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Port Natalia (ナタリアポート Nataria Pōto?) is a location in Monster Girl Quest. A port town in the Natalia region of Sentora, it is notable for mermaids being recognised as citizens here, despite the general anti-monster sentiment in the region.


Port Natalia is the first location in Sentora that Luka and Alice visit, after taking a ship from Iliasport. Here they find a mermaid-run pub and a mermaid who serves questionable food from her stall (the latter selling an item needed for the Hero’s Proof side-quest). Luka also sees Lazarus, the leader of Ilias Kreuz, who has come here to bomb a mermaid school.

Luka and Alice later return to Port Natalia to fulfil the quest of a mermaid called Meia, who wants someone to assist her in marrying her lover. To help them to fulfill her request, she lends them the Ball of Guidance, an artifact that allows a human to travel underwater.

In Chapter 2, they again return to Port Natalia as part of their mission to retrieve the Blue Orb. They speak to Meia to borrow the Ball of Guidance again or (if her request was not previously done) purchase it from the mermaid merchant.

In Chapter 3, the town comes under attack by mermaids led by Laura, the Queen Mermaid, and her daughter El. Luka and Alice return here to fend off the attack. Luka fights Mermaid, Mermaid General, El and finally Laura herself. After defeating the last of these, a nearby warehouse collapses and fatally injures a young boy. The injury could be healed using mermaid's blood. Laura herself refuses to help, but she decides to let her daughter choose whether or not to help, and El chooses to give the boy her blood. Laura retreats, along with her forces.

When Goddess Ilias sends her forces to attack the world again, Laura returns to Port Natalia to help defend it.

One month after Ilias' defeat, Laura now lives in Port Natalia. Luka and Alice visit her and learn about her wish to avoid passing on her misanthropy to her descendants.