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Pyramid is the location in Monster Girl Quest: Paradox


Located in the Southwestern Sabasa Desert. Home of the Dragon Seal Trial and the lovely Sphinx who enjoys her riddles. Though other residents include Scorpion Girls, Mummy Girls, Cobra Girls, and the Nefertiti Lamias. Whatever brings an adventurer out to these parts be sure to take a few souvenirs before you go.

This time is not for riddles. Luka go see Sphinx on Salaan's advice to look for a way to calm Sara's newly awakened succubus power, and the latter tells them that the best way to stabilize the princess is to accelerate the process to give her control. She wishes the best to the team, and can then be fought when the sidequest is resolved.

The party returns to see her once again to get the Yellow Orb to awaken the Garuda Girl. If she's beaten, she will join the party.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations



  • 3700 G, Red Chest
  • Orange Earth Stone, Red Chest
  • Life Nut, Red Chest
  • Hypno Crown, Red Chest
  • Devil Hammer, Blue Chest


  • Small Medal, Red Chest, Northwest of entrance
  • Shoes of Happiness, Green Chest
  • Dark Contract, Platinum Chest
  • Dark Claws, Red Chest
  • Charming Snake Tail, Red Chest


  • Dragon Shield, Red Chest
  • Sharp Fangs, Red Chest
  • Crimson Samurai Armor, Blue Chest
  • Small Medal, Red Chest, The Northest room
  • Card Scroll, Red Chest


  • Black Dark Stone, Red Chest
  • Devil Axe, Red Chest


  • Scorpion Girl near the entrance. Sells only Gold Needle

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