A holy city that are devote followers of the Goddess Ilias. Though recently different factions of the faith have risen however the Pope does his best to keep the peace. Lots of mysteries come from this historic city if only one knows the right people... The King of San Ilia can be found here but his appearance is not what it seems to be. He used the Makina Tech to preserve his life and accuses Lazarus for making him look like that. In the original timeline this was not attacked by the Queen Mermaid rather she attacked Port Natalia against the other mermaids. It was said that the Sword of the Goddess was once kept here but in the original timeline Alice destroyed it and in here it's not present.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations



Created Used
Holy Custom Element Custom, Holy Stone, 240G
Grade Sword+ Grade Sword, Demon Beast Claw, 250G
Mysterious Rapier Golden Rapier, Holy Stone, 150G
Holy Trident Trident, Holy Stone, 200G
Partisan+ Partisan, Demon Beast Claw, 250G
Kaiser Knuckles+ Kaiser Knuckles, Demon Beast Claw, 170G
Holy Phantom Dark Phantom, Holy Stone, 142G
Crimson Radiance Crimson Axe, Holy Stone, 240G
Dark Cypress Club Dark Cypress Rod++, Cell Culture, 220G
Rehabilitative Hammer Therapeutic Hammer, Holy Stone, 220G
Death Scythe+ Death Scythe, Cell Culture, 200G
Alluring Bow Elven Bow, Succubus Tail, 200G
Tentacle Whip Golden Whip, Shady Tentacle
Harpy of Blessings Golden Harp, Holy Stone, 184G
Fish Boomerang x Nature+ Fish Boomerang x Nature, Slimy Jelly, 270G
Machina Boomerang Bladerang, Delicate Gear, 250G
Earth Flail+ Earth Flail, Cell Culture, 200G
Succubus Fan Golden Fan, Succubus Tail, 210G
Machina Abacus Golden Abacus, Delicate Gear, 170G
White Cards Golden Cards, Holy Stone, 160G
Alluring Plate Golden Plate, Succubus Tail, 200G
Magic Dictionary+ Magic Dictionary, Valuable Parchment, 220G
Musket++ Musket+, Delicate Gear, 340G
Tentacle Hand Succubus Hand, Shady Tentacle, 250G
Blessed Breastplate Aqua Breastplate, Holy Stone, 137G
Marine Armor x Tentacle Marine Armor, Shady Tentacle, 208G
Holy Knight Armor+ Holy Knight Armor, Holy Stone, 290G
Silver-White Robe White Robe, Holy Stone, 350G
Impish Bunny Suit Bunny Suit, Succubus Tail, 190G
Holy Coral Helm Coral Helm, Holy Stone, 110G
Iron Mask+ Iron Mask, Demon Beast Claw, 180G
Holy Tiara Golden Tiara, Holy Stone, 250G
Sacred Shield+ Sacred Shield, Valuable Parchment, 150G

Hidden Items

  • Seed of Defense
  • Seed of Power
  • Echo Grass
  • Coffee
  • Shuriken
  • Grimoire Page
  • High-Quality Herb
  • Rice Ball
  • Harpy Feather
  • Holy Water
  • Mage Masher
  • Seed of Knowledge
  • Milk


  • The music that plays inside the castle is Chopin's Nocturne op.9 No.2.
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