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Welcome to the Sabasa Continent North Tartarus also known as Tartarus CW148240. This is one of the distortions in the world and is shrouded in mysteries. Inside you'll find the residents Valts, Vitaes, Vetalas, and Shinifas wondering around.

Contrary to the other Tartarus, this one is filled with dark cracks in the space time continuum, as the world on the other side is falling apart and slowly getting swallowed by Chaos. After getting through an apoptosis filled Tartarus (without going through a ruined part of the city of Remina,), the group reaches another world.

The first thing the group sees when reaching the other side is the void surrounding the area, making it clear that this region is everything that remains of the world. Sylphannounces that the wind is dead, and the party starts moving again when a supernatural tremor shakes the world as it gets swallowed into nothingness. Luka and his allies then proceed to head northeast to the Administrator Tower, and are welcomed by a robot named Radio . This is a special place lost to time so they venture in with caution... Roaming inside you'll find Shadow Girls, Paintgeist, Chimera Homunculus, Super Iron Maidens, and Junk Doll Girls.

As the group progress, the player is treated to the sight of some of the inhabitant's live before getting killed by the apoptosis or trying to remain hopeful in front of the end of their world. In the meantime, tremors are getting stronger and stronger as Adramelech is arriving to deal with the intruders.

They finally meet the master of the tower, a desperate La Croix who inform them of the nature of Chaosization: It came from a world where the true history wasn't followed, and is infecting all the other, meaning that soon enough all the existing universes will be destroyed. After giving notes to the party to give to her other self, she forces Radio on the group and prepares to face Adramelech a final time to buy time for the heroes.

Luka is forced to fight a weakened Adramelech. He attempts to escape after beating her, but is held back as the apoptosis attempt to take him down with her. Marcellus steps in to save him, before ominously telling him to defend his world while he defend the others.

Map Of The Area

Hidden Items

  • Burst Drink

Treasure Chest

  • Desert Eagle
  • White Holy Stone
  • Chaos Crystal
  • Dogmatic Cell Culture
  • Electromagnetic Armor
  • Dusk Ring
  • Seed of Happiness
  • Blue Ice Stone