Sealed Races are even stronger than the Advanced Races. They will be available in the upcoming Part 3.


Prerequisites: *Job Unavailable till Part 3*, Archfiend

An entity who influences time and space. As an administrator, it opposes those who threaten the balance of existence. Having mastery over Dark and Scythe skills as well as the ability to freely manipulate time, it boasts about its godlike power.

HP 160% MP 160% SP 100%
Attack 160% Defence 150% Magic 160%
Willpower 150% Agility 150% Dexterity 160%
  • Equip: Character Specific
  • Skills: Scythe, Time Magic, Holy, Dark
  • Passive: Life Regression, Triple Action
Elemental Resistances
Physical 100% Pleasure 100%
Lightning NULL Wind NULL
Earth NULL Water NULL
Holy 25% Dark 25%
Status Resistances
Instant Death NULL Ascension NULL
Climax NULL Bind NULL
Poison NULL Blind NULL
Silence NULL Confusion NULL
Sleep NULL Paralysis NULL
Burn NULL Freeze NULL
Shock NULL Slow NULL
Stop NULL Minimum NULL
Zombification NULL Petrification NULL
Digestion NULL Stun NULL
Slimed NULL Horny NULL
Trance NULL Seduction NULL
Incontinence NULL

Learned Skills and Abilities

  • Lvl 2: The End of Everything - Scythe
  • Lvl 3: Nullify Physical - Defense Ability (Nullify Physical damage taken.)
  • Lvl 4: Nullify Pleasure - Defense Ability (Nullify Pleasure damage taken.)
  • Lvl 5: Universal Collapse - Time Magic
  • Lvl 6: Physical Booster 50% - Combat Ability (Deal +50% physical damage.)
  • Lvl 7: Scythe Booster 50% - Combat Ability (When a Scythe is equipped, deal +50% damage with normal attacks, Scythe skills, Multiweapon skills, and Dark skills.)
  • Lvl 7: Death Genesis - Dark
  • Lvl 8: HP Regen 100% - Special Ability (Regenerate 100% of Max HP per turn.)
  • Lvl 9: ***DUMMY - Special Ability
  • Lvl 10: ***DUMMY - Time Magic
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