Remina (Alt) (レミナ(異世界), Remina (Isekai)) is a location in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.


This is an alternate reality of Remina where monsters and humans lived peacefully during the reign of Black Alice. The situation is tense, but the able traveller can still visit the King and his daughter, the beautiful Edina.

The city possesses a research centre at the apex of the available technology. Should Promestein decide to visit it, she’ll be instantly granted the highest level of authority, Scientific Extremes, to access advanced science-related jobs, and an attempted marriage proposal from the head of recruitment, which she flatout declines.

Luka is free to visit the King to get the Soul of the Warrior God, allowing access to advanced swordsman jobs, though Luka asks why he is given such a grand gift to someone the King hardly knows, and the King answers that he senses a burden even more heavier than Heinrich’s and deems Luka worthy of the gift he bestowed upon him.

Even if the city is on Hellgondo, the clergy of Ilias is still present. A protest is happening in front of the research centre and making a nuisance of themselves by requesting the extermination of monsters and reveling in their worship of the Goddess of Light, of which Promestein handily peels apart their self-proclaimed idiocy via their shameless “faithfulness”.

Map of the Area


Small Medal Locations





Pub (West Side)

Item Price
Beer 50G
Yamatai Sake 60G

Food Merchant

Item Price
Rice Ball 120G
Curry and Rice 240G
Omurice 300G
Fried Rice 1050G
Vegetable Stir Fry 150G
Shrimp Chili 450G
Miso Soup 180G

Equipment Shop

Hidden Items

  • Blazing Red Fire Stone
  • Panacea
  • Rushing Blue Water Stone
  • Hamburger Steak
  • Sparkling Yellow Thunder Stone
  • Mystery Nut
  • Irish Cell Culture
  • Magical Extract
  • Chocolate
  • Rumbling Orange Earth Stone
  • Youkai Hair
  • Coiling Tentacle
  • High-Quality Herb
  • Blustery Green Wind Stone
  • Boost Drink
  • Harpy Feather
  • Thread of Guidance
  • Hot Dog
  • Miracle Drug
  • Pink Leotard



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