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Queen Fairy
Queen Fairy.png
Trick Fairy Queen Elf →
Level: 60
HP (Normal): 9500
Experience: 70000
Skills: Ivy Wand, Ivy Draw, Sucking Ivy, Fanatic Dahlia, Heaven’s Dance, Ecstasy Incense, Ivy Bind, Ivy Tighten, Ivy Caress, Mellow Rafflesia
Area: Fairy’s Island
Appears in: Chapter 2
Artist: Thomas

Queen Fairy is the queen of the fairies on Fairy’s Island. Like Queen Elf, she grew hatred for humanity when she and her kind were driven from the Safina Region.

Monsterpedia Entry

“The most powerful Fairy in the world, both her magical power and synergy with nature is very high. Able to use plants as if they were her own hands, the Queen Fairy uses the forest as her own sexual organ. Originally she did not attack humans, but her anger has brought her to the point where she’s now antagonistic. Unlike her carefree Fairy brethren, she appears to have a strong sense of responsibility as their Queen.

Any human captured by her is forced to experience the anger of the forest through her. Any semen squeezed out from a man is treated as nourishment for the forest. In addition, she seems to be good friends with the Queen Elf.”


Ivy Wand: Normal attack.

Ivy Draw: Normal attack.

Sucking Ivy: Normal attack with drain properties.

Fanatic Dahlia: Normal attack which damages three times.

Heaven’s Dance: Normal attack which damages four times.

Ecstasy Incense: Triggers trance status.

*Ivy Bind: Triggers bind status and deals damage. Either leads to Ivy Tighten or Ivy Caress on the next turn.

Ivy Tighten: Binded attack.

Ivy Caress: Binded attack.

Mellow Rafflesia: Triggers bind status and deals damage. Next turn has drain properties.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Since many of her moves are plant-based, summoning Sylph will allow you to avoid them. In addition, Gnome will be helpful for her binds provide extra defense. She should go down after subsequent Earth Rumbling Decapitations.

If Luka loses, his penis will be sucked by various plants, and he’ll be forced to nourish the forest with his semen for the rest of his life.


“The Queen Fairy made you nourish the forest? I've been thinking it for a while now, but... To think you really were the same as manure... The Queen Fairy has some difficult skills. It will be hard to fight her head on. Many of her moves are plant based, so Sylph will go a long way in helping you avoid them. Gnome will be helpful for her binds and the extra defense. Summon both of them to have a more manageable time. Now go, oh brave Luka. Exterminate all the wicked monsters hiding away on this island.”