well I kind of new here, so if I do something wrong please forgive me.

I make some side stories called "Saito Adventures".

This story takes place around one year before luka set out its adventure, and telling about Saito adventures. I intent to use other game sprite for a new character (because my drawing si very very bad). 

Because I'm very busy in real life, I intent to make a short chapter in each release.I will not add the H content (somehow I don't fell excited at all when creating H-scene) and maybe no battle (I still confused how to create a battle system)

I intent to make release weekly if not busy, but before that I need people opinion about my work. if its good then I will continue it, if not then I stop. there was no point creating something you dislike right.

Do you guys like Saito Adventure?

The poll was created at 08:05 on January 10, 2013, and so far 112 people voted.

Note : well it seems like nobody like my work, but since I don't have anything to do at my free time, maybe I keep it going anyway (at least until part 3 come out).

Prologue : Here

Chapter 1 'The Monster Slayer' : Here

Chapter 2 'Night Assault' :[Here]

Chapter 3 'Harpy Queen' :[Here]

Chapter 4 'Saito True Strength' :[Here]

Chapter 5 'Companion' :[Here]

Chapter 6 'Succubus Queen' :[Here]

Chapter 7 'The Goddess Sword' :[Here]

Chapter 8 'Wind Spirit' = Sylph' :[Here]

Chapter 9 '4 Tailed Kitsune' :[Here]

Chapter 10 'Sandworm Outbreak' :[Here]

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