Plants, also known as plant monsters or plant type monsters, are a race of monsters in the Monster Girl Quest setting that have the characteristics of plants.


Plant monsters have the characteristics of various kinds of plants, ranging from flowers (e.g. Alraune) to trees (e.g. Dryad) and even fungi (e.g. Mushroom Girl). Their plant nature allows them to sustain themselves off photosynthesis alone. However, like all monsters, they prefer to feed on human semen. Plant monsters based on carnivorous plants, such as the Canaan Sisters, have a taste for flesh and may prey on humans and other monsters.

In combat, plant monsters attack using ivy and other parts of their bodies. They also specialize in the use of whips. They can heal others using their nectar. One weakness of plant monsters is that their fragile body parts can be easily blown away by a defense of wind, such as that possessed by a user of Sylph.


The first plant monster was Kanon, one of the Six Ancestors created by Alice I. She gave rise to all other plant monsters.


  • In real life, fungi are classified as an entirely different kingdom of life from plants. However, they are often conflated with plants in fiction.
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