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Rigeo is the companion of Lauratt. She comes from the game Succubus Rhapsodia like him, as well as Fulbeua and Gilgorn. Like most of the other characters in the Collaboration Scenario, she starts off without any levels in jobs or races until she reaches a proper job change book.


She first shows up in chapter 1. She ends up with Lauratt on Scenic Hill after being sucked in by a black vortex of energy, and is as dumbfounded as him by their curious new environment. The party is then attacked by a succubus that they don't recognize. Rigeo attempts to convince her to turn away when she makes unwanted advance on Lauratt, but the succubus ends up attacking them. She's surprised again when the succubus attacks with a kick, as they aren't supposed to be violent, while her partner's runes don't respond, depriving him of his precious magic skills.

After pushing back the succubus, the duo decides to leave the mountain, and Rigeo also notices that her own runes aren't working either.

As they cross the mountains, Rigeo is surprised by the barbarism of the local monsters, as they attack with violence and not just pleasure. The duo also finally notices the strange crest on Lauratt's hand. She wonders if it isn't a curse, but can't really identify its real nature.

As they leave the mountain, the duo from another world is still dumbfounded by their environment and has no clear idea of where they really are. They decide to head to the closest village, but, when they arrive, they are greeted by the sight of everyone sleeping. Ogretooth, Executioner and Mysteltainn arrive and tell them they're responsible for incapacitating everyone while telling them that they will dispose of them by order from the "Queen of Dreams". Executioner takes on the duo, and after a few minutes, she decides to start fighting them seriously as her sisters push her to finish the duo.

Rigeo asks for their motivation, and the trio reveals that their goal is to make everyone fall into a dream of pleasure to spread the "Land of Night." However, Rigeo is aware that it means everyone will be insane from lust. When a boy comes out from a building, she warns him, but Ogretooth attempts to attack him. The boy is saved by Magatsu. After the three succubi leave, the oni properly introduces herself, but Rigeo is once again surprised as she doesn't know the location the oni comes from. When she learns that the oni is looking for her disciple, she shares her concern as well.

In chapter 5, the party decides to go to to Succubus Village in hope of getting some information and support. They learn more about the local events, like the war with the Monster Lord, the Great Disaster, and the practice of battle fucking Magatsu is familiar with when they meet Alleria. They meet Succubus, and after Rigeo inform them of their nature, she calls Witch and have her help Lauratt grow her skills in magic.

When he takes a break from their training, Lauratt can see Rigeo surrounded. Saki, Magical Mari-chan and a Kunoichi Succubus have offered to train her as they detect great potential, forcing him to choose which training he wants Rigeo to follow.

Once his training is over, Witch tells that Lauratt should contract with the Four Spirits, and Salamander is relatively close so he should start with her. The whole group then decides that Lauratt should indeed get to make a pact with Salamander in Gold Volcano.

After Lauratt forms a contract with the Fire Spirit, Fulbeua appears and exposes her plan to bring the "Château des Romances" where Grand Noah is. Rigeo is aghast that the Nightmare's motivation can be summarized as wanting to search true beauty. None the less, the party can't ignore the looming threat as well as the emergency of the situation, and decides to rush to Grand Noah.

Her party shows up again in chapter 6 to save Kazuya's group from Myusca, Vinum and Nemea. They then introduce each other, and focus toward Grand Noah.

Rigeo is aghast at the realization that they're too late to prevent the summoning of the Château des Romances. However, she's surprised to see that the gargoyles remain immobile, cluing her in that the summoning is incomplete. Even then, the group frontally attacks the Château des Romances with the goal to reach Fulbeua. They are blocked by a barrier that needs to be deactivated first. In the kitchen, they meet a nightmare who's ready to tell them where the switch in exchange for a little energy from one of the males. Afterward, the party comes face to face with Fulbeua herself, and attack her in hope of getting information about the gate location. However, Musette steps in and asks Fulbeua to deal with the intruders appropriately. As conflicts rise between the two of them, the party uses the opportunity to run away. As they think they managed to escape the throne room, Myusca, Nemea and Vinum appear to chase them, with Vinum teleporting later again to block the exit. The party is forced underground, and fights Vinum who is alone.

After successfully repelling her first assault, Myusca and Nemea step in to finish the party. However, Luka and his companions arrive to save the group. As the situation becomes more chaotic, the succubi negotiate their retreat.

When the situation calms down, she tells the party about the lord of the castle, Gilgorn, who hid in the basement of the castle. The party decides that they can as well recruit her in the process for additional support. Afterward, she supports the party in their endeavor to attack the castle and remains mostly silent.

When they reach the Land of Night and see men getting raped by succubi as far as the eye can see, Rigeo remarks that they're men who've fallen into a dream of pleasure. Just like everyone else save for the Seven Heroes, she ends up incapacitated by Est after the party beats her for the first time.

In the post-collab, when the party runs through Myusca's challenge of sex rooms, Rigeo volunteers to do it with Lauratt in the second room, as she has to deal with her nature as a nightmare and it can act as a contract. They take a long time and doing twice, and Rigeo comes out flustered from the ordeal.

She's not enthusiastic at the perspective of recruiting Fulbeua when the party returns to the ruins of the Château des Romances, but does recognize that letting someone with so much power free to roam the region could represent a danger.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Rigeo: “Should I come with you?”

Grandeur Theatre


Playful Actions

1st Action:

2nd Action:

3rd Action:

4th Action:

5th Action:

Additional Skills

Side Quest

Training from Saki

  • Pleasure Dance - Dance Skill (Pleasure 200% Dex), Target: 4 Random Foes

Training from Magical Mari-chan

  • Magical☆Rigeo - Special Ability (Chance to transform in a magical girl at the start of a battle, Sexcraft use Magic instead of Dexterity)
  • Love☆Meteor - Justice Skill (Pleasure 1400% ^ of Mag, Agi, Dex), Target: All Foes

Training from Kunoichi

  • Shinobi Initiative - Special Ability (Can always use ninjutsu skills with increased priority)
  • Ninja Art: Reverberation - Ninjutsu Skill For 4 turns, Ninjutsu skills activate twice, SP Regen +20%

Studies from Witch

  • Ascending Blade Dance - Rapier Skill (Pleasure 144%*5 Att+Agi), Target: Foe
  • Thousand Harem - Whip Skill (Pleasure 120% Att+Dex), Target: 6 Random Foes
  • Brideheart - Fan Skill (Pleasure 564% Agi+Dex), Target: All Foes


  • Kiss - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 340% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Horny (75%)
  • Bust - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 400% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Trance (50%)
  • Hips - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 400% Dex), Target: Foe
  • Tribadism - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 580% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Horny (75%), Bind (50%), Makes User Horny
  • lvl 51: Draw Nectar - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 580% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Slimed (75%), Bind (50%)
  • lvl 52: Saffron Bloom: Alda - White Magic, Target: Ally, Effect: Dex +50%
  • lvl 53: Embrace - Sexcraft Skill (Pleasure 580% Dex), Target: Foe, Effect: Stuned (75%), Bind (50%)
  • lvl 54: Streltitzia - Demon Arts Skill Target: Foe, Effect: All Stats down (4 Turns)
  • lvl 55: Set Circle - Demon Arts Skill Target: User, Effect: SP/MP Cost 0% (3 Turns)

Exclusive Equipment

  • Rigeo's ☆ Parasol - Rod, Critical Rate +15%, Skill Use: Ninjutsu/Dancing, Ninja Sword/Fan/Sex Toy Property, Preemptive Transform
  • Banquet Dress - Dress, Haste Sexcraft/Dancing/Ninjutsu
  • Night Sky Belt - Accessory, Magic/Agility/Dexterity +50%, Defense/Willpower -50%


  • Should Lauratt chose the magical girl training, Rigeo will come out flustered and ashamed, clearly unhappy with her outfit as a magical girl.