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Sariela (サリエラ) is one of the Seven Archangels from Paradox. Not be confused with the Archangel rank in the Hierarchy of Angels because, according to Ilias, the new Archangels shouldn’t exist as she has no knowledge of them.

Character Profile

(Updated profile from ToroToro's blog February 1, 2020, roughly translated)

One of the Seven Archangels, who are among Heaven's strongest forces, she is the warden of Heaven's prison. Always carrying around a huge scythe, her powers flow with darkness rather than holiness. She can also manipulate the fires of Hell itself at will, and is said to wield the power to rule over death. Ilias personally created this angel, but it is unknown why she wields this kind of power. An angel of many mysteries, it is even rumored that she can resurrect herself even if she is killed. She posesses great combat abilities and has an extremely ruthless personality. Speaking very few words, she quietly carries out her duties as the prison's warden.

In the Heaven World, the Goddess Ilias has tasked her with ruling over the Gold region. Grangold is a prison city, where sinners from all across the world are sent to. In addition to managing it, it is said that Sariela's mission is to carry out punishments. Therefore, she has the ability to monitor her surroundings with the third eye on her forehead, and posesses many torture techniques. Those who get sent to the prison city of Grangold will never be released, and no one has ever escaped from it since the Great Monster Wars.

As part of her role, Sariela also has the ability to torture male genitalia using her vagina. She makes full use of her vagina's capabilities to subject rebellious sinners to cruel torture. Men who have been raped by Sariela fainted in agony as they screamed with remose for their sins.


Sariela makes no appearances in Part 1 or 2 of Paradox.