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The companion bulletin board.

Some companions leave messages with various requests on the bulletin board inside the Pocket Castle. Completing these requests usually grants a reward in the form of a skill or ability for the companion who made the request, as well as the occasional achievement.


This quest requires the Harpy Village epidemic to be resolved.

Rami wants to learn how to fly, but is unable to do so because her boobs are too heavy.

  1. Talk to the harpies inside the Harpy Village inn.
  2. Go to the top of the Iliasville Mountains and have her jump off (Rami learns the ability Defense +10%).
  3. Go to the top of the Mt. Saint Amos and have her jump off (Rami learns the ability Defense +20%).

Completion rewards the "Gravity-defying Imp" achievement.


Pochi wants to have a chat with dog girls around the world.

Add her to your party and visit the other dog girls present in the following locations: Iliasburg, Happiness Village, Enrika, Iliasport university, Port Natalia, San Ilia, Sabasa, Grandeur, and Saloon.

Completion rewards the "Enlightened Dog Girl" achievement and a Beast's Knowledge.


Ratty wants to have a taste of the cake inside the Haunted Mansion.

Bring her to the kitchen (left room from the main hall) after Alice or Ilias are done with it, and interact with the remains of the cake. Ratty will eat some and gain the ability Skill Use:Breath, as well as the skills Poison Breath and Bio Breath.


See Vanilla's Shop Quest.


See Papi's Blacksmith Quest.


See Amira's Find Me Quest.


This quest requires Mary to be recruited.

Barbun is concerned about the well-being of your alcoholic sheep.

To complete this quest you need to talk to Mary in every establishment she visits. She hangs out at the pubs in the Nameless Slums, Port Natalia, Monte Carlo, Sabasa and the Grand Theatre of Grandeur. Note that Mary will not spawn if Barbun is currently in the player's party.

Completion rewards the "Sheep's World Tour" achievement.


Kamuro wants to see a person with an unusual fetish for of her homework.

There is no weirder person than the infamous Scat Captain. Add Kamuro to your party and go visit him in Pornof, where she will question his preferences and be enlightened, for better or worse. Leave his house and re-enter for a few more exchanges.

Completion rewards the "Universe in Conflict" achievement and the option to recruit the Scat Captain.

Temple Ruins (Part 1)

This quest becomes available after recruiting Hild.

Promestein asks Luka to bring her back to the Ancient Temple Ruins in order to investigate the place.

On each floor, there is a sparkling machine you need to interact with; the last one being the capsule Hild originally resided in. Interacting with each of the machines leads to some dialogue between Luka, Promestein, Hild, and Ilias or Alice.

This quest yields no reward other than plot information provided via these dialogues, but its completion is necessary to unlock the follow-up quest.

Temple Ruins (Part 2)

This quest becomes available after clearing chapter 2.

Following the events of the second chapter, Morrigan (Alice route) or Promestein (Ilias route) will request another trip to the Ancient Temple Ruins for further investigation. Similar to the previous quest, a lot of plot information is provided through the dialogue.

The investigation culminates with the appearance of a formidable foe who can be recruited as a companion if defeated.


Gigi wants to be escorted to the Forest of Spirits, Safar Ruins, Undine's Spring and Salamander's Volcano as her magic affinity can allow her to imbue the local element power in her.

  1. Take her to where Sylph was and she'll learn Squall.
  2. Take her to where Gnome was and she'll learn Lightning and Icicle.
  3. Take her to where Undine was and she'll learn Tsunami.
  4. Take her to where Salamander was and she'll learn Flame Pillar.

This quest must be completed in order to progress through Promestein's Miracle Elixir quest.


Casta wants to take care of a misplaced cactus in Iliasville.

  1. Take her to the cactus (north of the village just before the temple).
  2. Go plant it near the spring in the Oasis of Blessings.

Completion rewards 3 Golden Needles and 2 Cactus Thorns, and grants Casta the Resist Fire 50% ability.


This quest is only available if you have sided with Lily during the events of Magistea Village.

Lily asks to be accompanied to Luddite Village because she heard women are being mistreated there.

However, Luddite has already been destroyed by the time Lily joins you. Still, take her to the destroyed village and look inside most of the houses. After you've investigated all the houses of interest, Lily acquires the Heavy Magic ability (Double MP cost, but +50% Magic).

Then, in part 2 during the Succubus Village attack, one must side with Natasha with Lily recruited.

Completing both rewards the "Beyond Race Boundaries" achievement and the ability to change humans into worm summoners.


This quest is only available if you have sided with Lucia during the events of Magistea Village.

Lucia wants help with her research of the spirits.

  1. Take her to where Sylph was (Sylph and Lucia learn Chi Pa Pa Song).
  2. Take her to where Gnome was (Lucia learns Breath of the Earth).
  3. Take her to where Undine was (Lucia learns Skill Use:Nature, Squall, Earthquake, and Tsunami).
  4. Take her to where Salamander was (Lucia learns Flame Pillar and unlocks the Fairy race).

Completion rewards the "Spiritualized Lucia" achievement and the ability to change humans into worm summoners.


This quest requires Pochi to be recruited, and Chrome to not be present in the party.

Lisa wants to see the Lady Saint's Portrait, taking Pochi along to help distinguish the real one from the replica.

  1. Take her to the painting in the San Ilia Underground Library.
  2. Take her to the painting in the Haunted Mansion where you first found Chrome.

Completion rewards the Nullify Ascension ability to both Lisa and Pochi.


El wants to apologize for causing trouble for the people of the Natalia region.

Talk to her in the MS Fish and follow her to the top deck. Talk to Queen Alraune. Plant seeds at Natalia Beach. Several events will occur one after the other at the beach. Exhaust the events and the quest will complete, allowing you to recruit Queen Mermaid if you go back to talk to her.

Completion rewards the "El's Social Studies" achievement.

King of Grangold

King of Grangold is worried about his appearance and wants Luka's help to see if his people would be afraid of him.

Talk to him in the Pocket Castle, add him to your party, and go to Goddard. Talk to every NPC here. Everyone will run away from him. After you've talked to everyone, a little girl should have appeared near the town center. Talk to her, and when she tries to run away, she will hurt herself. The King of Grangold will heal her, at which point she realizes that he is the king and will no longer be afraid of him.

Completion rewards the "Magic King's Determination" achievement.

Tatsuko or Bonnie

MS Gloria's location.

This quest becomes available after clearing chapter 2.

Tatsuko (Navy route) or Bonnie (Pirate route) wants help to fight against Gloria.

Her ship is anchored east of the Navy Headquarters, so board your ship and sail directly east. Once inside, Gloria states it would be too easy for Luka to win in a conventional battle, so she suggests a battle fuck challenge. After the latter emerges victorious against all three battle fuckers, Gloria admits defeat.

Completion rewards the "Gloria Pirates Defeated" achievement.

Queen of Grand Noah

The Queen of Grand Noah wants to know where her ancestor, the King of Medals, died.

Talk to her in the Pocket Castle, add her to your party and go to Iliasville. On the northwest corner of the village, you will find a tomb, this is where the King of Medals is buried. After completing the quest, you may speak to the King of Medals again to exchange Medals.

Completion rewards the "Mysterious Medal King" achievement.


This quest is only available if you have chosen to travel with Ilias.

Eden wants to show Micaela-chan and Lucifina-chan the beauty of this world.

Put them in your party and go to the top of Mt. Saint Amos, then go back to the castle and go to Goddard coast (near Poseidoness' dungeon). Finally, go back to the castle and then bring them to the Sabasa Oasis. Micaela-chan learns +40% Attack, Lucifina-chan learns +40% Magic, and Eden learns +40% Attack and Chaotic Blow.

Completion rewards the "Beautiful World" achievement.


This quest is only available if you have chosen to travel with Ilias.

Lucifina-chan wants to go to Snow Heaven.

Bring her there and she'll blow up a house. Eden scolds her, but ends up having a flashback where she did the same thing as a child before Lucifina scolded her. Eden finally understands why Lucifina valued humans, and Lucifina-chan apologizes as they rebuild the house together. Lucifina-chan learns +40% Dexterity and Eden learns +40% Agility.

Completion rewards the "You Finally Understand?" achievement.

Promestein's Miracle Elixir

This quest requires the Vampire Pub to be set up, and Luka to have reached level 10 human.

Promestein wants your help in procuring vampire blood for her experiments.

Add Promestein to your party, and talk to the bartender at the newly-established Vampire Pub in Sabasa. Luka will receive a trial injection and gain access to the vampire race. Afterwards, Promestein may be found at the lobby of the Pocket Castle, offering specific race changes:

  • Humans into vampires.
  • Slimes into Beasts (if Bunni received her injection in Port Natalia).
  • Mermaids into Fairies (if Gigi's and Lucia's quests have been completed).

After completing Lucia's quest and clearing chapter 2, Barbun will request an audience with Queen Elf to undertake archery lessons. Promestein will intervene and offer an injection to turn Barbun into an elf, which she eventually agrees to despite showing concerns. At this point, Promestein may also turn:

  • Beasts into Elves.

Afterwards, Saki will voice her desire to learn the dancing techniques of sea-dwellers, along with Wakame and Jillian showing interest. While undertaking training from Kraken and Poseidoness, Promestein once again intervenes to offer a new injection, now also being able to turn:

  • Alraune into Sea-Dwellers.

Lastly, Elizabeth demonstrates her wish to obtain the rapier proficiency of yomas, thus turning to Promestein for aid. She will use the yoma DNA collected from Alice during her sleep (Alice route) or mention she already had it from the great banquet (Ilias route), now allowing her to turn:

  • Land-Dwellers into Yomas.

Note that race changes from Promestein can only be undertaken if the base race is level 10. The quests only need to be completed once, and will persist through New Game+ resets. Be mindful that these race changes also require certain items as catalysts:

Promestein's Racial Changes
Races Catalysts
Human ➝ Vampire 3x Garlic
1x Pitch Black Fragment
Slime ➝ Beast 3x Carrot
1x Feral Beast Claw
Mermaid ➝ Fairy 3x Eel
1x Spirit Acorn
Beast ➝ Elf 3x Weed
1x Magic Crystallized Tears
Alraune ➝ Sea-Dweller 3x Dried Squid
1x Coiling Tentacle
Land-Dweller ➝ Yoma 3x Skull
1x Spirit Crystal


This quest becomes available after clearing chapter 2.

Kyona has received a slanderous letter about anteater girls and wants to investigate.

  1. Talk to her in the Northwest corner of the forest in the Pocket Castle.
  2. Add Kyona to your party, then head to the cathedral inside the San Ilia castle.
  3. Talk to the postmaster in the back left corner of the room.
  4. Enter the house just west of the armorer in San Ilia and confront the man in the back room.

Completion rewards the "Ant's Farewell" achievement, and grants Kyona the +40% Agility ability.

Saki, Kunoichi and Mari-chan

These quests become available after clearing the Collaboration Scenario.

Rigeo can still learn the additional skills from trainers not chosen during the collaboration story. Add Rigeo to your party and travel to the Succubus Village to visit the two remaining trainers:

  • Saki will teach her Pleasure Dance. She's located to the left of Mayor's house.
  • Kunoichi will teach her Shinobi Initiative and Ninja Art:Reverberation. She's located right next to the inn's door.
  • Mari-chan will teach her Love☆Meteor and Magical☆Rigeo. She's located in the pub, sitting next to a table.

Neither Saki nor Mari-chan must be in your party during their respective quests, or they will not appear as trainers.

Succubus Witch

This quest becomes available after recruiting all Collaboration Scenario companions.

Succubus Witch has valuable skills to teach the nightmare companions you have recruited. Make sure she is not present in your party, and go visit her inside her underground lab at the Succubus Village.

Panty Sensei

Panty Sensei wants you to bring him panties. He can be found in his house in Pornof.

Panties are obtained via the Gadabout skill Shameless Theft. After presenting five unique panties to him, the quest is considered complete and Panty Sensei may be recruited as a companion. However, several achievements are available for bringing him additional panties:

  • Presenting 1 panty rewards the "The First Panties" achievement.
  • Presenting 50 unique panties rewards the "Panty Collector" achievement.
  • Presenting 120 unique panties rewards the "Panty Master" achievement.
  • Presenting a boss panty rewards the "The Death of Panty Sensei" achievement (Hades Alice, Micaela, Lucifina, Lilith Sisters).

Polar Bear Girl

Polar Bear's location.

This quest starts outside of the Pocket Castle, see image for reference.

A Polar Bear Girl can be found stranded in a desolate island near the edge of the map. After reaching the Polar Bear Village in Snow Heaven, you may return to the stranded Polar Bear Girl and take her back to her village.

Completion rewards the "Polar Bear Helper" achievement and 3 Small Medals.


Complete part 2, have Daji recruited, complete Priestess switch quest, have recruited the Cirque Du Croix

Amabie wants to help prevent a sickness from spreading. As the wards with her image no longer suffice, she decides to directly step in.

  1. Travel to Yamatai Village with Amabie in your party.
  2. Travel to the World Tree.
  3. Interact with the glowing spot close to where Queen Alraune was.
  4. Return to Yamatai.


Complete part 2 and the Collaboration Scenario.

Using her experience of the recent cross-world incident, Ilias created a new job to that allows one to learn specific skills used by the enemy. You simply have to meet her at the very heart of the Hall of Creation in both routes, and she will create the Sorcerer job and give you access to it directly.

Succubus Witch (2)

Complete part 2 and the Collaboration Scenario. Have completed her first sidequest (Nightmare skills)

Witch has learned additional information about the ancient skills that had seemingly disappeared after the Great Monster War.

  1. Meet her again in her study located in Succubus Village. You'll get some information about the Esper job line and how it was forbidden by Ilias after being used with great effectiveness against angels.
  2. Go ask Ranael in Snow Heaven what became of the item after the fall of Heaven.
  3. Go save the lost Polar Bear Girl if it isn't already done.
  4. Go to the Polar Bear Girl Village in Snow Cave.
  5. Talk to the leader located in front of the house.


Complete part 2, have Cassandra recruited,

Candy has been attacked by Cassandra and sealed into a cream cake. The latter has fled and must be stopped.

  1. Go see Candy's plight for yourself. She's on the second floor East (the bar).
  2. Go to Gold's Poison Swamp
  3. Defeat Cassandra. Again.
  4. Recruit her again.


Have Defeated Reaper

Reaper has set up a special fight for Luka and his companions as a battle challenge, but only Luka can perceive it as it is related to its Hades.

Meet Reaper in Hades at the second floor of Ilias Temple.

She will be testing Luka on a 3 turn battle challenge and will give prize depending on the damage dealt while Reaper does nothing.