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The Pyramid is a location in Monster Girl Quest. An immense structure in the Safina region, it is home to the ancient monster Sphinx. It is also the location of the Dragon Seal Trial, where adventurers must prove their strength and wisdom by defeating the Mummy Girl, Cobra Girl, Nefertiti Lamias and then answering three riddles asked by Sphinx. By law, dragons can only marry humans who have passed the trial. The Dragon Seal Trial was intended to support coexistence between man and monster.


The hero Luka visits the Pyramid to investigate the supposed kidnapping of the princess of Sabasa. According to a letter left behind, she was taken here. Upon arriving at the entrance, he encounters a female knight who introduces herself as Sara. Luka agrees to venture into the pyramid with her while Alice decides to wait outside.

In the Pyramid, the two fight against the monsters, though Sara proves to be much weaker than Luka. Along the way, Sara reveals her backstory and her reasons for taking the Dragon Seal Trial.

Upon meeting up with Sphinx, she demands the two to answer her questions. After answering the last question, Sphinx reveals her history with the first Sabasa King and her reasons for creating the Dragon Seal Trial. Luka and Sara successfully complete the trial, causing dragon markings to be engraved on their hands as proof of completion. Luka then asks about the missing princess, leading Sara to reveal that she is in fact the princess. Sphinx also decides to give Luka the Yellow Orb. With the trial over, Luka and Sara leave the Pyramid.

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