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Pyhar is one of the Unfortunate Friends.


If you return to her with Amira in the party after investigating the Harpy Village, Amira will invite Pyhar to the party, and she will join you.


You first meet her in Pornof, and she introduces herself as Pyhar. She wants Luka to investigate the Harpy Village, as it's completely deserted.

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Pyhar: “My dance. ♪ Pure beauty.”

With Reina:

Pyhar: “Alright, here's a question for you. ♪ What do you get when you have a reversed 'harpy?' ♪”

Reina: “Easy! You get Pyhar, right?”

Pyhar: “The correct answer is... a yprah!”

Reina: “...I'll just say that that's hard to pronounce.”

With Amira:

Pyhar: “Oh my, you seem healthy. ♪”

Amira: “I'm doing great. I constantly have to hold back my overflowing passion.”

Pyhar: “Let's both become beauties that put flowers to shame. ♪”

Amira: “You're already a beautiful flower in your heart.”

Sonya: “(Do these two ever have a serious conversation?)”

With Domaimer:

Pyhar: “Oh my, are you doing well Domaimer? ♪”

Domaimer: “W...water...”

Pyhar: “(Speaking of fish, I could really go for some sushi...)”

Domaimer: “(I want some yakitori...)”


Grandeur Theater


Playful Actions

1st Action:

Pyhar: “Kiiii!!”

Pyhar is practicing her singing.

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:

Pyhar: “Ufufu... ahaha...”

Pyhar is dancing and singing happily...

[Nothing happens]

3rd Action:

Pyhar: “I have many talents. Come on, get drunk on my amazing song. ♪”

Pyhar causes a gigantic explosion!

[Everyone takes damage]

4th Action:

Pyhar: “Here, a present!”

Pyhar presents a gift!

[+1 Yakitori]

5th Action:

Pyhar: “Th-this... g-gift... I...”

Pyhar presents a gift!

[+1 Roast Chicken]