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Welcome to the portable home away from home. This little pocket dimension has all the luxuries anyone could ask for from being on a tropical beach to a getaway snow resort. It even comes with a Magical Maid. Though there's plenty of room to spare so, please invite some friends!

Pocket Castle introduction

The scene happens when Luka leaves Iliasville, and plays differently if he chose Ilias or Alice.

If he chose Ilias, she informs him that while she was in her 'heroic life or death struggle' with Alice, she managed to snag a model of a castle. Luka is confused at first, but Ilias tells him it must have magical properties to it, and he should push the button on the side. He does and draws both of them inside. She disparages the castle all the time, as it is a construction done by monsters.

If he chose Alice, she wants to thank the hero by giving him Angel Halo. However, Nero intervenes and uses a Time Stop spell to grab the item while the group is frozen in time. As she can't find the sword, Alice feels bad for promising and not delivering, and gifts Luka the Pocket Castle instead.

In both case, they find themselves at the front gate to a huge castle. Sonya realises they were pulled into the castle, and must have been shrunk. the heroine they could probably fit thousands of people inside here if it's as big as it looks. Sonya is fascinated that Alice was carrying such a powerful artefact and her doubts about Alice not being the Monster Lord wane. The heroine tells that they should take a look inside.

Inside the Pocket Castle, is a massive hub, completely unoccupied with doors to other areas of the castle. The heroine tells Luka that he's free to use the castle to welcome companions to build a new army.

Luka notices the stationary maid, and the heroine tells him that it's not a real person and just a magical projection of one, which can be changed it if she bothers Luka. She suggests imprisoning captured monsters here and forcing them to work for her, and then just destroying them when they're no longer useful. Luka disagrees with her suggestion.

Once done, the party prepares to make its way to Iliasburg.

Map Of The Area



  • Edit Party
  • Unequip Non-Party Companions
  • Teleport to BF
  • Teleport to Front Gate
  • Board the MS Fish

Quest Board

In the main hall, you can find a small board where your companions will post requests. While this is technically for their benefit, there are plenty of rewards to be had for helping them out.


Return Harpy Workers to Sutherland Inn and the Innkeeper will let you bring Tiny Lamia along. Tiny Lamia will let you rest 1G.

Item Store

Recruit Vampire Girl to gain an item store. Complete stages of her side quest to access a larger inventory. Note: Entering New Game+ resets her inventory expansions.

Items available at the start are marked with *

Item Price
Herb 10G
High-Quality Herb 100G
Miracle Drug 500G
Boost Drink 50G
Phoenix Tail 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Eye Drops 15G
Echo Grass 20G
Restorative 20G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Lucky Mallet 30G
Holy Water 30G
Gold Needle 30G
De-Love Potion 40G
Harpy Feather 15G
Thread of Guidance 35G
Fire Stone 50G
Red Fire Stone 500G
Ice Stone 50G
Blue Ice Stone 500G
Thunder Stone 50G
Yellow Stone 500G
Wind Stone 50G
Green Wind Stone 500G
Earth Stone 50G
Orange Earth Stone 500G
Water Stone 50G
Blue Water Stone 500G
Holy Stone 50G
White Holy Stone 500G
Dark Stone 50G
Black Dark Stone 500G
Shuriken 50G
Fuma Shuriken 200G
Grimoire Page 100G
Potato 25G
Roast Newt 25G
Cicada Shell* 4G
Weeds* 1G
Acorn* 4G
Pinecone* 2G
Beetle* 60G
Rock* 1G

Weapon Merchant

Recruit Dragon Pup to gain a weapon store. Complete stages of her side quest to access a larger inventory. Note: Entering New Game+ resets her inventory expansions.

Iron Tier Gold Tier Mithril Tier Crystal Tier Dragon Scale Tier Orichalcum Tier Rainbow Crystal Tier
Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price Item Price
Iron Knife 250G Golden Knife 540G Mithril Knife 1800G Crystal Dagger 4800G Dragon Scale Dagger 8000G Orichalcum Dagger 15600G Prism Dagger 19800G
Iron Sword 300G Golden Sword 800G Mithril Sword 2200G Crystal Sword 6000G Dragon Scale Sword 10000G Orichalcum Sword 20000G Prism Sword 30000G
Iron Rapier 270G Golden Rapier 720G Mithril Rapier 2100G Crystal Rapier 5400G Dragon Scale Rapier 8800G Orichalcum Rapier 18000G Prism Rapier 28400G
Iron Spear 350G Golden Spear 880G Mithril Spear 2300G Crystal Lance 7000G Dragon Scale Spear 11200G Orichalcum Spear 23000G Prism Lance 34000G
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Prism Katana 36000G
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Orichalcum Ninja Sword 17000G Prism Ninja Sword 28000G
Iron Claws 270G Golden Claws 540G Mithril Claws 2100G Crystal Claws 5600G Dragon Scale Claws 9400G Orichalcum Claws 19200G Prism Claws 28000G
Iron Fang 250G Golden Fang 720G Mithril Fang 2000G Crystal Fang 4800G Dragon Scale Fang 8400G Orichalcum Fang 16400G Prism Fang 24000G
Iron Axe 450G Golden Axe 880G Mithril Axe 2500G Crystal Axe 7000G Dragon Scale Axe 11400G Orichalcum Axe 24000G Prism Axe 35000G
Iron Hammer 400G Golden Hammer 850G Mithril Hammer 2400G Crystal Hammer 6400G Dragon Scale Hammer 10600G Orichalcum Hammer 23000G Prism Hammer 32000G
Iron Sickle 240G Golden Sickle 700G Mithril Sickle 2100G Crystal Scythe 5200G Dragon Scale Scythe 8000G Orichalcum Scythe 16400G Prism Scythe 24600G
Iron Staff 270G Golden Staff 760G Mithril Staff 2200G Crystal Staff 5400G Dragon Scale Staff 9400G Orichalcum Staff 18400G Prism Staff 28600G
Iron Rod 280G Golden Rod 770G Mithril Rod 2300G Crystal Rod 5700G Dragon Scale Rod 9400G Orichalcum Rod 19400G Prism Rod 28400G
Iron Bow 280G Golden Bow 770G Mithril Bow 2100G Crystal Bow 5500G Dragon Scale Bow 9200G Orichalcum Bow 18600G Prism Bow 27600G
Iron Whip 310G Golden Whip 830G Mithril Whip 2350G Crystal Whip 6200G Dragon Scale Whip 10400G Orichalcum Whip 22000G Prism Whip 32000G
Iron Harp 260G Golden Harp 740G Mithril Harp 2100G Crystal Harp 4800G Dragon Scale Harp 9200G Orichalcum Harp 14600G Prism Harp 27600G
Iron Boomerang 320G Golden Boomerang 840G Mithril Boomerang 2400G Crystal Boomerang 6400G Dragon Scale Boomerang 10600G Orichalcum Boomerang 20800G Prism Boomerang 31000G
Iron Flail 500G Golden Flail 1000G Mithril Flail 2600G Crystal Flail 8000G Dragon Scale Flail 14000G Orichalcum Flail 26000G Prism Flail 36000G
Iron Fan 280G Golden Fan 780G Mithril Fan 2200G Crystal Fan 5600G Dragon Scale Fan 9400G Orichalcum Fan 19000G Prism Fan 27000G
Iron Kitchen Knife 250G Golden Kitchen Knife 730G Mithril Kitchen Knife 2000G Crystal Kitchen Knife 4800G Dragon Scale Kitchen Knife 8600G Orichalcum Kitchen Knife 17600G Prism Kitchen Knife 26000G
Iron Abacus 200G Golden Abacus 580G Mithril Abacus 1750G Crystal Abacus 4000G Dragon Scale Abacus 6600G Orichalcum Abacus 13400G Prism Abacus 20000G
Iron Scalpel 250G Golden Scalpel 740G Mithril Scalpel 2000G Crystal Scalpel 5400G Dragon Scale Scalpel 9000G Orichalcum Scalpel 17200G Prism Scalpel 26000G
Iron Cards 220G Golden Cards 760G Mithril Cards 2000G Crystal Cards 5500G Dragon Scale Cards 8500G Orichalcum Cards 16400G Prism Cards 26400G
Iron Plate 280G Golden Plate 770G Mithril Plate 2100G Crystal Plate 5600G Dragon Scale Plate 9200G Orichalcum Plate 19000G Prism Plate 26000G
Iron Breastplate 280G Golden Breastplate 570G Mithril Breastplate 1800G Crystal Breastplate 4500G Dragon Scale Breastplate 6600G Orichalcum Breastplate 12400G Prism Breastplate 19000G
Iron Mail 300G Golden Mail 800G Mithril Mail 2300G Crystal Armor 6000G Dragon Scale Armor 9000G Orichalcum Armor 16000G Prism Armor 20000G
Iron Shell 350G Golden Shell 520G Mithril Shell 1550G Crystal Shell 4000G Dragon Scale Shell 6400G Orichalcum Shell 12000G Prism Shell 16600G
Iron Helm 200G Gold Helm 500G Mithril Helm 1500G Crystal Helm 4000G Dragon Scale Helm 6000G Orichalcum Helm 10000G Prism Helm 15000G
Iron Circlet 190G Golden Circlet 400G Mithril Circlet 1400G Crystal Circlet 3500G Dragon Scale Circlet 4600G Orichalcum Circlet 9000G Prism Circlet 11000G
Iron Shield 250G Golden Shield 490G Mithril Shield 1600G Crystal Shield 4500G Dragon Scale Shield 7000G Orichalcum Shield 12400G Prism Shield 17600G
Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable Crystal Shuriken 1000G Dragon Scale Shuriken 2000G Orichalcum Shuriken 4000G Prism Shuriken 8000G


This casino is only unlocked when Lazarus and Merlin have been recruited at Gold Port, and can be found on the second floor (bar). It is currently the last and higest stakes casino in the game, and offer a job item as well as equipment that can carry a player into the end game of part 2.


Poker Grey Slots Bronze Slots Gold Slots
10 coins 5 coins 10 coins 20 coins
100 coins 25 coins 50 coins 100 coins

Gold Exchange

Price Coins Received
1000G 60 Coins
5000G 350 Coins
20000G 1500 Coins

Coin Exchange

Item Price
Burst Drink 500 Coins
Divine Miracle Drug 1500 Coins
Underworld License 3000 Coins
Physical Tome 5000 Coins
Pleasure Tome 5000 Coins
Master Thief Bracelet 7500 Coins
Bastet's Bell 10000 Coins
Angel Leotard 15000 Coins
Killer Earring 20000 Coins
Aegis 25000 Coins


Front Gate

Nothing special to say about front gates, There are currently 4 inhabitants and three passageways: One on the left to the Forest, One to the Main Hall and one to the right to the Bar.


Collaboration Room

The Collaboration Room can be located through a red teleportation circle in the left side of the main hall. It contains a throne and seatings for the Collaboration Characters and also serves as a Meeting Room during the Collaboration Scenario.


Main Hall

The main hall of the castle. It contains some doorways, leading to various locations within the castle; There are totally 5 Passageways: One to the south leads to Front Gate. One to the north leads to Courtyard. To the west, there are two Passages: one to the forest and one to the Library. One on the East leads to the Dining Room. There are currently 24 inhabitants.


Pocket Castle 1F (North)

The dining room and the kitchen of the castle. It's full of hungry monsters, and Luka can "become" their dinner. Currently, there are eight inhabitants and six passageways. One on the south leads to the Main Hall. One to the north leads to the Bar. The other four leads to the Courtyard, the Cathedral, the Beach and the Snow Room. There are currently 19 inhabitants.



Barracks are a home to every soldier in your party. There are a few targets and boxing ring where anyone can test their strength! There are currently 24 inhabitants and 3 passageways: One on the south to the basement, one on the east to the dining room and the stairs lead to the library.



The Cathedral is the place where everyone can pray to Ilias. There are currently 17 inhabitants and one passageway to the dining room.



The Courtyard is the place, where monsters from fields and deserts can live. It has a pyramid and a lake. There is currently 37 Inhabitants and 3 passageways. One to the north leads to the Dining Room and one to the south leads to the Main Hall.



This castle is so cool, it's even has a Forest inside! Lovely place to many types of monsters, from Fairy to Beasts.There is currently 29 inhabitants and 2 passageways. One to the north leads to the Main Hall and one to the south leads to Front Gate.



Beach is a perfect place for sea-dwellers to live. It's just like beach outside but with walls and ceiling. There is currently 12 inhabitants and a passageway to the Dining Room.


Snow room

It's cold. There is currently 10 inhabitants and 1 passageway to the Dining Room.



Basement is a dark and mostly cold place. Perfect home for some type of insect monsters and undead. There is currently 40 inhabitants and 2 passageways. One on the east leads to Courtyard and one on the west leads to Barracks.



Like in outside world, Bar mostly being used to relax. There you can drink, listen to music and talk with Bartender.There is currently 31 inhabitants and and 4 passageways. One on the south leads to Front Gate, Stairs lead down to the Dining Room and passage to the west leads to Library.



Library is a home to most apoptosis and chimeraroids. They read books and being researched by scientist from Laboratory. There are currently 29 inhabitants and many passageways. Upstairs there is Laboratory, door to the east leads to conservations room, two passageways on the south lead to the Lounge and Main Hall.



Lounge is like Bar but more traditional, People sit there, talk about different things. Library is near and they can take book to read.Also there is medical office and small kitchen. There is currently 21 Inhabitants and one door to the Library.



Laboratory is a home to science. Your scientists are working on Different things such as ZombiesChimeras, and Apoptosis Phenomenon. Currently there are 21 inhabitants and 3 passageways: One leads to the Royal Parlor and downstairs there are Library.


Royal Parlor

This are rooms for every ruler you met. Even Kings and Queens are living here. There are currently 9 inhabitants and one passageway to the Laboratory.



You receive the Pocket Castle by siding with Ilias or Alice:

- Alice scene : She will try to give you Angel Halo . Nero will stop time and take it from her, she will end up giving you Pocket Castle stating " I'm gonna give you something with the same value " .

-Ilias scene : If you side with Ilias she will steal Alice's Pocket Castle and give it to you .

After you complete quest where you side with either the Navy or the Fishy Pirates, you are awarded with the MS Fish(Pocket Castle), where most of sea monsters from Part 2 live.