Some companions leave messages with various requests on a bulletin board inside the Pocket Castle. Completing these requests usually grant an achievement as well as a reward, for example a skill or an ability for the companion who made the request.


Rami wants to learn to fly, but is unable to do so because her boobs are too heavy.

  1. Cure the harpy epidemic
  2. Talk to the harpies inside the Harpy Village Inn
  3. Go to the top of the Iliasville Mountains and have her jump off (Rami learns ability Defense +10%)
  4. Go to the top of the Amos Mountain and have her jump off (Rami learns ability Defense +20%, Gravity-defying Imp achievement)
  5. The next is Mt. Horai, but that is inaccessible in part 1


Pochi wants to have a chat with other dog girls around the world.

They reside in Iliasburg, Happiness Village, Enrika, Iliasport university, Port Natalia, San Ilia, Sabasa, Grandoll and Salon. Pochi needs to be in the party when you talk to them. The rewards are a Beast Scroll and Enlightened Dog Girl achievement.

Barbun and Mary

Barbun is concerned about the well-being of your alcoholic sheep.

To complete this quest you need to talk to Mary in every establishment she visits. She hangs out in the pubs in Nameless Slums, Port Natalia, Monte Carlo, Sabasa and in the Grand Theater of Grandoll. The only reward is the Sheep's world tour achievement.


Ratty wants to have a taste of the cake inside the haunted manor. Bring her here (left room from the main hall) and interact with the rests of the cake. Ratty will eat some and gain Skill Use: Breath with Poison Breath and Bio Breath


Gigi wants to go to where the spirits were before you recruited them. -Forest of Spirit : Gigi will learn Squall -Safaru Ruins : Gigi will learn Earthquake


Lucia wants to study the spirits and asks you to bring her in the forest of spirits and later the Safaru ruins. -Forest of Spirit : Sylph will learn the Chi Pa Pa song. -Safaru Ruins : Gnome will learn Steel Body (I think ? I didn't check her abilities before going and it wasn't translated)


Castra wants to look at the strange cactus in your hometown. Go there and she will pick it. You then have to replant it at the Oasis of Blessing (northeast of Sabasa). Rewards : 3 Gold Needles, 2 Cactus Thorns and Castra will learn Resist Fire 50%.


Lisa wants you to hear her request. Go talk to her without Chrome in your party. Then bring her : -To the underground library in San Ilia. You will learn, this painting is a replica. -To the haunted manor Reward : Lisa and Pochi will learn Nullify Ascension

Panty Sensei

Panty Sensei asks you to bring him any new panty, you would steal.

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