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Some companions leave messages with various requests on a bulletin board inside the Pocket Castle. Completing these requests usually grant a reward in the form of a skill or an ability for the companion who made the request or an occasional achievement.


After retrieving Hild from the ruinsPromestein asks Luka to bring her back there later in order to investigate the place. To complete this quest you need to do just that - add Promestein to the party and go to the ruins. On each floor there is a sparkling machine which you need to interact with, the last one being the capsule Hild originally resided in. Interacting with each of the machines leads to some dialogue between Luka, Promestein, Hild and Ilias or Alice. This quest yields no reward other than plot information provided via these dialogues.


Rami wants to learn to fly, but is unable to do so because her boobs are too heavy.

  1. Cure the harpy epidemic
  2. Talk to the harpies inside the Harpy Village Inn
  3. Go to the top of the Iliasville Mountains and have her jump off (Rami learns ability Defense +10%)
  4. Go to the top of the Amos Mountain and have her jump off (Rami learns ability Defense +20%, Gravity-defying Imp achievement)
  5. The next is Mt. Horai, but that is inaccessible in part 1


Pochi wants to have a chat with other dog girls around the world.

They reside in Iliasburg, Happiness Village, Enrika, Iliasport university, Port Natalia, San Ilia, Sabasa, Grandeur and Salon. Pochi needs to be in the party when you talk to them. The rewards are a Beast Scroll and Enlightened Dog Girl achievement.


See Shop Quest.


See Blacksmith quest.


Ratty wants to have a taste of the cake inside the haunted manor. Bring her here (left room from the main hall) after Alice or Ilias are done with it and interact with the remains of the cake. Ratty will eat some and gain Skill Use: Breath ability, Poison Breath and Bio Breath.

Barbun and Mary

Barbun is concerned about the well-being of your alcoholic sheep.

To complete this quest you need to talk to Mary in every establishment she visits. She hangs out in the pubs in Nameless Slums, Port Natalia, Monte Carlo, Sabasa and in the Grand Theater of Grandeur. The only reward is the Sheep's world tour achievement.


Gigi wants to be escorted to the Forest of Spirits and Safaru ruins because she wishes for more power.

  1. Take her to the place where Sylph was and she'll learn Squall.
  2. Take her to the place where Gnome was and she'll learn Lightning and Icicle.


Kamuro wants to see a weird person because of her homework. The weird person in question is the Scat Captain of Pornof. All you need to do is go to his house with Kamuro, talk to him and exit the house. Repeat two more times. You will be rewarded with the option to recruit the Scat Captain and the Universe in Conflict achievement.


Casta wants to take care of a misplaced cactus in Ilias Village.

  1. Take her to the cactus
  2. Go plant it to the Oasis of Blessings

The cactus then gives you 3 Golden Needles and 2 Cactus Thorns, Casta also learns Resist Fire 50% ability.


Lily asks to be accompanied to Luddite Village, because she heard women are being mistreated there. However, Luddite had already been destroyed by the time Lily joins you. Completing her request therefore requires you to take her to the destroyed village and looking inside most houses. After you've investigated all the houses of interest, Lily acquires the Ability Heavy Magic (Double MP cost, but +50% Magic).


Lucia wants help with her research of the spirits.

  1. Take her to the place where Sylph was (Sylph learns Chi Pa Pa Song)
  2. Take her to the place where Gnome was (Lucia learns Breath of the Earth)


Lisa wants to see the original "Lady Saint's Portrait". Pochi needs to be recruited as well, as she helps Lisa distinguish between the real one and the replica.

  1. Take her to the painting in San Ilia library
  2. Take her to the painting in the room where you first found Chrome (Lisa and Pochi learn Nullify Ascension ability)

Panty Sensei

Panty Sensei wants you to bring him panties. You can find him in his house in Pornof. Those are acquired via Flirt skill Shameless theft. The only rewards for this "quest" are two achievements: Panty collector, for showing him 50 unique pairs, and The death of Panty Sensei, which you get if you show him the Monster Lord Panties (those can be stolen from the Alice, who is thrown at you if you try to challenge Reaper, or the one in the Labyrinth).