Sunny is a friendly Sables. She can join you after a battle.

World Interactions

Battle Dialogue

“Take this tentacle. It was part of my body, y’know.” (+1 Sylla Tentacle)

“Take this money. Spend it wisely.” (+565G)

“Take this bandanna. It’s my favorite.” (+1 Bandanna)

“Hey, give me a high-quality herb?” (Give High-Quality Herb?)

  • Yes - “Yipee! I got it! Thanks! ♪” (+20 Affinity)
  • No - “I didn’t get it...”

“Hey, give me some money?” (Give 339G?)

  • Yes - “Yipee! I got it! Thanks! ♪” (+25 Affinity)
  • No - “I didn’t get it...”

“My lower mouth licks a looot. ♪ It can freely extend for *lick* *lick* moves. ♪”

“Prepaaare to be boaaardeeed! ...Is what I want to say. ♪”

“I’ll build a fine ship and travel the ocean! I’ll earn my fame as a pirate! ♪”

“Pirates and Marines share the same roots. So Pirate skills and Marine skills seem pretty similar.”

“I have to practise swimming to be a good pirate. ...That, and whenever I swim my lower body sinks like a stone!”

“I want to become a pirate. Hey, think I can become a great pirate?”

  • You can - “You’re right! And eventually I’ll be the Queen of the Pirates… Cheers.” (+10 Affinity)
  • You can’t - “Why youuu! Now I’m angry!” (-5 Affinity)
  • I’ll be King of the Pirates - “Foolishness! I’m going to become that! You’ll never be the Pirate Queen!” (-5 Affinity)

“What trait is the most important for a woman of the sea?”

  • Strength - “So it IS strength after allll… That’s not to say I’m weak compared to the guys in the north, of course.”
  • Kindness - “So you have to be kind like the sea after all! I have confidence in my kindness!” (+10 Affinity)
  • High calibre - “Calibre? Don’t say something so vaaague! Not that I’ve lost my confidence...”

“My lower half is cute, right?”

  • It’s cute - “You do understand, don’t you. ♪” (+10 Affinity)
  • It’s creepy - “Whaaa? Is that truuue? ...But it’s so cute...”
  • I don’t have any feelings in particular about it - “That kind of answer makes me the most upseeet!” (-5 Affinity)

“Hey, which monster group do you think I belong to?”

  • The insect group - “Sorry, but I’m not a bug. ...Is what I would say, but I do have some insect genes in me.”
  • The scylla group - “Correeect! ♪ I may look like this, but I’m a type of scylla.” (+10 Affinity)
  • The zombie group - “Wait, in what way do I look like a zombie?! I’ll punish you for making fun of me!” (-5 Affinity)

“I want to be a pirate, but… There’s one problem.”

  • You get seasick - “Wrong. Sea sickness isn’t the problem, it’s that I can’t swim.”
  • You can’t swim - “Yeah… I can’t swim. Wish me luck practising swimming.”
  • You’re weak - “How rude! I am not weak! Now, be defeated by the Demon of the North!” (-5 Affinity)

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Sunny: "Ohh, how I long to be a pirate... The sea is calling me!"

With Anko:

Anko: "............"

Sunny: "There are some strange fish in the sea, huh? I wonder if she could become a pirate..."

Anko: "............"

Sunny: "Knock it off with that lure of yours; I'm not gonna fall for it."

With Meia:

Sunny: "Hey, I want to be a pirate!"

Meia: "Speaking of pirates, they loot and pillage, right? Are you interested in selling kidnapped little boys?"

Sunny: "That's just you..."

With Lemon:

Sunny: "So, you're a scylla subspecies too?"

Lemon: "Yeah, I'm technically a scylla. My lower body doesn't have any pure tentacles, but..."

Sunny: "We both have it pretty rough, huh? My lower half's tentacles keep randomly lashing out..."

Lemon: "Sometimes mine even gnaw on me. It's really harsh..."

Grandeur Theater


Gadabout Actions

Hey, let's play. ♪" Sunny sent a sidelong glance. ...But nobody was looking.

Argh! Because this is a pirate sword!" (Uses Skill: Flail Wildly)

Let's set a trap." Sunny digs a pit...And clumsily falls into it! (Sunny takes damage)

Let's set a trap." Sunny digs a pit… And the Enemy carelessly falls into it! (Enemy takes damage)

“Bean bags are child's play." Sunny is juggling… But nobody is looking!

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