A normally peaceful desert kingdom, due to its powerful knights and harsh location, things have taken a turn for the worse with its former ruler seemingly dead and his daughter being the only successor. Corrupt guards, shady assassins, and illicit rumors float about the city and the surrounding towns all seem to be having troubles of their own, yet the new monarch seems to have other things on her mind.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations



Created Used
Misericorde x Spike Misericorde, Cactus Thorn, 420G
Holy Custom+ Holy Custom, Chaos Crystal, 500G
Dragon Killer+ Dragon Killer, Dragon Scale, 700G
Lamia Rapier X Lamia Rapier, Charming Snake Tail, 400G
Divine Halberd+ Divine Halberd, Sharp Fangs, 550G
Dark Claws x Burst Dark Claws, Magic Crystal, 550G
Cross Reaper Fang Reaper Fang, Sharp Fangs, 300G
Chaotic Axe Devil Axe, Chaos Crystal, 730G
Cactus Hammer Mithril Hammer, Cactus Thorn, 450G
Chaotic Hammer Devil Hammer, Chaos Crystal, 520G
Rune Staff x Burst Rune Staff, Magic Crystal, 500G
Angel Rod x Burst Angel Rod, Magic Crystal, 680G
Tentacle Whip X Tentacle Whip, Scylla Tentacle, 600G
Lamia Harp Mithril Harp, Charming Snake Tail, 450G
Scylla Harp Mithril Harp, Scylla Tentacle, 450G
Dragon Flame Boomerang Flame Boomerang, Dragon Scale, 460G
One Flail Raging Bull Flail, Goblin Horn, 500G
Mithril Fan+ Mithril Fan, Mysterious Feather, 370G
Surgeon Blade a Surgeon Blade, Sharp Fangs, 380G
Scylla Maid Plate Mithril Plate, Scylla Tentacle, 450G
Tiny Oni Breastplate Mithril Breastplate, Goblin Horn, 430G
Dragon Mail+ Dragon Mail, Dragon Scale, 650G
Spiny Shell Mithril Shell, Cactus Thorn, 310G
Lamia Dress Party Dress, Charming Snake Tail, 340G
Great Helm Ox Helm, Goblin Horn, 350G
Lamia Crown Holy Tiara, Charming Snake Tail, 500G
Feather Shield Lightweight Shield, Mysterious Feather, 100G
Dragon Shield+ Dragon Shield, Dragon Scale, 220G

Hidden Items

  • Sturdy Shell
  • Flour
  • Gold Needle
  • Bunny Suit
  • Skull
  • Seed of Power
  • Mysterious Feather
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Orange Earth Stone
  • Coffee
  • Flashy Nail Polish
  • Seed of Knowledge
  • Dragon Killer
  • Leek
  • Seed of Agility

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