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“Silence, Sinner.”

Principality Nagael (天使ナガエル(異世界), Tenshi Nagaeru (Isekai)) is a high ranking angel, as she appears in the first part Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG on the other side of the Ilias Cont. South Tartarus.

Since she descended in a world where the hero failed to progress, she has a personality quite like her counterpart from the original world.

She serves as a border patrol as well as a hint as to what happened in the world within the first Tartarus.

Monsterpedia Entry

“An angel of judgement and punishment accompanied by her sacred snakes, she falls in the seventh circle (Principalities). Usually enshrined in the court of Heavens, her normal role is to judge the souls of humans after their death depending on how they lived their lives. Those found guilty of crimes are punished by her sacred snakes. Tightly coiling around them, they punish the criminals with agonised ecstasy until they repent their sins.

Though in times of great peril, she will come down to the surface world herself. In those times, she will use her sacred snakes to exact punishment and judgement directly on the surface world. But those who are judged by Nagael on the ground are not brought up to the Heavens. After reaching their death while being punished on the surface world, their soul is again set for judgement in the Heavens.”


  • Snake Punisher – Physical Attack, All Enemies


Principality Nagael is extremely powerful. It is generally best to avoid her entirely, especially if you are on your first run through the game. You are not supposed to beat her, unless you're in NG+ or decided to come here to farm job XP after beating the main game.

Like Archangel Ranael, Principality Nagael has only one attack, but it’s an extremely powerful one. It hits the entire party and can deal anywhere from 300-450+ damage. Defeat her as quickly as possible by using powerful attacks with the Pleasure, Ice or Dark elements, which she is vulnerable to.


“Something’s off about this Nagael… She isn’t the same as the Nagael I made… …Sorry but there are a few little things that bother me about her. Let us resume the evaluation. You are better off not fighting that Nagael. Avoid encountering her altogether. As a proud Angel, she hates bare soil. So if you pay attention to where you’re walking, you should avoid a confrontation. Now go, oh brave Luka. By the way, I cannot get a fix on your location. Where in the world are you?”


  • This version of Principality Nagael is impossible to recruit. There is no intrisic reward for beating her.
  • Trying to talk to her in battle will result in her saying, “I don’t speak with sinners who have turned against the Goddess.” and nothing more, as she rejects the conversation.