Sables, or Sunny as a companion, is a monster in the first part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A subspecies of Scylla whose strange lower body resembles a demonic beast. Instead of tentacles, she has insect-like legs, and can extend countless tongues from the mouth of her lower body. Although she has a monster’s body, she has a surprising fondness of humans, and will not attack unless you enter her territory.

She can acquire nutrition from the same diet as humans, but she still prefers human semen the most, and will cleverly invite men to be sucked by her. Her lower mouth doubles as an extracting organ, which sucks semen from the penis once it is inside. Skillfully entwining the penis with her tongues, the man is eventually released after many ejaculations. By that time, he will be left too weak to stand on his feet.”


  • Attack – Normal Attack, One Enemy
  • Claw – Physical Attack, One Enemy
  • Tongue Whip – Physical Attack, One Enemy
  • Groin Lick (M) – Pleasure Attack, Target: Luka
  • Groin Lick (F) – Pleasure Attack, Target: Female
  • Hug – Bind, Target: Luka, Three Turns Break
  • Sables Bon (Act.) – Pleasure Attack with Bind, Target: Luka, Two Turns Break
  • Sables Bon (Cont.) – Rape
  • Sables Bon (F) – Pleasure Attack, Target: Female, Bind 50%,


Sables is a Scylla, so like all Scylla's, she has strong attacks, but she doesn’t have a very good defense. She doesn’t resist any of the elements, so you can use any. But if you want to do extra damage, use Lightning or Holy attacks. Just keep attacking her and she will go down, but they do appear in groups often, so try to deal with them quickly to minimize damage.


"You became the prey of a weak monster again? You're a fake hero, diving headfirst into weak monsters'... you know what, never mind... Sables is a subspecies of Scylla. She will attack with the tentacles on her lower body and her long tongue. By herself she's not a threat but... She always appears in groups. Since she's a Scylla, she's weak against Lightning elemental attacks and some status ailments also work. Anyway, don't let her intimidate you with numbers. Now go, oh brave Luka. I also thought about neutering you, but that will just weaken you."


  • She wants to be a pirate.
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