Satsuki (さつき, Satsuki) is a Battle Fucker in the Yamatai Village.


Satsuki does 1,417 damage during BF, she gives a Shikigami of Regret for winning and becomes available for recruitment as a companion.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Satsuki: “Do you need my dancing? Or healing? Or… ufufu♪”

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
Satsuki: “Please do your best!”

Satsuki cheers on the others.

2nd Action:
Satsuki: “Haa… Haa…”

Satsuki is secretly playing with matches…

3rd Action:
Satsuki: “Mufufu…”

Satsuki is thinking about lewd things…

Satsuki has become horny! (Horny status)

4th Action:
Satsuki: “This is a present. ♪”

Satsuki presents a gift!

You obtain a Broiled Eel!

5th Action:
Satsuki: “Ufufu…”

Satsuki sends a flirtatious glance at a Random Enemy!

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