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A treasure of Captain Selene. As long as it’s on the bow of a ship, any storm can be weathered.

The Poseidon’s Bell is one of Captain Selene’s famed treasures, initially locked away in the Treasure Cave. It is not known whether it is related to Poseidoness, as she makes no comment or mention about the bell.


Monster Girl Quest!

Tamamo goes to the Treasure Cave accompanied by some of her kitsunes. Luka and Alice go to the cave seeking Poseidon's Bell, and the former gets into a fight with two of the kitsunes. Tamamo meets them and simply hands over the bell, stating she was only interested in the cave’s traps.

Luka then uses it while on a ship sailing from Ilias to Sentora, protecting the ship from Alma Elma’s storm.

Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG

Poseidon's Bell is again obtained by Luka in order to sail from Ilias to Sentora. However, the Tamamo that appears is now just a copy made by White Rabbit, and the storm the bell is used to protect against is created by Morrigan.