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Saki is a boss who can be recruited as a companion. To recruit Saki you must defeat her at Grandeur Theater.

World Interactions

She plays a minor role in the Collab Scenario, where she detects the potential of an idol within Rigeo, and offers to train her, giving her skills and job experience into the Dancer and War Miko job. She also helped the heroes clear one of Myusca's challenges in Finoa

Pocket Castle Sidequests

The Grandeur theater is losing a lot of customers with Saki's departure. Luka can talk to the manager with her in the party to offer additional shows, unlocking the Grandeur theater.

She's also involved in Promestein's side quests to change races. Saki wishes to learn the Sea Dragon dances, and is put through a ridiculous trial by Kraken and Poseidonness, before being injected something by Promestein to turn her into a sea-dweller. 

Note: Every Battle Dialogue without choices gives you +2 Affinity.

Battle Dialogue

"Sorry, we don't offer sex for money here. I happen to be a pure idol!"

"Thank you all for coming to see me today! I'll show my gratitude by singing my heart out just for you! Let's get ready to sparkle♪"

"I may be a low-class Succubus... But I'm going to work my way to the top with song and dance♪"

"Are you all sick and tired of your everyday lives? Saki's here to share her dreams and excitement with you♪"

"I write all my music and lyrics personally♪ You can't put all your heart and soul into it unless you do it yourself♪"

"I'm actually on a strict diet right now. But you know what they say, sweets and cum go to a different tummy!"

"Being an idol is hard work! But the fans make it all worth it♪"

"I'd really like to tour the entire world, but it's a little too dangerous up north. It's too bad.."

"Boyfriend? Of course, I don't have a boyfriend! I belong to everybody♪"

"Are you broken-down and hurting from these nasty war-torn times? Don't worry, I'll soothe your hearts with my music♪"

"Use this money to come to my concert again.♪" Received 2000G from Saki!

"This tail is a present from Saki. ♪ You're not allowed to auction it off. ♪" Received [Succubus Tail] from Saki!

"Saki will provide refreshments. ☆ Use this if the tension gets too high. ♪" Received [De-Love Potion] from Saki!

"My 'other' stomach is empty if you know what I mean ♪"

Give [Toffee]?

  • Yes - "Omigosh, thank you SO much! ♪" (Saki's Affinity went up by 20!)
  • No - "Saki's disappointing miracle..."

"Say, did you pay for your ticket?"

Give 1200G?

  • Yes - "Omigosh, thank you SO much! ♪" (Saki's Affinity went up by 25!)
  • No - "Saki's disappointing miracle..."

"My 'other' stomach is empty if you know what I mean ♪"

Give [Chocolate]?

  • Yes - "Omigosh, thank you SO much! ♪" (Saki's Affinity went up by 30!)
  • No - "Saki's disappointing miracle..."

"My dream is to become the most popular idol in the world! I hope it comes true!"

  • I'm sure it will - "Thanks for the support! I won't let you down♪" (Saki's Affinity went up by 10!)
  • Pfft, dream on - "I won't let the haters get me down!" (Saki's Affinity went down by 5!)
  • And I'll be your rival - "A shota idol!? I never even thought of that!"

"Come on everyone, let's Kira☆"

  • Kira☆ - Luka strikes a Kira☆ pose! (Saki's Affinity went up by 10!)
  • Blush - "Don't be shy. You can do it!"
  • ... - "Come on, don't be a buzzkill!" (Saki's Affinity went down by 5!)

"Everyone's getting too caught up in the times with all this war stuff! Listen to my music and we'll all have love and peace!"

  • Love and peace! - "Yeah, that's the spirit!♪" (Saki's Affinity went up by 10!)
  • Love and sex - "We have a no-touching policy here!" (Saki's Affinity went down by 5!)
  • Hell and death - "Sorry, I'm not into that heavy metal stuff..."

"I put everything I have into my singing and dancing. What are you most passionate about?"

  • Adventuring - "Hey, that sounds awesome! Let's both strive to make our dreams come true♪" (Saki's Affinity went up by 10!)
  • Song and dance - "Uh oh, did I just find a rival!? Okay then, but I won't go down without a fight!♪"
  • Masturbating - "By yourself? But that's so sad! Come to my show next time, we'll work up a sweat together♪"
  • Hunting monster girls - "Oh no, could this be the end for Saki!?" (Saki's Affinity went down by 5!)

"I wonder what I should do for my next show?"

  • Magic Show - "I'm not actually very good at magic, but I guess it's good to switch things up now and then."
  • Strip Show - "Sir, this is not that kind of establishment." (Saki's Affinity went down by 5!)
  • Live Sex Show - "Oooh, I'm sure everyone will love it! The other participant will be you, of course♪ (Saki's Affinity went up by 10!)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Saki: "Give you a hug. ♪ Fingers wrapped around your heart. ♪ Give you a hug. ♪ Don't ask why just press your lips to mine. ♪"

With Chrome:

Saki: "Chromie is a succubus too, right? Haven't you thought of trying to attract men by singing and dancing?"

Chrome: "I have no interest in that. I look too much like a kid..."

Saki: "There are loli idols too. ♪ ...*twinkle*. ✩"

Chrome: "...All right then. ✩"

With Zombies:

Zombie: "Queen of the zombies..."

Zombie: "Thriller..."

Zombie: "Owie..."

The zombies are dancing.

Saki: "Hey, that's not bad! How'd you like to star in my next PV? ♪"

Zombie: "This must be our major debut..."

Zombie: "Owie..."

With Chirp:

Chirp: " *Chirp* *Chirp* I also want to make it big."

Saki: "Dream big, spread your wings and fly. ♪ "

Chirp: "I am weak, so I cannot beat anyone else..."

Saki: "...What do you think it means to be a world idol? Anyway, do you have any special talent?"

Chirp: "Well, I'm good at getting up early and staying out late. ♪ "

Saki: "...doesn't look good for beating others."

With Ragora:

Ragora: "You are an idol? My dream is to become an idol too."

Saki: "Don't let your dream die, make it a reality! Try and fight to infinity! ☆"

Ragora: "In that case... AAaaaaaa!!!"

Saki: "Saki b-b-be..."

Saki was paralyzed!

Ragora: "It's hopeless after all..."

With Meia:

Meia: "You're an idol? That's amazing. I also have confidence in my singing, but there's..."

Saki: "Oh, want to be idols together? I think Meia would be pretty popular. ✩"

Meia: "To be popular... Surrounded by little boy fans... Fufufuu..."

Saki: "Playing around with fans is strictly prohibited. ...And why is it limited to little boys?"

With Eva:

Eva: "Is song and dance profitable?"

Saki: "Saki doesn't think it makes that much money... But I also get gifts from the fans, so I don't have any troubles in life."

Eva: "I shall become an idol! Hey, what kind of idol should I market myself as?"

Saki: "Something like a crazy unfortunate one. Or a poverty-stricken one."

Eva: "That doesn't sound fun..."

Grandeur Theater

Saki:Hug you until your heart is in my hands. Hug you Forcibly steal your lips. I'll take you there towards the sky. I'll take you there to the abyss of dreams.

Fan: oooh, Saki-chan

Saki: Thanks, everyonee *twinkle*

Fan: Saki-chan *twinkle*

The show is a great success


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:

Saki: "Heeere I gooo! Killeeer! ☆"

Saki sparkles☆!

[Saki uses Sparkle]

2nd Action:

Saki: "Everyoooone! ♪ Thaaank you for coming together for me today! ♪"

Saki appeals to her fans!

...But nobody was listening.

[Nothing happens]

3rd Action:

Saki: "Thank you for your hard work, please accept this gift. ♪"

Saki presents a gift!

[+1 Cake]

4th Action:

Saki: "All right everyone, this is for health! ♪ Health! ♪"

Saki performs a Hustle Dance!

[Saki uses Hustle Dance]

5th Action:

Saki: "Now, let's play to the fullest! ♪"

Saki is happily singing and dancing.

[Nothing happens]

Additional Skills


At Southern Undersea Temple

  • Dragon Palace Dance - Dancing Skill, Target: All Foes, Effect:+800 Speed, All Elements Weak (-50%)


  • Succubus Slap - Unarmed Skill (Physical 228% Att+Agi), Target: Foe
  • Weakening Dance - Dancing Skill Target: All Foes, Effect: All Stats Down
  • Sparkle - Singing, Target: All Foes, Effect: Stun/Seduction (75%)


  • Aside from Battle Fuckers, Saki's theater scenes make her the only character who has H-scenes outside of loss scenes and Pocket Castle requests.