Queen Vampire, or Fatima as a companion, is a boss in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox. As her name suggests, she is the queen of the Vampire race.


After being tasked with taking down the 4 queens, you sail to an island east of Hellgondo and enter the Vampire Caste that Queen Vampire resides. After defeating both of her subordinates again, Queen Vampire battles you directly. After beating her up, she commands Carmilla and Elizabeth to join you.

Returning after beating all the queens AND with Vanilla’s shop side quest almost complete has Queen Vampire remark that she wants to open a vampire pub in Sabasa. Going to Salaan’s base is and talking to her allows you to progress. Next you need to get rugs from the sheep island that is west of the Navy Headquarters, and then talk to Lazarus to have him order the finest wines for the bar. Afterwards, talk to Queen Vampire to recruit her.

Monsterpedia Entry

“The Queen of all Vampires, ruling over the night world. Wielding powerful magic and great majesty about her, the Queen’s subordinates all kneel before her. In addition, it seems her biggest ambition is to build a Kingdom of Vampires.

She will not raise her hand towards those who follow her, but will mercilessly kill those who resist. Raping her opponent, she will suck out their blood and semen until they are exhausted. One who is sucked dry by the Queen herself will feel the finest of pleasures as they die.”


  • Attack – One Foe
  • Southern Cross – All Foes, Lightning/Physical Attribute, Shock ???%
  • Shadow Testament
  • Bat Dance of Darkness – Random ? Foes, Physical
  • Moonlight Nocturne – One Foe, Pleasure Attribute
  • Erotic Fingers
  • Dream Milking – One Foe, Pleasure Attribute
  • ? (Male?)
  • ? (Female?)
  • Devilish Membrane – One Foe (Luka), Bind ???%
  • ? (Int) – Rape
  • ? (Cont) – Rape
  • Demon Eyes of Seduction – All Foes, Magical, Seduce 75%



“With your opponent as the Queen Vampire… Of course you would end up as a dried fish again. I see a beached whale near Port Natalia that wants to be your friend. Queen Vampire uses powerful Physical attacks and Lightning based attacks. She also has a powerful Seduction skill. She is weak to Fire elemental attacks and Sleep works if you want to inflict status ailments on her. Ascension also has a low chance to work, how very interesting a boss who is weak to one type of instant death. Now go, oh dried fish. Defeat the Queen Vampire, and annihilate that disgusting race.”


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