Roza, back when she was living. She currently only appears as a boss in the Labyrinth of Chaos.


[None until Part 3.]


[Note that she might have more attacks than these. Please fill in as you encounter a new attack]

  • Attack – One Foe
  • Oceanic Decapitation – All Foes, Physical
  • ?
  • Coral Rain – All Foes, Physical
  • ? – All Foes (X8), Physical


She has two actions a turn, and can very very quickly wipe out a team on their first try. Without a way to block her attack that hits the entire party 8 times, she will most likely stomp you into the ground. Lucky for you however, the Lamia race can use Waning Moon Dance, which will prevent most of Roza’s attacks and leave you with plenty of time to wreck her.

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