Drainroid Laplace →
Level: 88
HP (Normal): 20000
Experience: 280000
Skills: Flats Chest, Enigma Tentacle, Tristan Hands, Predatory Mating
Area: Drain Lab
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Replicant is a unique monster-like creature that carries the exact same DNA as a typical human. She is designed to serve as the new humans after Goddess Ilias's re-creation of the world; heavily modified to exclude features that Ilias disliked along with higher intelligence and physical ability, improved breathing, and altered reproductive ability.

Monsterpedia Entry

"A new type of Human developed for after the re-creation. She was created to strip away the undesirable things about humans that Ilias disliked, along with some modifications Promestein threw in. Her appearance is quite strange, but her DNA is almost exactly the same as a current human's. With both vastly increased intelligence and physical ability, she is an improvement over current humans. She is able to live on just water, and doesn't require oxygen to breathe.

For reproduction, she preys on males instead of normal mating. Females acquire genetic information by consuming males, who are then reborn. With that the male can undergo an entire lifetime's worth of pleasure in one mating session, and give life to the next generation.

There are still some problems with her, but they are scheduled to be fixed later on, so mass production has already begun."


Flats Chest: Normal attack.

Engima Tentacle: Normal attack.

Tristram Hands: Normal attack that damages thrice.

Predatory Mating: Triggers bind status. Next turn leads to a one-hit KO via instant follow-up. Requires Struggling with Gnome.

Battle Overview

Replicant's danger stems from her Predatory Mating, which is a bind and then a one-hit KO on the next turn, so Gnome and Struggle are mandatory. The rest is straightforward.

If Luka is defeated, she'll consume his genetic DNA and use it to make another Replicant.


"What is a man, Luka? A miserable lit... I mean. Humans are animals that have come to know the meaning of love. I'll never recognize a creation that doesn't acknowledge that. ...See, I can say good things sometimes, too. Your opponent can use an instant death move. You must always have Gnome summoned to allow yourself to escape. Outside of that, there's nothing to note. Now go, oh brave Luka. Show her the strength of humans with your blade."


  • The name Replicant refers to the bio-engineered android in the movie Blade Runner.
  • Ilias' evaluation references the famous quote by Dracula in Castlevania Symphony of the Night: "What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!"
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