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Rovissa is a companion of Lars. She comes from the game Succubus Quest, and appears in the Collaboration Scenario. Unlike the rest of the heroes, she starts off with leveled races and jobs.


She first briefly appears in the prologue with Lars. The White Rabbit briefly shows up in front of the group before leaving, dumbfounding the duo. When the White Rabbit asks if she's the Monster Lord, Rovissa answers that she's a part of her before the White Rabbit leaves. She's puzzled at this curious interaction.

She's properly introduced in chapter 4, as she intercepts the trio of Mysteltainn, Executioner and Ogretooth by attacking the last of them as they're flying near a village. Then Lars step in to support her.

It is revealed in a flashback that the duo did so from a request from an elder of a village close-by. They also met Novissa who walked away as he's searching for Tarsa, but the man walks away without further info. They then meet Daimyokai, who's apparently also here to help the Village Chief. When she hears that the Monster Lord could be involved, she wonders if this one is like the one back in their world.

The duo fights Ogretooth, and when the latter attempts to attack them more seriously, she's held back by Mysteltainn who transforms every villagers into Demi-Nightmares. As the trio of succubi leave, Lars and Rovissa are attacked by the recently transformed villagers and are almost overwhelmed before being saved by Daimyokai who hold them back with traps. Rovissa is unthankful, as she no-so-unjust fully thinks that Daimyokai used them as bait.

The White Rabbit then appears and gets trapped, but explains the situation nonetheless. Rovissa comes to the conclusion that the "Queen of Dreams" responsible for troubles is Est, native from their world. While they're glad to finally have an idea of what they're really up against, they also consider that they failed to defend the village.

They learn from a guard that the situation in Grand Noah is critical, as most of the court has been brainwashed by Musette, and that several heroes are on their way there. They decide to go there too. Daimyokai boasts that she can seal Rovissa but she doesn't know Rovissa's powers from her world.

She reappears in chapter 7 to save the trio of Lest, Novissa and Tarsa from a group of Nightmares with her spear of pleasure as the party is stuck in the basement of the Château des Romances, and fully fight them at the beginning of chapter 9. They manage to save themselves, but are regularly chased by the Cursed Sword Trio as they try to look for an exit. In the process, they run in nightmares raping magical beasts, disgusting the group. Eventually, as they run away from the succubi, they end up running into Kazuya's group as the latter is fighting Myusca, Nemea and Vinum with the support of Luka and his allies. They are forced to fight Mysteltainn while her sisters get engaged by Luka's allies.

When the situation becomes more chaotic and Vinum negociate their retreat, Rovissa remains wary of the two succubi trio, although they hold their end of the bargain. When Rigeo tells the team about Gilgorn, Rovissa asks more questions about her relation to the nightmares. When the local Demon Lord is beaten and asks why the team didn't directly tell her that they wanted her support, she's the first to remark that they actually did attempt to do that.

As everyone regroup in the Pocket Castle, Rovissa comes up with the plan to give Gilgorn the ability to bombard the Château des Romances to weaken the place before an assault. She supports the party in the fight even as they're almost overwhelmed by Nightmares.

When the party finally arrives to Est and asks her why she's doing this, Rovissa tells them not to listen to her. Just like the other companions, she gets incapacitated when Est powers up.

In the Post collab, she wonders what Est is planning as the latter fights in the colosseum. She still remains wary of Est, even as the latter says that she only enjoys the sensuality of the fights in the arena and will gladly join the hero if they can show her more pleasures after joining them.

During the recruitment of the Succubus Prison trio, Lars and Rovissa end up pulling the short straw when they reach the penultimate "have sex to progress" room. She gets cold feet and leaves the party, forcing Luka's companion to take the lead and resulting in a disaster. She then returns to the party when the challenge is cleared.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Rovissa: “Hey, you need my power, right?”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:
Rovissa: Sometimes you have to indulge

Rovissa is singing and dancing merrily

2nd Action:
Hahahaha, I am the Monster Lord!

Rovissa is playing as the Monster Lord.

3rd Action:
Rovissa: Let's Go, it's just a random thought here and a random sorcery

Rovissa caused a huge explosion.

[Enemies take damage]

4th Action:
Rovissa: I'll back you up too.

Rovissa digs a pit and clumsily falls into it

[Rovissa takes damage]

5th Action:

Rovissa: I'll back you up too.

Rovissa digs a pit and enemy carelessly falls into it.

[Enemy takes damage]

Additional Skills

  • Agility +20% - Job Ability
  • Agility +30% - Job Ability
  • Agility +40% - Job Ability
  • Gungnir - Special Skill (Pleasure 300% ^ of Mag, Dex), Target: 5 Random Foes, Effect: Trance (33%)
  • Rogin - White Magic (Magical 150% Wil) Target: Ally, Effect: HP Recovery
  • Fehu Rogin - White Magic (Magical 150% Wil) Target: Ally, Effect: HP Recovery
  • Ars Ether - White Magic, Target: Ally, Effect: Cure All Status
  • Listil - White Magic, Target: User, Effect: Dexterity/Magic Up +50%, (3 turns)
  • Sensitive - Black Magic, Target: All Foes, Effect: +2000 Speed, Horny (100%)
  • Ethergun - White Magic, Target: All Foes, Effect: Dispel all Buffs
  • Etherfuni - White Magic, Target: All Allies, Effect: Cure all Debuffs
  • lvl 55: Grimgerde - White Magic Skill Target: Ally, Effect: All Stats Up 50%, (3 turns)

Exclusive Equipment

Name Item type Stats Effects Location
Gambanteinn Rod Defense: 77

Magic: 135

Willpower: 135

Agility: 77

Dexterity: 77

Magic Skills*2 Château des Romances
Crypty Dress Dress Defense: 135

Magic: 150

Willpower: 150

Dexterity: 120

Max MP +10%

MP Cost 50%

Château des Romances
Crypty Ribbon Fancy Cap Attack: 30

Defense: 55

Magic: 80

Willpower: 80

Dexterity: 30

Max MP +10%

Succubus Slayer

Nullify Pleasure Ailments

Château des Romances
Black Cat's Bone Accessory Magic +40%

Willpower +40%

MP Regen 4%

Château des Romances