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Raphaela (ラファエラ) is one of the Seven Archangels from Paradox.


Raphaela first appears in Part 2 of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. When Luka enters Esta along with his party, he finds himself alone and in a version of Esta that is populated (by humans and angels), unlike the Esta in the Paradox world. Raphaela reveals herself when Luka attempts to enter the cathedral. Addressing Luka as "Child of Judgement", she explains that she brought him here to see a world where all are happy under the control of Ilias. She asks him what he thinks of this world, to which Luka can respond that it is magnificent, a dystopia or say he's not sure. 

However, Saja manages to invade the world via a projection. Saja tells Luka that such a world is not a paradise but a world of slaves. Raphaela retorts that freedom is dangerous as humans will make mistakes without guidance and the strong will end up dominating the weak. They eventually demand that Luka listen to them and not the other. Luka can agree with one of them or remain undecided.

She later re-appears in "The Land of Night and the Heroes of the Seven Worlds" in Ilias Route just after Luka and the other heroes managed to defeat Daji and her trap. Nightmare appear to trap the party, and Raphaela suddenly appears, to Ilias' shock. Raphaela tells that she heard rumors about the "Land of the Night" and was ordered to help the hero's party as she was ordered by Goddess Ilias. When Ilias tells her that the Nightmares are immune to everything except Pleasure, Raphaela assures her that she is aware of them and prepared her secret weapon to fight the Nightmares. She's seen again again after Luka's group progress into the "Land of the Night", a dimension created by Queen of Dreams. she seems to have taken a new form of a monster-like and easily defeated the Nightmares. She then takes her leave to Daji, as she cannot stay in this world for too long.

Character Profile

A saint lacking in impurity, even amongst Heaven's elite battle force, the Seven Archangels.

Priding in her extremely high magic power, it's said her spell level is on a level with the Six Ancestors' Tamamo.

The height of her knowledge is also the best within the Seven Archangels; she is known as an extraordinary strategist.

By the standards of the Seven Archangels and the Six Ancestors, her physical capabilities are not very high, but with her colossal magic power and prodigious sorceries, her universal knowledge allows her to cover for it. Also, it is said that her purity can even purify any kind of darkness.

In Heaven, the Goddess Ilias has entrusted her with the administration of San Ilia.

San Ilia being made the cleanest and purest city in Heaven, only those selected as the highest class of godly citizens are allowed to live there.

To live in that city is the greatest honor there is in Heaven.

That Raphaela is entrusted with this administration, too, shows Ilias's trust in her.

Raphaela is the most pure and innocent angel in all of Heaven.

Consequently, it certainly cannot be that she would do such a thing as violate a man capriciously.


  • The fetish for covered eyes is called Mekakure.
  • She is the first member of the Seven Archangels to appear in MGQ Paradox.
  • Her actions in the Collaboration Scenario contradict her character profile, hinting that a possible bias exist.