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Scenic Hill is a location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


East of Lady's Village, this hill was once only known for the beautiful view from the summit. Nowadays, it is better known as a area to avoid: the residents of Lady's Village who disagreed with being "Nice" to humans, and perhaps to kill them instead, now occupy the hill. These include Madame Insect and Madame Umbrella, and also Aradia, a famous witch. They patrol the area, killing and squeezing out any man they find. At the summit, Candy, an even more famous witch known for her gluttony, waits, digesting stolen power from Cassandra and Emily. If you wanted to get on either of the two's good side, perhaps taking down Candy and restoring their power would do it...

This place is revisited again in the 1st chapter of the Collab Scenario, as Lauratt and Rigeo are teleported here before getting attacked by a local succubus. This place is now crawling with Succubi from Succubus Village along with the previous monsters encountered.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations


  • Divine Miracle Drug
  • Black Dark Stone
  • Shock Crest
  • Small Medal
  • Mystery Nut
  • 8800 Gold
  • Holy Tiara
  • Wizard's Staff
  • Barrier Rosary
  • Blue Robe
  • 3x Phoenix Tail
  • Dusk Ring
  • Angelic Breasts
  • Bunny Suit