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Plansect Village is a location in Monster Girl Quest Paradox RPG


Plansect Village is a place where many plants live in harmony. Once, insects as well lived here, also peacefully. However, due to a recent fierce events have forced the leaders Alra Priestess and Queen Bee to fight against each other, this once-peaceful area has been abruptly shattered into chaos amongst the two factions of plants and insects. Recently, the insects have fled to Red Mountain while the plants have stayed behind.

For any travelers, beware, as only the center pond of Plansect Village is safe. Step one foot away from the pond, and you risk being sucked dry by Alra Rooty and Alra Alum. They aren't the only threat though, there's also Alra Prison,Alra VoreAlra Shroom and Alra Parasol who all travel in packs. Of course, the Canaan Sisters - Dorothy, Raffia and Deana - are also on guard for any trouble being made. Make an enemy out of Alra Priestess, and they will become enemies.

Perhaps if someone neither plant nor insect talks sense into both Alra Priestess and Queen Bee, peace between the two species can once again flourish... Unlike the original timeline, one can act as a peaceful diplomat to mediate between both factions to return both to a peaceful resolution.. after dealing with the event that caused the two factions to splinter.

Map Of The Area

Small Medal Locations

Amira Locations


Mermaid Merchant (1)

Item Price
High-Quality Herb 100G
Antidote Grass 15G
Full Moon Grass 15G
Green Wind Stone 100G
Orange Earth Stone 100G
Blue Water Stone 100G
Zanbato 15000G
Wind Slice Katana 15000G
Kodachi 10800G
Rising Sun 14400G
Harvest Plate 14400G

Mermaid Merchant (2)

Item Price
Burn Crest 7000G
Freeze Crest 7000G
Shock Crest 7000G
Slow Crest 7000G
Stop Crest 7000G
Minimum Crest 7000G
Fire Amulet 10000G
Ice Amulet 10000G
Lightning Amulet 10000G
Wind Amulet 10000G
Earth Amulet 10000G
Water Amulet 10000G
Sonic Amulet 10000G
Bio Amulet 10000G


Created Used
Chemical Mine Main Gauche, Poisonous Stinger, 480G
Justice Custom Holy Custom+, White Holy Stone, 900G
Chemical Rapier Death Rapier, Poisonous Stinger, 480G
Holy Wyvern Spear Wyvern Spear, White Holy Stone, 650G
Ox Lord Ox Knuckles, Bull Hoof, 520G
Heavy Minotaur Axe Minotaur Axe, Bull Hoof, 770G
Taoist Exorcist Scythe Taoist Scythe, White Holy Stone, 570G
Super Miracle Staff Great Miracle Staff, Strange Leaf, 680G
Minotaur Rod Ox Rod, Bull Hoof, 630G
Holy Rod:Double Holy Rod+, White Holy Stone, 880G
Yoichi Bow:Platinum Yoichi Bow, White Holy Stone, 720G
Poison Fish Tentarang Fish Tentarang:Nature, Poisonous Stinger, 780G
Kishin Flail Oni Flail, Oni Horn, 850G
Kishin Kitchen Knife Oni Kitchen Knife, Oni Horn, 750G
Surgeon Knife Y Surgeon Blade B, Poisonous Stinger, 640G
Vonyich Sector Vonyich Manuscript, Insect Wing, 550G
Angel Steyr Steyr, White Holy Stone, 2500G
Enrikan Shirt ++++ Enrikan Shirt +++, Strange Leaf, 280G
Oni Breastplate Tiny Oni Breastplate, Oni Horn,450G
Dragon Scale Armor + Dragon Scale Armor, Insect Wing, 420G
Black Hood + Black Hood, Strange Leaf, 350G
Oni Helm Samurai Helm, Oni Horn, 450G
Dragon Scale Shield + Dragon Scale Shield, Insect Wing, 410G

Treasure Chests

  • Small Medal
  • Elven Miracle Drug
  • Strange Leaf
  • Earth Pendant
  • Ultimate Herb
  • 8200G

Hidden Items