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Isabelle is a friendly Sea Anemone Girl. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

“Even with this body, I can still move… But it is a hassle, so I don’t like to move very much.”

“These tentacles can reach pretty far away. When something gets close, it immediately becomes my prey.”

“Mermaids and Sea-Dwellers stats increase when they fight in the sea. Sea floor dungeons are no exception.”

“I tend to find everything very bothersome. So I am glad I was born a sea anemone. I can just forget about everything and my tentacles will catch prey all on their own. Being a sea anemone is sooo easy.”

“Anemones eat anything that stray too close.”

“What was that Hermit Crab Girl thinking, trying to put me on her shell? Of course I ate her.”

“Tentacles can be used for pleasure ans striking techniques. But don’t forget that dexterity is very important when using tentacle techniques.”

“Sometimes my tentacles get tangled up… When they do, they get stung by their own poison barbs. It’s horrible.”

“You might think I don’t have many friends, but it’s just that making more friends is a pain. It’s not that I’m disliked… That’s not it...”

“Sea anemone monsters are generally uninterested in the affairs of others. We won’t just form some random group. That does not mean we are disliked… Honestly...”

“Sea anemones live everywhere, from the shallows to the deep sea. You will find us wherever you go. Does that make you happy?”

  • It makes me happy - “Huh? That actually makes you happy? Don’t you think that’s a little weird?”
  • It makes me sad - “Fufuu, it is terrible news for my prey. Your wailing is amusing to me.” (+10 Affinity)
  • I don’t care - “You don’t care? That hurts my pride a bit.” (-5 Affinity)

“Sea monsters are typically relaxed and do their own thing. When you live in such a huge place, the little details don’t seem to matter.”

  • I think we can be friends - “Well, no matter how easy-going we are, we still have to eat. So, will you let me eat you?” (+10 Affinity)
  • I don’t think we can be friends - “Really? Well, I don’t really care. I don’t make it a habit to be friends with my food.”

“My tentacles contain a paralyzing venom… Who do you think has the stronger venom? Me or a Jellyfish Girl?”

  • Sea Anemone Girl - “I would like to say mine is stronger, but… We both use the same venom so there is no difference in strength.”
  • Jellyfish Girl - “Why do you side with the Jellyfish Girl? We both use the same venom so there is no difference in strength.” (-5 Affinity)
  • They are the same - “Yeah, both have the same potency… After all, we both use the same venom.” (+10 Affinity)

“Even if my tentacles get torn off, they will grow back in a few hours. If a human loses a limb, how long does it take to grow back?”

  • It does not grow back - “Huh, really?! That’s terrible… I feel sorry for you.”
  • A few hours - “So we are the same?” (+10 Affinity)
  • A few days - “It takes that long? Then I’ll be careful not to tear off your hands or feet.”

“Doesn’t a sea anemone seem pretty similar to a vagina?”

  • They are similar - “Isn’t it? How shameless… Fufufuu.” (+10 Affinity)
  • They are not similar - “You sure about that? Hoora, take a good look… Fufufuu.”
  • I do not care - “Oh? You’re not very social… That’s not my type at all.” (-5 Affinity)

“I injured my tentacles… I would appreciate it if you gave me a herb.” (Give Herb?)

  • Yes - “Fufuu, isn’t that kind of you?” (+20 Affinity)
  • No - “Well, don’t regret it later.”

“I’m a little hungry… I would appreciate it if you gave me a fish.” (Give Fish?)

  • Yes - “Fufuu, isn’t that kind of you?” (+30 Affinity)
  • No - “Well, don’t regret it later.”

“Would you give me some funds? Even I relax in town occasionally...” (Give 486G?)

  • Yes - “Fufuu, isn’t that kind of you?” (+25 Affinity)
  • No - “Well, don’t regret it later.”

“Please accept this. It is pretty difficult to overcome my paralyzing venom… Fufuu.” (+1 Full Moon Grass)

“Please accept this. It is a part of my body so take good care of it.” (+1 Shady Tentacle)

“Please accept this. It is what remains of a man I attacked earlier… Fufuu.” (+810G)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Isabelle: "There's no prey to catch here... Hey, please let me eat something."

With Yume:

Yume: "Sea anemones are so aggressive. Sea cucumbers are pacifists. We just want to live in peace."

Isabelle: "I am carnivorous Are you trying to impose your selfish values onto me?".

Yume: "Aren't you imposing values in return?"

Isabelle: "That's imposing values onto values about values imposition! ... And now I can't remember why we're even arguing."

With Kurage:

Kurage: "Swish, swish..."

Isabelle: "We're pretty similar in nature, but we seem to have completely different personalities..."

Kurage: "Sway, sway..."

Isabelle: "We're both species that ruthlessly hunt our prey, but... I wonder what makes us so different?"

With Helen:

Helen: "I think we're surprisingly similar."

Isabelle: "We both sit in one spot, waiting for our prey... Fufuu, maybe we are pretty similar."

Helen: "(If you come to the desert, I'll eat you.)"

Isabelle: "(If you come to the sea, I'll eat you.)"

With Anemo:

Isabelle: "You're a sea anemone too... ...Aren't you?"

Anemo: "I believe so...maybe."

Isabelle: "You're a somewhat strange creature..."

Anemo: "Even I wonder what strange thing I am..."

Grandeur Theater

She is required in the "Sea Company" scene.


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

Isabelle: "Ahhh! Stung by my own tentacles?!"

Isabelle is paralyzed!

[Isabelle is paralyzed]

2nd Action:

Isabelle: "I'm hungry. Is there no more fish?"

Isabelle is eating some food she stole!

[Nothing happens]

3rd Action:

Isabelle: "Ahhh!"

Isabelle swings their weapon at random!

[Four random enemies take damages]

4th Action:

Isabelle: "This is a sea anemone dance!"

Isabelle dances a fun dance!

...But nothing happened.

[Nothing happens]

5th Action:

Isabelle: "Even if I'm supposed to play, proper care is important."

Isabelle is tending to her tentacles.

[Nothing happens]

Additional Skills


  • Tentacle Blast - Tentacle Skill (Physical 1000% ^ of Att, Dex), Target: All Foes
  • Drain Hole - Special Skill (Pleasure 400% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Bind (75%), HP Drain 50%
  • Thousand Worm Drain - Special Skill (Pleasure 580% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Bind (75%), HP Drain 50%