Welcome to the eastern tip of the Sentora Continent. This Port Town is famous for their Mermaids! Before you leave, make sure that you unwind a little at the Mermaid Pub. After everything you've been through to get here, you deserve a little rest and relaxation...

Map Of The Area

Amira Locations



Created Used
Tempting Masher Mage Masher, Succubus Tail, 120G
Lecherously Tempting Blade Tempting Blade, Succubus Tail, 160G
Lamia Rapier Earth Rapier, Lamia Tail, 120G
Heavy Lance+ Heavy Lance, Strong Hoof, 150G
Aqua Knuckles Golden Claws, Water Stone, 77G
Aqua Axe Golden Axe, Water Stone, 148G
Aqua Hammer Golden Hammer, Water Stone, 125G
Ripple Staff Golden Staff, Water Stone, 128G
Beast Lover Beast Killer, Succubus Tail, 150G
Water Harp Golden Harp, Water Stone, 164G
Fish Boomerang x Nature Fish Boomerang x Custom, Wind Stone,

Earth Stone, Water Stone, 180G

Ripple Fan Golden Fan, Water Stone, 99G
Three Tailed Fan Golden Fan, Fluffy Tail, 139G
Lamia Kitchen Knife Golden Kitchen Knife, Lamia Tail, 150G
Kitsune Plate Golden Plate, Fluffy Tail, 107G
Code of Bishop+ Code of Bishop, Sturdy Shell, 120G
Enrikan Shirt+ Enrikan Shirt, Spider Silk, 70G
Aqua Breastplate Golden Breastplate, Water Stone, 107G
Marine Armor Coral Armor, Sturdy Shell, 148G
Blue Robe Black robe, Water Stone, 430G
Fluffy Dress Party Dress, Fluffy Tail, 180G
Bikini Shells Risky Swimsuit, Sturdy Shell, 150G
Cowboy Hat+ Cowboy Hat, Spider Silk, 60G
Ocean Circlet Golden Circlet, Water Stone, 100G
Ocean Shield Coral Shield, Water Stone, 75G
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