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"Hello, travelers, welcome to Pornof. You can leave off the 'f' if you want, most of us do."
Panties Man at front gate

Pornof is a settlement on the Ilias Continent in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.


Located near the southeastern end of the Ilias Continent. Don't let the name scare you off as this town has some of the kindest people you'll ever meet. In fact many would be willing to give you the very shirt off their own backs if they wore them, or any other clothes for that matter...

Long ago this was considered a great smith town, with the local Pornof Mines being just northeast of town. It is now mostly dried, though there are some rumors from the old miners that some iron might still remain within it's depths.

This place is also home to a fine Casino where you can gamble your problems away or your life's savings whichever comes first. Let's not forget those that might have an erotic habit of collecting panties, just for you special folks there is the experienced Panties Teacher which will happily appraise your collection!

Notable Residents



  • Loli Baron
  • Pig Man
  • Gay Man
  • Penis
  • Mr. Condom

Map Of The Area

Amira Locations





Created Used
Cypress Rod++ Cypress Rod+, Sticky Slime, 19G
Spear+ Spear, Beast Claw, 18G
Imp Sickle Sickle, Imp Tail, 15G
Bronze Armor+ Bronze Armor, Sticky Slime, 16G
Adventurer's Hat+ Adventurer's Hat, Sticky Slime, 8G
Wood Shield+ Wood Shield, Sticky Slime, 10G

Blacksmith (2)

Item Price
Iron Knife 250G
Iron Sword 300G
Iron Rapier 270G
Iron Spear 350G
Iron Claws 270G
Iron Fang 250G
Iron Axe 450G
Iron Hammer 400G
Iron Sickle 240G
Iron Staff 270G
Iron Rod 280G
Iron Bow 280G
Iron Whip 310G
Iron Harp 260G
Iron Boomerang 320G
Iron Flail 50G0G
Iron Fan 280G
Iron Kitchen Knife 250G
Iron Abacus 200G
Iron Scalpel 250G
Iron Cards 220G
Iron Plate 280G
Iron Breastplate 280G
Iron Mail 300G
Iron Shell 350G
Iron Helm 200G
Iron Circlet 190G
Iron Shield 250G

Weapon Shop

Item Price
Spear 150G
Big Hammer 350G
Sickle 90G
Thorn Whip 130G
Ball and Chain 400G
Cards 110G
Succubus Hand 370G

Armory Shop

Item Price
Traveler's Garb 70G
Kenpo Gi 200G
Bronze Armor 140G
Turtle Shell 180G
Risqué Swimsuit 350G
Adventurer's Hat 60G
Wooden Shield 80G
Flashy Nail Polish 300G
Bondage Rope 200G

General Merchant

Item Price (G)
Herb 10G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eyedrops 15G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G


Pornof Casino

This casino is located in the tent, by descending the stairs in the bottom left corner. As the first casino, its stakes are the lowest, but the rewards can be very interesting, particularly should the player decide the risk to break the game's sequence and get to it as soon as he can.


Poker Slots
1 coin 1 coin
10 coins 5 coins

Gold Exchange

Price Coins Received
300G 15 Coins
1000G 60 Coins
5000G 350 Coins

Coin Exchange

Item Price
Miracle Drug 100 Coins
Risqué Swimsuit 150 Coins
Panacea 200 Coins
Bunny Suit 250 Coins
Beautiful Tiara 300 Coins
Grow Wrist 400 Coins
Job Wrist 400 Coins
Earth Flail 750 Coins
Conversion Ring 1500 Coins
Ticket of Invitation 2500 Coins

Hidden Items

  • 15 Gold
  • Sticky Slime
  • Sticky Slime
  • Sticky Slime
  • Earth Stone


A cut companion, Dazai, was supposed to be recruitable in this village. This character was a reference to Osamu Dazai, a 20th century Japanese writer. Although no reason was divulged as to why this character was cut, it is possible to speculate that Dazai's inclusion could have raised controversies due to him having been a real person.