A treasure of Captain Selene. As long as it’s on the bow of a ship, any storm can be weathered.

The Poseidon’s Bell is one of Captain Selene’s famed treasures. Locked away within the Treasure Cave, Tamamo picked it up and simply handed it over to Luka, stating she was only interested in the cave’s traps. He then uses it to stop the ship sailing from Ilias to Sentora from being rocked by Alma Elma’s winds.

It is not known whether it is related to Poseidoness, as she makes no comment or mention about the bell.

This also made an appearance in Monster Girl Quest Paradox with slight difference, Tamamo was just a copy and paste and Nanabi was tricked into guarding it from Luka thinking she would have been sealed by Angel Halo after Neris uses Vaporising Rebellion Sword to Nanabi.

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