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Rafflesia Girl
Rafflesia Girl.png
Leech Girl Roper Girl →
Level: 9
HP (Normal): 250
Experience: 220
Skills: Tentacle Caress, Petal Message, Intoxicating Aroma, Grab, Forced Pollination, Stamen, Pistil
Area: En route to Iliasport
Appears in: Chapter 1
Artist: Setouchi

Rafflesia Girl is a monster in Chapter 1 of Monster Girl Quest, who attacks Luka on his way to Iliasport.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A plant type monster that lives primarily in tropical forests. Though it appears to have two separate bodies, it is in fact a single being. She is able to provide her own food via photosynthesis, but requires men to breed.

To assist with this, the Rafflesia Girl has a special aroma she can discharge to put her partner in a trance. In this state, she can force him into her flower before he is able to run away. First, she will use her stamen to spread pollen over the man. Next, she will use her pistil to force him to ejaculate. As soon as her pistil is covered in semen, she will be fertilized.

In most cases, she releases the man after being pollinated; however, if they determine that their catch is of exceptionally high quality, they are known to keep the man as a reproductive slave.”


Tentacle Caress: Normal attack. Trigger bukkake 5 (Vines).

Petal Message: Normal attack. Triggers bukkake 6 (Flower).

*Intoxicating Aroma: Triggers trance status. Leads to Grab.

*Grab: Triggers bind status that occurs after Intoxicating Aroma.

Forced Pollination: Binded attack that occurs after Grab. Consists of Stamen and then Pistil.

*Stamen: Binded attack that occurs after Grab. Leads to Pistil.

*Pistil: Binded attack that occurs after Stamen.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Start with your new technique; the Thunder Thrust (its power is optimized when used on the first turn), then attack and then use Demon Decapitation whenever possible.

If Luka loses, the Rafflesia Girl binds him to her plant mouth, then repeatedly uses her tentacles to stroke his penis in order to pollinate. Afterwards, she keeps Luka as a reproductive slave.


“Inseminating a plant and breaking the taboo... That's a serious crime, you know? The Rafflesia Girl will intoxicate you with her aroma and drag you in. Try to avoid taking damage, and finish the fight as quickly as possible. Now go, oh brave Luka. Make such a disgusting plant monster wither.”