Purple Slime, or Slimies as a companion, is a monster in the second part of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox.

Monsterpedia Entry

“Formed out of purple slime, she’s a leader-like slime that lives in Undine’s Spring. With the ability to communicate with Erubetie, she leads the slime girls when Erubetie is absent.

Her staple food is male semen, and she prefers to attack in a group. In addition to her body being extremely sticky, she is able to jiggle her body with great intensity. Using those two properties, she is able to skilfully use her body to force men to ejaculate.

Prey caught by her will not be allowed to die. She, along with her group, will keep them captive, squeezing out his semen until the end of his natural life.”


  • Slime Attack – One Foe, Normal Attack, Slime 50%
  • Sticky Hell – All Foes, Pleasure Attribute, Slime 75%
  • Comet – One Foe, Auto Hit, No Attribute,
  • Purple Kiss – One Foe, Pleasure Attribute, Slime 50%
  • Purple Draw – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute, Slime 50%
  • Purple Draw – One Foe (F), Pleasure Attribute, Slime 50%
  • Purple Hold – One Foe (Luka), Pleasure Attribute, Slime 50%, Bind (2 Turn Break)
  • Special Heaven – One Foe (Luka, Bound), Pleasure Attribute, Slime 50%
  • Mass Slow – All Foes, Magical, Slow 75%



"This time you were raped by a group of slimes... For a slime maniac like you, that must have been paradise. This group of slimes uses magic in addition to slime attacks. Their use of recovery and support magic is quite annoying. However, each and every one of them is weak to magic. They are easily defeated, but they're strong against physical attacks. Now go, oh Brave Luka. Destroy all the slimes hiding under that spring."

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