earth to shatter it, causing the weapon to collapse through the floor.

Luka peers down the hole created by the massive creature and ponders on where to go.
If he heads “Downstairs”, he hopes that anything down there was taken out by the collapse. However, he instead stumbles upon a necromancer’s room, a Blood-Crazed Chrome, a New Game+ reference via Involuntary Organ Donor, and a Game Over.
Deciding to head “Upstairs”, he finds himself in a lamia dwelling/torture chamber. As he moves in, the Four Spirits appear and Sylph tries to tell Luka something, which Undine and Salamander think is a trap.

Shirohebi shows up and Luka assumes she is inhostile due to their friendly encounter in Yamatai Village, but Sylph warns him to look at her more carefully. He flashes back to their meeting, where Shirohebi reveals to have an elder sister who attacked and raped travelers; the one he is facing now is the sister. Although Shirohebi proves to be powerful, Luka nonetheless seals her.

A voice suddenly shouts out, which happens to be related to what the Spirits were talking about. However, it is still likely a trap, so they leave it up to Luka to decide.
If Luka “Ignores the Voice”, it will call him a fool and then remain silent. Before he can decide his next course of action, he is immediately swarmed and eaten by multiple monsters, leading to Game Over.
If Luka “Follows it”, he runs towards the direction of the voice, and encounters Alice, who unfortunately is a fake.

The copy proves too much when it heals 100 million HP (using a reference from 72 Horas), which is even higher than Quadruple Giga 10^4th. The same voice suddenly appears and stuns Fake Alice and tells Luka to use Quadruple Giga while referencing IMMA CHARGIN MAH LAZER. The two fire Octuple Giga, 10^8th power, and obliterates the entire castle.

Chapter 2

Rebel’s Pit

Luka finds himself in a desert-like region where the stranger greets him and introduces himself as Heinrich. He explains that Luka was sent to the Sealed Sinner’s Prison by Black Alice who froze time and dragged Luka’s soul into the prison. Fortunately, Heinrich was able to preserve Luka’s body due to the differences of time flows in the real world and the prison. Heinrich warns Luka that he must return to the real world soon, otherwise he will remain trapped forever. Heinrich explains that he needs to head east to the Rebel’s Pit, where the other sealed humans are, and points out the locations of interest: the prison’s exit, Kiyoto (a reference to Kyoto), and Lumine’s Forest (a reference to War of the Goddesses). However, in order to escape the prison, Luka needs various items in order to open its exit gate. Heinrich disappears for having expended his energy, but agrees to meet Luka in the Rebel’s Pit.

Luka makes his way to his destination, but encounters the same pissed-off Scorpion Girl. After her defeat, he quickly presses on to the Rebel’s Pit.

Upon reaching the Rebel’s Pit, Luka is greeted by a human warrior named Max, who has been expecting his arrival and gives him a quick tour. The human also mentions about sealed gates, where enemies Luka previously fought on his adventure seem to be appearing from. Heinrich appears and leads Luka to his house, where he answers all of his questions.
“What do I need from here?”: Heinrich explains Luka needs two rose gems, located at Kiyoto and a giant tree to the north. He also needs to recover a part of the Four Spirits.
“How did you really end up here?”: Heinrich says after he defeated Black Alice, Ilias tasked him to kill all monsters. Heinrich tried to question her but ultimately rebelled. Despite the odds, mortal verses divine, he was able to strike Ilias with the Angel Halo, much to Luka’s surprise even after a flashback on when he obtained the weapon. Heinrich theorizes that because the Angel Halo was created out of divinity, the divine should be able to touch the divine. However, Heinrich failed to defeat Ilias and doesn’t remember exactly how that happened. Heinrich warns Luka to be very careful when he fights Ilias, or he might wound up being in the prison again.
“Who are all these other humans?”: Fellow commandment breakers, willing donors of sperm, non-believers, etc. The humans that were sealed by Ilias were deemed to be a threat to her, such as sperm donors provided their services to powerful monsters, heretics could persuade the masses, and of course the rebels. Heinrich explains that many took arms with him after learning is rebellion and his reason for it. However, the rebels lost and everyone wanted to forget about it else they’ll stir Ilias’ wrath again.

“What about the Four Spirits?”: After Luka asks the three options above, he points out that Heinrich mentioned something about the Four Spirits. He calls them and tells all four of them that they aren’t as strong as they used to be. He asks them if they remember anything about their battle with Ilias, which none but Gnome do. However, it is apparent that her voice, instead of her memories, was sealed. Heinrich only recalls that he immediately released the spirits from his body before his defeat, but wasn’t fast enough which resulted a portion of the spirits being sealed as well. As thus, Luka’s task is to find what he needs to escape the prison. Heinrich suggests speaking to the citizens before leaving town.

Upon roaming around the area, Luka learns that the humans are worshippers of Alice I and there are many deceased monsters aiding them in ousting Ilias’ and Black Alice’s followers that roam around the prison. Luka also receives the Golden Sword (a reference to The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past) from the Weapons Shop Owner which is then blessed by a Monk and a Priest. Finally, Luka also learns about a lake to the north where Undine’s power lay and a volcano to the south where Salamander’s is.

As Luka leaves, Undine highly advises against obtaining her power first, and is quickly backed up by Heinrich. Luka sticks to his original goal of getting Salamander’s first. Heinrich tips that the path to her power is still heavily guarded. Before Luka leaves, Heinrich also warns him not to return to Rebel’s Pit until he has at least acquired two spirit powers.

If Luka immediately tries to head back to the Rebel’s Pit after leaving, Heinrich orders him to leave to the Volcano at once.

If Luka tries to head to the Prison before the Volcano, the Wanderer from Rebel’s Pit, Lewis Griffin, appears and orders him to turn around under direct orders from Heinrich.

Volcano of the First

Leaving to the Volcano of the First, Luka feels that it somehow has a connection to Alice I.

At nightfall, Luka tries to sleep his second night. However, Sylph immediately wakes him up, for he is being attacked by a Basilisk. Luka reaches out and grabs the Golden Sword (Iron Sword if Luka did not obtain it), for Luka accidentally left his Angel Halo after rolling away. He defeats her, and moves on.

Reaching the mountain, Gnome suggests to be used in order to scale it, although Luka at first is against it. However, she becomes extremely tired at a level surface, and becomes unusable for a while. Luka presses on and enters a cave, but encounters a Medusa. After an incredibly heated fight, Luka finally defeats her and continues his search.

Going further into the cave, Luka finally seems to be making progress as he enters a volcanic environment. Upon advancing, however, the same pissed-off Lava Girl appears, laments her luck on encountering the same enemy twice, and attempts to kill Luka.

Upon defeating the Lava Girl a second time, Luka continues to advance further. As Salamander feels her power nearby, a creature of flame appears: Mandy (named by the author to differentiate the two), the sealed part of Salamander. However, like Salamander, Mandy refuses to give up her power without force.

After an extremely heated battle, Mandy eventually yields, noting that Luka reminds her of Heinrich. Mandy explains that she abandoned her former master after being defeated by Ilias, but finds his actions admirable. She explains that after the fragments of the Four Spirits were sealed, Promestein corrupted them except Mandy and possibly Gnome (due to her mysterious personality) who pretended to be in such state; the corrupted Spirits wreaked havoc amongst the souls in the Sealed Sinner’s Prison and claimed their territories. Salamander questions Mandy’s acting, and the latter shows regret for “betraying” Heinrich and wishes to apologize, but felt it was too late to do so. Heinrich shows up to check on Luka, but leaves shortly after noticing the Salamanders getting acquainted and reminds Luka not to return to Rebel’s Pit. The “dominant half” of Salamander then absorbs the “submissive half”, but before she disappears, Mandy asks for Luka to do her proud and defeat the Goddess. Salamander slowly regains her memories and feels her strength recovering.

After leaving the cave, an unknown figure warps Luka down the volcano where he proceeds to make way to Undine’s Prison. If he tries to head back to figure out who warped him down, Salamander advises against it.

If Luka returns to Rebel’s Pit right after Volcano of the First, he finds the town completely in ruins. He then finds Black Alice and Heinrich and the forces of the Rebel’s Pit clashing (attacking with references from Perfect World International), but Black Alice easily wipes out Heinrich’s followers. After Luka and Heinrich use Octuple Giga, Heinrich berates Luka for returning, explaining that she was tracking him and he led her to the town. Black Alice, having survived the attack, reveals that she sent Chimera scouts to the Pit, but found it extremely suspicious that Luka was heading into the same area as her minions were. Heinrich and Luka try to continue fighting, but to no avail, and are killed by the 8th Monster Lord, thus resulting a Game Over.

Undine’s Prison

After clearing the volcano, Luka presses on to Undine’s Prison. Along the way, he encounters a more powerful-looking Alraune, and tests out Mandy’s powers against her.

Luka eventually comes across a lake. Diving into it, he once again meets the same Dagon. The monster also mentions that the other Undine is also extremely hostile.

Moving on into the dark depths, Luka meets the Corrupted Undine. Mandy chimes in and reminds him that Promestein corrupted the other spirits and they will attempt to kill Luka.

After releasing Deeny from her dark form, she thanks Luka for his deed and then recombines with Undine. With two spirits at hand, Luka decides to return to Rebel’s Pit, still wondering why Heinrich told him not to return until now.

If Luka tries to head back, Undine reminds him of his curiosity.

Chapter 3

Return to the Rebel’s Pit

After getting back Mandy and Deeny, Luka decides its time to return. Deeny apologizes for her actions, but Heinrich disregards it as it is unimportant. Luka asks why Heinrich told him not to return, and he points to a bunch of monster corpses, stating that Black Alice was tracking his movements. By sending him all over the place, Heinrich was able to divert her sight away from him, but not all the time. Had Luka decided to return early, Black Alice would have grown suspicious for heading the same way as her chimera were and would have shown up. Luka asks if Black Alice could be ambushed, but Heinrich replies that she isn’t so readily defeated that easily and Luka is still too weak without the power of all four spirits. Heinrich also points out Luka’s idiocy saying that he would have confronted the chimera if he told him about them. Having received the answer, Heinrich then tasks Luka to scout town once more to see if he can get word of anything else.

As he looks around, the citizens tell him that the tree holding the Rose Gem is somewhere to the north, Sylphy is somewhere between the northeast and east, and Gnomey is to the southeast. Luka also learns Final Daze from Cursed Swordsmaster Lily (a reference to Saber Lily), is accompanied by Lewis Griffith when he leaves, and is told by the Warlock to obtain holy angel feathers from Lumine’s Forest. He also catches a glimpse of what appears to be the Kitsune he met in the real world.

After he is finished sightseeing, Luka meets Heinrich at the west gate where over 90 (a reference to IT’S OVER 9,000! but was stopped by Luka) monsters are appearing from the Grand Gate. Although Luka has learned Final Daze, Heinrich strongly warns him against using what Luka plans to do it together with.

Luka brawls his way through Vampire, Behemoth, Dorothy, Raffia, Deana, Tarantula Girl, Meda, and Rapunzel before finally meeting the big-bad boss: an Imp, the same very lowly Imp of the Monster Lord’s Castle that was annihilated by Quadruple Giga. Luka tries to shoo her off like before, but is immediately caught off-guard when she blasts him with laser tits, realizing that she somehow absorbed all that power; Luka has created a true monster. Luka isn’t doing so hot until Deeny tells him to use her true power: tranquility and rejuvenation. After Luka recovers and effortlessly avoids more barrages of the Imp’s laser tits, she attempts a last-resort attack by throwing fatal poison given to her by Black Alice, but Deeny counters with a gigantic ice wall, sealing the Imp and stripping her Quadruple Giga-charged powers.

After defeating the entire wave, Heinrich is a bit surprised that a lowly Imp was leading the entire brigade. He then orders a small squad to accompany him and Luka to the Grand Gate.

If Luka performs the deadly combination Heinrich warned him not to do, he instantly blows through the entire wave of monsters, but incinerates the west gate in the process. Luka tries to help fix, but Heinrich orders Luka to destroy the Grand Gate by himself while the citizens make repairs to the town.

Grand Gate

If Luka used Quadruple Giga, as he makes way to the Grand Gate, he is ambushed by Mantis Girl and Cobra Girl. He then stumbles upon some sort of ruin and is attacked by Iron Maiden, Iron Slime, and a Giant Mecha Oni.
If Luka did not use Quadruple Giga, Heinrich brings a small squad with him to destroy the Grand Gate once and for all; they occupy the attacking monsters while Luka and Lily face off the Mecha Oni.

After defeating the monstrosity, Lily returns to the others while Luka faints, where he soon recovers where he meets La Croix, also addressed as Cross or The Crow, who claims to have been studying the Sealed Gates. Croix leads Luka to the Grand Gate, where he kills a Beezlebub who suddenly popped out of the gate and lectures Luka on how to control Hyper Undine, though this only happens if Luka did use Quadruple Giga.

After arriving at the Grand Gate, Croix informs him that Luka needs something similar to the very thing it is made out of: divine energy, like the Angel Halo. However, the weapon proves to be ineffective when it suddenly returns after being struck. Croix then pulls out an item called the Heaven’s Shard, an object that stores in holy energy, but this one is “ripe”, meaning that more holy energy will cause it to explode. The Angel Halo acts as its catalyst and with Serene Demon Sword the Shard explodes, destroying the Grand Gate once and for all. Croix then leaves to research another gate. If Luka did not use Quadruple Giga, he returns to the squad, a bit unscathed after their battle. After Luka reports his success in destroying the Grand Gate and encountering Croix, Heinrich calls Luka to his home to discuss matters.

Meanwhile, Croix comments on why “the others” have a keen eye for him. Promestein appears and reveals that Croix was spying on Luka, saying that he is intriguing and Black Alice seems to be acting on her own. Promestein suggests that Black Alice desires to eliminate Luka before Ilias, who is still frozen in time because she lacks such power, is aware of things, and also comments that Luka himself possesses it too. Lastly, Croix reports Luka’s goal in trying to regain spirit powers, but Promestein disregards this, saying she already mass-produced enough clones for when and if he escapes the prison.
If Luka used Quadruple Giga, Promestein does not appear, rather, Croix goes to report to her.

Chapter 4

Return to the Rebel’s Pit (Again)

Luka finally returns to the Rebel’s Pit where he discusses about his journey to the Grand Gate. Heinrich reveals that La Croix is actually a scholar that works for Promestein, and warns Luka not to drop his guard whenever he encounters La Croix again.

To the next matter of business, Luka reveals to Heinrich that he wouldn’t let anyone to the south and Corrupt Slyph might be east. Heinrich explains that the south is very dangerous, holding powerful monsters. Kiyoto is also unknown to the citizens but Heinrich and Konoe, but does not divulge any details.

Heinrich then grants permission for Luka to head to south where Lewis will only lead him to the outer edge of Lumine’s Forest, and then head to Kiyoto. He also suggests asking the people in those two areas about Corrupt Sylph as it is unnecessary for Luka to head to an undefined yet dangerous Labyrinth. Heinrich also warns Luka that he needs Gnome’s other before collecting Sylph’s, and Mandy and Deeny back Heinrich up saying that Corrupt Sylph is no laughing matter, much to Luka’s disbelief as normal Sylph has shown to be completely frail.

Before Luka departs, he asks Heinrich who Lumine is, but doesn’t receive a real answer and is only warned not to do anything stupid and that he is on his own for this one.

Lumine’s Forest

Two days of traveling to the forest passes and nothing interesting occurs, despite Heinrich’s warning of monsters. Luka asks Lewis about Lumine, and she replies that Lumine rebelled against Ilias, but doesn’t exactly have positive views toward monsters.

Out of nowhere, a Pixel Tamamo and Kitsune show up, though it is quite clear they are fakes. After defeating them, the pixels leave behind a mysterious-looking orb (a Pokeball, reference to Pokemon), and Luka takes it hoping Lumine knows what it is.

Luka finally arrives at the edge of the forest and part ways with Lewis. However, Luka is immediately stared down by multiple angels; though they clearly are not of Ilias’s forces, Salamander warns Luka not to drop his guard nor to show fear. The first to engage him is a Dark Valkyrie, followed by an Angel, a Dark Angel, and Cupid all at once.

After defeating the trio, Cupid leads Luka deeper into the forest where he meets Lumine’s retainer, Epimethein (a reference to Epimetheus, the brother of Prometheus), but of course, he must defeat her in combat in order to meet Lumine. Upon overcoming her, she reveals to be Promestein’s sister, but Epimethein believes that her evil sister is not actually loyal to Ilias, but has agendas that can only be accomplished by allying with her.

Epimethein then leads Luka further into the forest and finally meets Lumine. She reveals that while Heinrich and her could easily have been allies, he refused to receive help from beings who wanted to remove monsters, resulting a three-way battle and with Ilias coming out as victor. Lumine also reveals that she dislikes monsters not only because of an angel’s natural instincts, but with monsters continuously raping human men would result both races to die out. She then confirms that Luka indeed possesses angelic blood in him, the unnatural power which he gains while asleep, and offers to help him control it, but he is not ready yet. Instead, she advises him to continue his search for the remainder of the two spirits, and Kiyoto might have a lead on Gnomey; once Luka is finished and ready leave the Sealed Sinner’s Prison, he must return to Lumine in order to unlock his angelic powers. She then takes the mysterious orb in exchange for a Foreign Spellcard, a summoning item; Lumine demonstrates by temporarily summoning Heinrich. After confirming his next task, Luka departs and Heinrich vanishes.

En Route to Kiyoto

The next day, Luka runs into Konoe while on the way to Kiyoto, but is warned that he is walking to his death. After Konoe vanishes, Tamamo, Yao, Nanabi, and Kitsune suddenly show up and prevent Luka from entering Kiyoto. As Nanabi steps up to the plate, Luka immediately assumes they are fakes, but since he did encounter the Kitsune at Rebel’s Pit, he is unsure if they are also real. Salamander chimes in and tells him that he has three options: run, stay and fight, or trust his gut like when he first met Heinrich.

If he tries to run, he loses sight of the kitsunes, only for Nanabi to appear out of nowhere and catch him. She reveals that the kitsunes are indeed real, but as failure to recognize it, she rapes him and keeps him as a mate for revenge, resulting a Game Over.

After fighting and defeating Nanabi once again, Tamamo notes her second failure which did not involve Luka’s angelic powers, then unseals Nanabi. Yao then moves up to fight next. Salamander reminds him of his options.

If Luka fights Yao, an endless wave of Kitsunes attempt to empower her and overwhelm Luka. Eventually, he manages to beat her, but all his effort is in vain when Tamamo unseals her right hand. Tamamo then decides to end his pointless resistance once and for all, gangbanging and overwhelming him with relative ease, resulting a Game Over.


If Luka surrendered to Yao, he assumes he'll be raped, but Tamamo reveals that they truly aren't illusions and take him to Kiyoto. Tamamo, in her house there, explains that she knew Alice V (Fifth) and the others after her, and is capable of breaking Black Alice's time-stopping magic. She also reveals that Yamatai Village also has a hidden portal to the Sealed Sinner's Prison, explaining how she got to Kiyoto.

Tamamo, Nanabi, and Yao then go to Inari, the eldest kitsune said to be as old as Sphinx and Alice I, while Nibi (the two-tailed kitsune) takes Luka on a little tour of the town. Along the way, they encounter Heinrich, who reminds Luka of his journey before vanishing. Luka is also forced to treat Nibi and Sylph tofu after they throw tantrums (a reference to ?), along with the other kitsunes after they return.

Back at Tamamo's place, Tamamo reveals the location of Gnome's other half in the Labyrinth and is also pleased to inform that she remains uncorrupted, though she does mention Sylph being corrupted. However, Tamamo also senses a dark entity within the Labyrinth, but agrees to come along with her pack.

The next morning, the kitsunes decide to train Luka to work effectively with them or he'll get in their way. Just then, the Narrator of Sealed, Gin, appears and proceeds to begin a tutorial to explain the party system.



If Luka runs from Yao, Tamamo sends her entire army after him. He comes across a large cavern hole and is forced to jump in. Just then, the kitsune army swarms, forcing Luka to use Quadruple Giga to block off the cave exit.

After Salamander lights up the cave, Luka and the spirits then realize they're in the Labyrinth. Gnome senses through the earth her other half is in the area and the area is very dangerous. Shortly, Undine also senses pure water, but the group comes to realization that it is actually murky and corrosive. Just then, a zombie-like giant slug, with various parts missing and apparently dead but alive, attacks.

Moving on past the slug, Luka is allured by a sweet fragrance, until Sylph stops him; seconds away is a gigantic mushroom that spews out poisonous yet sweet-smelling spores with every breath, and around it are what appears to be corpses. After 'killing' the mushroom, Salamander agrees to burn it to the ground.

Next in the Labyrinth is a pool of zombie sludge that chases Luka down until he can't run no more. Immediately right after the sludge is a golem in the form of a knight in clad armor. Luka uses the berserk power of the golem to cut through the cave until it stops moving.

Continuing on, Luka notes the area of the Labyrinth he's in was apparently built recently. A Bone Warden then attempts to stop his advances. Passing the Bone Warden are Zombie Girls; Luka can either use the spirits' help to mask his presence and slip past them, or confront them.

Moving on, Luka discovers a laboratory, much to his disgust. He shortly encounters a monstrosity: then Angelic Chimera. Angered at how anyone can tamper with lives of others and turn them into such horrendous creatures, Luka marches into the next room and finds Chrome, who isn't quite pleased to see him. After losing to him a second time, Promestein appears to retrieve Chrome and they disappear, leaving the laboratory shut down.


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Main Characters

Luka – As implied by Lilith and Lilim is a descendant of Heinrich. Soul sealed currently in Sealed Sinners Prison where this mod takes place.

Heinrich Hein – Hero who defeated Black Alice and later rebelled against Ilias before ending up in the Sealed Sinners Prison, serves as a guide and mentor to Luka as well as the person who does Luka’s evaluations. Heinrich is also shown to be perverted and his current state allows him to "abuse" Critical Ecstasy.

Black Alice – 8th monster lord that was defeated by Heinrich 500 years ago; sent Luka into the Sealed Sinners Prison.

Four Spirits – A part of the spirits were sealed inside the Prison along with Heinrich when he lost against Ilias. They roam the Prison each with their own intentions.

Tamamo - One of the Four Heavenly Knights of the current Monster Lord, Alice the XVI. Tamamo had sensed Black Alice's presence just before she sends Luka into the Sealed Sinners Prison, with this in mind she took advantage of the situation to gather 3 of her constant kitsune companions in search of Luka in the Prison and aid him in leaving the prison.

Yao - The right hand of Tamamo, she accompanies Tamamo into the Sealed Sinners Prison in aiding Luka leave the Prison.

Nanabi - The left hand of Tamamo, she also accompanies Tamamo into the Sealed Sinners Prison to aid Luka.

Nibi - The two-tailed Kitsune that constantly follows Tamamo, also joins her kin into the Sealed Sinners Prison.



Generally a straightforward battle where she has a normal attack, bind, and a binded attack.


Generally straightforward with normal attacks, but she will heal indefinitely when her HP is dropped to 0. Her Dive Bomb attack will cause her to slow down, and so will Lightning Sword Flash; five slowdowns are enough to cause Hainuwele to flee. On the fourth slowdown, Hainuwele stops using Dive Bomb. She has an extremely high avoidance rate, so Sylph is mandatory. Gnome is needed to reduce damage dealt.

Chimera Dryad Vore

A mere copy of the normal Chimera Dryad Vore, though she goes down rather easily than before thanks to the power of the Four Spirits.

Alra Priestess

Greatly strengthened version of Alra Priestess. Once her health lowers to about a fifth or so, she will use Master Seal Promotion (a reference to Fire Emblem) and heal 100 million health. At this point, Heinrich comes in and stuns her, prompting Luka to use Quadruple Giga while referencing IMMA CHARGIN MEH LAZER. If Luka fails to load Quadruple Giga in six turns, Alra Priestess become unstunned and use Corona (another reference to Fire Emblem), which will one-shot Luka.

Bio-Weapon #777

Basically a Giganto Weapon, but can heal indefinitely no matter how many Vaporizing Rebellion Swords are thrown at it. It also has a new attack: Tail Sweep, but this causes the ground to become unstable. Earth Rumbling Decapitation also causes unstable ground; five shatters are enough to break the floor beneath the Monster. After using her Tail Sweep four times, the bio-weapon will realize the crack in the ground and stop using it.

Shirohebi I

Another straightforward fight. She has normal attacks, a multi-hit attack, a bind, and a status-inducing eye that causes trance.

Fake Alice

A slightly beefed version of the final fight with Alice. All of her magic spells can deal well over 1,200 with Gnome, which is more than half of Luka's HP. Once her health is lowered to about a fifth or so, she will use 72 Horas (a reference to 72 Horas/Hours) and heal 100 million health. At this point, Heinrich comes in and stuns her, prompting Luka to use Quadruple Giga while referencing IMMA CHARGIN MEH LAZER. If Luka fails to load Quadruple Giga in six turns, Fake Alice become unstunned and use Hora All The Time, which will one-shot Luka.

Scorpion Girl

Greatly strengthened version of Scorpion Girl. Her Venom Tail attack is not 100% dodgeable unlike the original. Otherwise a straightforward fight. Luka starts off the fight with 4 SP, so using Salamander at the beginning is of best interest.


Greatly strengthened version of Basilisk. Her fight is scripted very similarly to the original. However, Luka starts off disarmed from Angel Halo and will reach for his next best weapon. This fight is extremely easy if the Golden Sword was picked up from the Weapon Store Owner and blessed by the Monk and Priest at Rebel’s Pit (if not, get it on the second visit). Otherwise it is considerably tough if the Iron Sword is being used.


The first custom fight in this mod. Medusa is quite similar to Shirohebi I. However, her Petrifying Bites inflicts petrification and strikes four times in one round; eight successful hits are enough to completely petrify Luka and render him helpless to a one-hit KO attack. Gnome cannot be used here due to her being tired for helping Luka scale a mountain earlier.

Lava Girl

Another strengthened version of an original monster. Her lava is extremely hot and damaging, which means Gnome is mandatory. Otherwise, still straightforward.


A different looking Salamander takes on Luka on an intensely (pun intended) heated match. Luka is forced to go toe-to-toe with this Salamander using only his Salamander. If Sylph or Undine are activated, Mandy will immediately launch a counterattack against his evasiveness and cancel their abilities. If Luka attempts to use Gnome, Mandy will use Earth Cancel like Tamamo did and block it out. Vaporizing Rebellion Sword is also useless, for it will heal her for slightly less the damage dealt.

Mandy also has nasty attacks up her sleeve. Her Roar of the Salamander can deal a whopping damage of 1,200. She may also use Plasmafication to charge up for Roar of the Lightning Flame Dragon; if Luka does not guard, he will be one shotted.


Third custom fight in this mod. Generally a straightforward fight with only normal attacks, but once Luka lowers her health down to 0, she recovers 20,000 HP. Salamander urges him to activate her hyper-powered form, and when he does so, Mandy informs him of the potential of her power. She tells him to end the battle with Charring Mistake.


Greatly strengthened version of Dagon. Sylph and Undine are useful in avoiding her attacks, but she can deal quite a hefty amount of damage. Salamander is unusable for this fight, so SP preserving is needed.

Corrupt Undine/Deeny

A different looking Undine that goes toe-to-toe with Luka’s. Like Mandy, if Luka attempts Sylph or Gnome, she will disable it. Salamander is still unusable.

Deeny only has one standard attack that deals 500 damage, which is 1/4th of Luka’s maximum health. She is also equipped with a counterattack that is indicated when she uses Aqua Guard and does nothing. When she uses Erratic Movement, she does two things: “Undine retreats away to the left gaining speed!” or “Undine veers to the right!”. On her first usage, Undine will warn him what to do: the former requires a Serene Mind along with Guard and the latter requires a Serene Demon Sword.

At 1/3rd health, Deeny will use Tranquil Currents, damaging him for 50-200 health per turn.


The Cursed Swordsmaster of Rebel’s Pit, her moves are quite identical to Granberia’s. She has rather low health, but makes up for it in high damage, so Hyper Salamander is completely unnecessary. Once her health is lowered to 1/3rd, she uses Final Daze to stun Luka and KO him with Ninefold Rakasha.

Rebel’s Pit Battle Rush

An all-in-one fight verses a greatly strengthened Vampire, Behemoth, Dorothy, Raffia, Deana, Tarantula Girl, Meda, Rapunzel, and finally Imp in this exact order. There are no pauses in between battles, meaning that Luka’s health, SP, and Spirit turns carry over to the next monster. Most, if not all, of these battles requires an incredible amount of patience,skill and luck.

Final Daze can be used to stun the enemy for a while to restore spirits, heal, etc. However, Behemoth and Deana will fake it and then counter once attacked.

Avoid using Final Daze + Quadruple Giga. Although it will blow through the entire wave, it will initiate the next battle.

Rapunzel is a little more difficult, being a Chimera. Her Plague Stinger can inflict a wide variety of status ailments including confusion, paralysis, and poison. Her poison ailment causes Luka to receive 70~100 damage per turn for the duration of the battle, but if she uses Toxic Cloud, a stronger poison which deals slightly more damage per turn, it will carry over to the next fight. Receiving a single status ailment generally means Rapunzel has already won. At 1/3rd HP, Undine chimes in, pointing to the Imp charging an attack, and warns Luka to heal completely before ending the battle. At this point, stun her with Final Daze and go all out before she recovers.

After Rapunzel is Imp. Luka will have all spirits active, but is poisoned as well. Despite her still lowly appearance and personality, Imp reveals to have been Quadruple Giga-charged and catches Luka off-guard with Laser Tits, dealing 1,100 damage at the very start of the battle. She has a few powerful normal attacks plus an invitation to a counter. Because her personality is still the same, she can be freely stunned with Final Daze.
At half health, Deeny chimes in and requests Luka to use her Hyper form. At this point, Imp will spam Laser Tits which deals 800 and Laser Barrage which deals 350 + (450 x 2). Once Tranquility Blade is active, Luka will avoid all her attacks and can dish out damage no problem.
At 1/10th HP and while Water Wall is up, Imp attempts a last-ditch attack by using Fatal Plague Gas, but the Water Wall forms into Ice Wall and counters, defeating the Imp once again.

Grand Gate Battle Rush

If Luka used Final Daze + Quadruple Giga against the previous rush, Luka must fight against powered up Mantis Girl, Cobra Girl, Iron Maiden, Iron Slime, and Giant Mecha Oni in this order. The Iron Maiden is not strengthened, however. If Luka does not use the combination, only the Mecha Oni is fought.

Iron Slime is a bit complicated. Being a metal monster, she is very resistant to all but Vaporizing Rebellion Sword and Hyper Salamander. However, her Slime Toss can be problematic: if it hits, Luka will be slowed down for five turns, allowing her to attack twice per turn.

The Giant Mecha Oni has very nasty attacks, dealing more than 400 damage even with Gnome active. It also has a multi-hit attack, a paralysis attack, a charge-up attack, and a slowdown attack. Like Iron Slime, the Mecha Oni is resistant to all but Vaporizing Rebellion Sword and Hyper Salamander.
If Luka did not Quadruple Giga, Lily will assist him. Her attacks deal 7,000 per hit, making the battle significantly easier.

Pixel Tamamo and Kitsune

An eight-bit-looking version of Tamamo and Kitsune, obviously nothing like the original. However, they can do tremendous damage, even with Gnome up, though Sylph and Undine have high evasion rate. Lewis attacks deal around 2300 damage,so she is useful.

Kitsune will attack first, using only generic attacks. Once their health lowers to a fifth, Kitsune becomes defeated, enraging Tamamo and causing her to heal completely. In addition to her simple attacks, Tamamo can immediately fire Moonlight Cannon, which is actually a slow-moving pixel that takes four turns to reach Luka. The Cannon’s sprites also causes the interface text to become very disorientated, and eventually, covered up completely. Tamamo will do nothing to stop Luka while the pixel continues to move, though Luka must guard when it reaches dangerously close or it will destroy him in one hit.

Dark Valkyrie

The dark copy of a normal Valkyrie. Her generic attacks are quite ruthless, even with Gnome up, though her attacks are not very accurate nor does she does not have a lot of HP. Other than that, it is pretty straightforward. If by chance her Holy Arts: Death Hymn strikes, one of the spirits at random will be taken down.

Angel Trio

A trio of a Dark Angel, a Normal Angel, and Cupid. Like Dark Valkyire, their attacks are also ruthless, but are also very inaccurate. However, unlike Zombie Girls or Beelzebubs, instead of attacking all in one turn, only one of them will attack in the aforementioned order. Each one of them will become defeated at their respective 1/3rd health mark.


As expected of the right-hand woman of Lumine and Promestein's sister (based on the Greek Mythology; Epimetheus is Prometheus' brother), she can put up quite a fight. She can inflict poison, heal herself for 5,000 HP, and randomly use stronger attacks. On her first turn, she will usually attempt to poison Luka, so Sylph or Undine should be played first to dodge. When her health nears the 1/10th mark, she may attempt to heal, so cut her off with Final Daze. Even with high HP and damage, like her fellow brethren, she is very inaccurate.


Unlike New Game+, Sealed Nanabi is not so durable, nor does she have Hypnotic Eyes. In addition to frequently spamming Two Moons, Tail Binding, and Seven Moons which both only takes one turn to charge and has no resting point afterward, she can inflict Trance and can charge up a giant rock in one turn which does massive damage.

Endless Kitsune Wave

This group of enemies is encountered upon running away after defeating Nanabi.

The battle itself is generally straightforward, with the enemy only attacking once having a fairly weak attack. After defeating one of them, Gnome chimes in and suggests using Final Daze + Quadruple Giga.


An unusual fight where victory must be avoided but so must your unwanted defeat. Defeating Yao causing Tamamo resurrect her and all four Kitsunes will gang him in the next fight which is impossible to defeat, however losing will of course lead to his own defeat as well. Additionally, during the course of the battle, endless kitsune will empower Yao, increasing the strength of her attacks, and 25 turns pass they will swarm Luka and overwhelm him.

To actually "win" this fight, Surrender. Even though Luka genuinely loses, it allows the story to progress.

Four Kitsunes

As stated before, this fight is meant to fuck over Luka and is impossible to win, as they will all gangbang him which not only deals massive damage but is also completely unavoidable, and Final Daze + Quadruple Giga barely puts a dent in their HP.

In the Evaluation, Heinrich can take Luka back to Yao or before Nanabi, or let Luka get fucked again.

The Narrator

This battle is simply a tutorial of the Kitsune Party system. The Narrator will mostly explain it at the player's desire, otherwise the battle is simply straightforward.

Giant Slug

Solo: Acts like most of weaker zombies encountered in the game in which it wastes a turn every so often, but deals massive damage.


Corpse Agaric

Fought in the solo route of the Labyrinth.

Agaric is a zombie-like fungus that only has inflicts many status-inducing effects, though Sylph can easily dodge them. However, at the start of the battle, Luka is poisoned, though its attacks can refresh his poison status.


Fought in the party route of the Labyrinth.


The Sludge is a zombie-like slime that Luka fights in the solo route of the Labyrinth. Its Nausea attack can inflict poison and her False Echoes can place Luka in a trance. It has very low HP, but it can use Osmosis every seven turns to heal completely.

Steel Golem

Solo: Having encountered the Steel Golem so soon from the Sludge, HP, spirits and poison (if applicable) will carry on over to this fight. The monster is extremely resistant, with normal attacks only doing 25% damage, Serene Demon Sword with 75%, and the rest 50%, though Quadruple Giga is unaltered. The golem also does fairly high damage.


Wall Mimic

Fought in the party route of the Labyrinth.

Bone Warden

Solo: Similar to the Sludge, it can cause status ailments (paralysis and trance) and even heal 6,500 HP. It can also completely counter Charring Mistake. Also does fairly high damage. Finally, it is immune to Final Daze. At this point, it may be wise to use Hyper Undine.

Party: This fight is optional.

Zombie Girls

Solo: Optional, but avoiding them causes a health penalty and missed EXP in the next fight. A little more difficult, as they can inflict poison. Though they have low health, if Luka stalls to kill them, they will eventually overwhelm him. Finally, they have very high damage, making some turns wasted on Meditation. After summoning the spirits, immediately Final Daze then bum rush them.



A guest from OldSlashFriend's "A Rhetorical Rust." This enemy is only fought in the Party Route.

Angelic Chimera

The 2nd to the last enemy fought on the Solo Route and the Boss of the Party Route.

Solo: A powerful enemy that can become quite troublesome really early one if Luka avoided previous fights skipped the previous fight. It has fairly large health and will survive Final Daze + Quadruple Giga, and does extremely high damage and has high accuracy. Finally, it can also heal and attack at the same time and dish out status ailments (paralysis, trance, confusion).


The boss of the Solo Route. She is more of a glass cannon, with extremely high damage that can one shot Luka even with Gnome in Hard, but has poor accuracy. Thankfully Chrome is indeed merciful as she appears in the Evaluation and hints to be able to be stunned twice.


The first group of enemies in Chapter 6. A considerably easy enemy. When approximately half of the group's HP is down only the pack leader will remain. Her damage will be reduced due to attacking alone but will gain a paralyzing roar.


An easy enemy to defeat however can become extremely dangerous against Luka if he has gone down to 1/5th of his HP at least once. By doing so, the Valravne starts using a powerful attack that does extremely high damage and may one shot Luka with Gnome in Hard. Swapping Luka out and using the kitsunes for the remainder of the fight is safer otherwise do not let your HP fall down to 1/5th (640 HP if you have not skipped any optional exp) even once

jorougumo a spider monster you fight no sylph for this fight

kodama tree monster you fight

naiad a water spirit you fight hits hard recomended luca and sylph cant use vaporizing rebellion sword when trapped by water prison attack dont struggle has a counter has a slow ability

corrupt sylph choice in fight left or right use headphones use sylph always and gnome stay above 1100 health when health lowered she heals you cant avoid all attacks completely but reduce damage when you uncorrupt her you dont claim sylphy and fuse with sylph



Passionate Wrath

Salamander’s hyper-charged mode. Normal Attacks invoke Blade of Burning Passion, an extremely powerful attack that is comparable to a normal attack from Sylph + Gnome + Undine. Skill damage is greatly boosted, even moreso than combined with the respective spirit and normal Salamander. At the end of a turn, Passion’s Retaliation occurs, which grants Luka 1 SP that can exceed the cap, but sacrifices a tenth of his health. However, other Spirits or Quadruple Giga cannot be used while Passionate Wrath is active; slight damage resistance is added to compensate for this. Once the skill ends, Salamander becomes extremely fatigued for the remainder of the battle and the next thus making her unusable and prevents Quadruple Giga from being used. Costs 10 SP to activate.

Tranquility Blade

Undine’s hyper-charged mode. Activation and receiving a status ailment invokes Soul Cleansing, immediately curing Luka of all status ailments and (only for the Imp fight) restores a quarter of health and full SP. Serene Mind is changed to Tranquil Dance, invoking 75% dodge rate and has a 10% chance to perform Dancing Water, a counter that launches a normal attack. All attacks heals 10% of damage dealt, with Vaporizing Rebellion Sword healing five times being a multi-hit skill. All normal attacks also regenerate 2 SP instead of 1. However, other Spirits or Quadruple Giga cannot be used while Tranquility Blade is active. Once the skill ends, Undine becomes weakened for the remainder of the battle and the next thus making her incompatible with other spirits and prevents Quadruple Giga from being used. Costs 6 SP.

Cursed Swordsman Skills

Charring Mistake

Hyper-charged version of Vaporizing Rebellion Sword. Luka feints his ultimate skill and then attacks with devastating spiritual flames, dealing six hits of excessive damage, but ends Passionate Wrath. Costs 8 SP.

Ice Wall

Hyper-charged version of Serene Demon Sword. Luka creates a gigantic Water Wall between him and his enemy. When the enemy uses a status-inflicting attack, the wall will unleash Ice Wall, a counter that freezes the attack solid and deals massive damage. Has a cooldown of two turns, allowing the use of Serene Demon Sword. Costs 2 SP.

Final Daze

A weak skill that stuns the enemy for five turns, allowing Luka to attack without hindrance, recover, or even load Quadruple Giga and end the battle. However, because it is a well-known skill by monsters, several monsters will either fake stun, resist it, or launch a counter. Final Daze will also never work twice on the same enemy (Chrome is an exception, who can be stunned twice). Costs 3 SP.

Kitsune Party

Upon reaching to Kiyoto, Luka learns to coordinate with Tamamo, Yao, Nanabi, and Nibi (two-tailed Kitsune). Luka is considered the hybrid, "balanced" character while the others specialize in a specific role. All of them have a set amount of HP, with everyone including Luka regenerating a tenth every turn while inactive, though SP is carried over to everyone.

If a Kitsune is defeated, they will be removed from play for the remainder of that battle, but if Tamamo is defeated, all kitsunes on standby are forced to retreat and let Luka handle the rest. However, if Luka falls in battle, a Game Over occurs, even if the other kitsunes are on standby.


Effectively the damage dealer and damage resistor of the group, but can't dodge properly and has high SP consumption. Has 5,000 HP.

  • Tamamo Punch - 1 SP cost to deal a mildly strong attack.
  • Tamamo Tackle - 2 SP cost to deal a strong attack.
  • Tamamo Roll - 3 SP cost to deal a powerful attack.
  • Tamamo Bind - 3 SP to stun the target; effectively the same as Final Daze.
  • Moonlight Healing - 8 SP cost to recover half her health.
  • Nine Moons - 5 SP cost to deal high damage.
  • Moonlight Cannon - 10 SP cost to charge up a super powerful attack. Requires 1 turn to charge.
  • Roll Call - 1 SP cost to unify the other kitsunes in four turns to unleash Quadruple Furball to deal massive damage; effectively the same as Quadruple Giga.
  • Imposing Earth - 4 SP cost to quadruple Tamamo's defense.


Effectively the damage absorber / tank of the group, utilizing massive defense but has frail offense. Has 6,500 HP.

  • Tail Bash - 2 SP cost to deal a mildly strong attack.
  • Sucker Punch - 4 SP cost to deal a strong attack.
  • Power Conversion - 2 SP cost to double her defense at the cost of halving her damage. Stacks four times, resulting eight times more defense and less offense.
  • Eight Moons - 6 SP cost to deal high damage.
  • Moonlight Soothing - 10 SP cost to recover half her health.
  • Flame Cloak - 4 SP cost to slightly increase her defense and offense.


Status inflictor; uses status ailments to severely hamper the opponent. Has 4,000 HP.

  • Tail Sweep - 2 SP cost to deal a mildly strong attack.
  • Seven Moons - 6 SP cost to deal high damage.
  • Bewitchment - 4 SP cost to confuse the enemy.
  • Kitsune's Intoxication - 5 SP cost to poison the enemy.
  • Moonlight Massage - 5 SP cost to recover a portion of her health.
  • Chilly Heart - 4 SP cost to slow down the enemy, causing them to miss a turn on their second turn. Only works once.


"Jack of all trades, master of none". Effectively the weakest of the group, but can evade and regenerate the party's HP and SP. Has 3,500 HP.

  • Kitsune Ambush - 2 SP cost to deal a mildly strong attack.
  • Twin Moons - 3 SP cost to deal a strong attack.
  • Illusive Kitsune - 2 SP cost to invoke Extreme Wind, giving her dodge rate.
  • Merry Bunch - 6 SP and 1 clone cost to deal a very strong attack - requires at least 2 clones before it is available.
  • Onigiri Break - 3 SP cost to recover a third of the whole party's health.
  • Tofu Distribution - 8 SP cost to fully restore SP.
  • Kitsune Clone - 4 SP cost to create a clone that has a chance to block damage, using up one clone if successful. Up to 5 clones can be made.

References, Non-art Credit and more

[If Any reference belongs to you and you wish to have it removed comment below or send an email (refer to Readme for email) ]

Non-MGQ related references

  • Master Seal Promotion and CoronaFire Emblem. Alraune Priestess also changes her dialogue to Alraune Bishop for when she uses Corona (as proof of her promotion).
  • 72 Horas
  • Golden Sword -- The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. The Golden Sword is the strongest form of the Master Sword in all the LoZ games. Luka acquires the Golden Sword with the common chest fan-fare in the Legend of Zelda series.
  • Natsu Dragneel -- Fairy Tail - Mandy's two roars, both counters, and HP regeneration are based on attacks or abilities of Fairy Tail's Natsu. Natsu is sometimes nicknamed Salamander as well.
  • Harmony and Vacuity -- Perfect World International -- MMORPG originating from China which has a North American branch. The stages of promotion are based on Taoism stages of spiritual cultivation
  • Armageddon -- Perfect World International -- A heavy hitting attack for the Barbarian Class
  • Elemental Shell [Burst] -- Perfect World International -- A defensive skill for the Wizard Class (made it an attack here)
  • Yataghan Vortext -- Perfect World International -- An attack for the Seeker Class
  • Undying Will [Flame] -- Hitman Reborn! -- A mode commonly seen in the anime, Hitman Reborn!, where the main character (and later in the story multiple people) unleases his willpower to finish what he regrets not doing before dieing. Luka verbalizes Passionate Wrath as his "Undying will", as well as using the power of fire to reference to this.
  • Kiyoto – Reference to Kyoto (and I have a reason for doing this…) Tofu,Inari  and Kitsunes, Fushimi Shrine
  • YMunesanzun -- Multiple non-MGQ remixes and remakes. [Youtube Channel]
  • IT’S OVER 9,000!
  • Lily -- Fate Series -- Saber Lily. The art is by Kunimitsu.
  • Proserpina's Tea -- Greek myth - Proserpina is the wife of Pluto. I used her name for Rapunzel's most lethal poison attack.
  • The Number of the Beast and Trooper instrumentals -- Iron Maiden -- These two instrumentals play for 3 fights starting with Iron Maiden.
  • Mysterious Orb -- Pokemon-- Pixel Tamamo and Kitsune are sealed in the form of a pixel Pokeball
  • Valaura, Thani, Rexaura, Cleiddylad, and Matrona. -- Fire Emblem -- Some of the angels in Lumine's forest use Light magic with names (and in the case of Valaura, Thani, and Matrona also their effect) against Luka.

MGQ-related references

  • SpasMaran – Blood-Crazed Chrome uses ? NG+’s Involuntary Organ Donor skill (Permission asked via email never responded…)
  • Vytong (aka Gokken) – 8-bit Luka and Sitteno sound tracks.
  • The destruction of the area by two Gigas -- Doppelganger (the name however I based on the math lol [if 10^4 with 4 being the spirits than octuple aught to be twice the spirits (10^8) )
  • Lumine's Forest -- War of the Goddesses - A fallen angel that rebelled against Ilias (refer to WOTG for the story behind that. I'm just borrowing the idea of the fallen angel and the name).
  • "I'll make your blood boil. "" -- Fluffy Tail - One of Salamander's phrases when using Heat Wave is part of the lyrics for Ken Ashcorp's Fluffy Tail song.

Download and Current Tasks

Sealed Installation Guide

Sealed Installation Guide

In case you are still lost with how to install it

As with all mods make sure you have Part 1 and 2 combined. Also either make a copy of your game folder and paste the contents into the copy or keep a back-up folder for your script file.

Folder #1 - Full

Folder #2  -  Full

Folder #3  -   Updated as of Patch 5.4 (11/10)

Folder tatie -  Updated as of Patch 5.4 (11/10)

Folder bg  - Updated as of Patch 5.3 (10/7)

MANDATORY NOTE -- Please go to folder #2 and rename (EoSD Stage 5 - The Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood) to (Blood) so the file should read as (Blood.ogg) )

OPTIONAL -- Go to the folder#2 and replace face_Ta00.bmp with the face here and drop it inside Folder 2.

Script - Updated as of Patch 5.4 (11/10)

My current tasks (more will be added as bugs are found or suggestions,etc.)

  • Preparing a hidden function (I'll mention it on a future patch note when I have added this hidden function) [The soonest you'll see this is Chapter 6]
  • Finishing the story for Chapter 6 and 7.

Patch Notes

For the current patch notes click the link above...

Old Patch Notes can be found Here. When the game is finally completed I will ask for this page to be completely deleted, as the old patch notes will not be necessary.

Patch 5.4

  • Added the final fight of Chapter 6.
  • Bug Fix - Yao's Power Conversion does not trigger enemy counters.
  • Bug Fix(?) - Status menu will now correctly say you were Slowed down instead of Bound. (I forgot if I had the intention of displaying bindings however...)
  • Added the evaluations for the Kodama, Naiad and Sylph.

Future Patch 6.0 (Unknown maybe January)

  • Fixed(?*1) slow sprite status for the kitsunes.
  • Renamed the event with confusion and Sylph (we're going on a picnic!) from ivent01 to ivent02 (anyone past this point will have the Chapter 1 encounter with re-written because of this previous bug.
  • Party menu coded - allows selection of party leader at the start of a fight unless restricted due to story or choices.
  • Released restrictions on who can be the initial party leader for the following fights:
    • Zombie Slug
    • Steel Golem
    • Bone Warden
    • Angel Chimera
    • Dragon Girls
    • Valravne
    • Jorougumo
    • Kodama
  • Added a check to the following fights:
    • Rhytismae - If Nibi is the selected party leader, default back to Luka (due to story).
    • Wall Mimic - If Tamamo or Yao is the selected party leader and decision prior to fight conflict. Default back to Luka.
    • Zombie Swarm - Regardless of party leader selection, Nibi will be the party leader.
  • Released sections of Chapter 7 and 9.
  • Kitsunes gain a new skill after Chapter 6.

*1No-one ever reported a bug with this. So either 1) I never setup a situation where the kitsunes could be slowed down 2) no one ever reported the crash? or 3) it was not causing any crashes somehow... even though code wise it looks like it would crash.

For a later release

  • I plan to buff Tamamo by either giving her more defense than Luka OR having her dodge with the earth (as seen with splash damage attacks where she uses "Teraformation"
  • Activating the ??? option in fights.

someone list evaluations by the one and only heinrich


Artist pages

With Permission (order of permission given not alphabetical)

  • Salamander -- Fire Spirit. By Alraune
  • Undine -- Water Spirit. By Alraune
  • Gnome -- Earth Spirit. By Alraune
  • Sylph -- Wind Spirit. By Alraune
  • Fiona Austin -- Centaur. By Sakamasa
  • Yulia Aneshev -- Minotaur. By Sakamasa
  • Lewis Griffin -- Nightmare Succubus. By Sakamasa
  • Lewis Griffin transformed. By Sakamasa
  • Konoe Nanbara -- Kitsune. By Sakamasa
  • Medusa. By Alraune
  • Alraune. By Alraune
  • Lamia. By Innenka
  • Dragon. By Alraune
  • Nyx. By Alraune
  • Emilia Bowen - Dragon. By Sakamasa
  • Alicia Abel -- Harpy. By Sakamasa
  • Charlotte Beyron -- Unknown. By Sakamasa
  • Jorougumo (Spiderwoman). By Kunimitsu
  • Salamander (human form) -- Fire Spirit. By Alraune
  • Mechanical Oni. By Anubish
  • Arthur By Jasson 78
  • Max By Jasson 78
  • Battle Monk by Kunimitsu
  • Saber Lily by Kunimitsu

Stock images (character or background) or without permission

  • Angel from Kenkou Cross's Encyclopedia
  • Dark Angel from Kenkou Cross's Encyclopedia
  • Dark Priest from Kenkou Cross's Encyclopedia
  • Pixel Nibi by Mousou kuzu yarou ke to
  • Pixel Tamamo by Mousou kuzu yarou ke to
  • Prison Exit by Ali Lin @ Shigoto boshuu-chuu
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