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This guide covers both the main (storyline) and side quests of Monster Girl Quest: Paradox, up to the end of part 2. For the Collab that was introduced in version 2.30, go here.

Part 1

1.Ilias Continent

Main : Rescue Hans
Start by reading the diary and decide if you want to add an entry to it. It doesn't seem to affect anything as of now, but it might in part 3. Exit the house (or check the barrels for loot first). A villager appears and informs Luka that the lumberjack has been kidnapped! Naturally, your next location is the Iliasville Mountains.

Unless you're on Paradox difficulty pre-2.0, the Slime Girls here shouldn't be a problem until they start appearing in groups of 2 or more (as they can use their bind to stop you for 2 turns). When low on HP, head to the spring in the center to rest up. When you feel like you can take on 3 slimes safely, head to the top. With 2.0 this will generally be at level 2, or 3 on Paradox.

You encounter a shrunken Ilias along the way, but she runs off. You then fight Bunny Slime along two normal slimes. After you beat them up, the lumberjack thanks you and heads back, and so do you... but you run into Alice. She asks if you've seen a rabbit. She wont leave until you say yes.

She heads up to the summit and begins to beat up the Bunny Rabbit. Talk to her again to cause her to leave. A cutscene occurs, and you're be teleported back to Iliasville.

Head up to the temple, talk to Sonya, and watch the cutscene. Heading out, Sonya tells you that Alice and Ilias are fighting in your inn.

This is where the game splits.

Alice has many races she can pick from, while Ilias only has the Angel race. Ilias is much more useful early on, as she has AoE Holy attacks, which always hit their target and deal high damage to monsters, whom make up most of the enemies of part 1. Alice will be better late game because she has access to more races and jobs, but requires more farming to be effective. Either way, whomever you pick here will be with you until you start a New Game+.

Main : Say Goodbye
Whomever you picked wonders if you should say goodbye to the village chief. This is not required, but skipping it has consequences (detailed below).

If you choose to visit the chief, you'll get a key to the storage room and can ask the chief and his wife about various things. Go up to the roof of the house to get some treasures. After you leave, Sonya forces her way into the party. A mysterious person chases after the party and triggers another cutscene once he reaches you. If you try to run away from him (by crossing the bridge), this mysterious person stops time to reach the group (and you get an achievement). After commenting about how weird the encounter is, Sonya mentions that she can hear a slime girl crying.

You are now free to leave, but it's a good idea to first visit the storage room (which has treasures chests with useful items), talk to Lazarus and go take care of the slime.

If you didn't visit the chief, you won't recruit Sonya and hence can't talk to Lazarus (though she'll be forced into the party later, at the entrance of Snow Cave) or obtain the Pocket Castle (though if you're on NG+, previously recruited monsters may be added from the maid next to the Head Priest).

Side : Save the Slime
Head to the right to find the slime girl in the middle of the poison marsh. Walk over the damaging liquid, and then talk to her to save her. She will then ask to join your party. Don't forget to heal yourself either by using Sonya's skills, returning to Luka's inn or talking to Aunt Betty.
Main : Explore Castle
Leaving the village, whomever you chose will present to you the Pocket Castle. After learning how to switch in and switch out your party members, leave the castle. Your goal is Iliasburg, which is found by following the road upwards. However, if you head back into town, there are two side quests that you can take, listed below in the recommended order of completion.
Side : Save the Guard
The guard has managed to get himself stuck in the exact same place where the Slime Girl was. Go save him.

The guard then tells you that if you head to the Cave of Trials, south of Iliasville, you can get the Proof of Bravery. Having this item allows you to become a Guard, and is the first of many job change items. The place has 2 floors, and there is a blue chest that requires the team to have a Thief with Lockpick 1 unlocked to open. The slime girl you recruited is one, but her job level is too low, and requires an excessive amount of farming for now.

Recruiting the Imp Rami and putting her in your party allow you to recruit two other useful party members. They are: Rumi, located in the strawberry field left of the village entrance, and Remi, who is in the storage room.

Side : Save the Merchant
In the item shop, talk to the merchant who will explain to you that his friend has gone missing in Talus Hill. Agree to help him, and head out. Be sure to speak to the guard at the start of the area, as he will give a Full Moon Grass, which is needed to complete the quest.

The monsters here are powerful, but still manageable. The merchant is found in the center of the area. Talk to him and offer the Full Moon Grass. He'll return to Iliasville. Once you've finished exploring, return and speak to the merchant. He gives an apparent choice between 3 rewards - money, a sword, and a job change item - but picking one will make him give all 3.

Main : Surprise!
Approaching the town, the party stops to camp out. Depending on who you picked, Luka will gain skills.

Alice will generally teach the skills she taught from the original trilogy; in this case Demon Decapitation.

Ilias will teach Holy skills.

Once you enter the town, the White Rabbit appears in front of the party. You get a couple of choices on how to respond:

If you decide to let her go, the conversation ends.

If you try to force an answer out of her, White Rabbit will summon the boss you fought earlier (Bunny Slime and two Slime Girls). And disappear anyway

Upon disappearing, she leaves behind the very important Key to Hades, which will open the door in Ilias Temple giving access to Hades. Hades will allow you to replay any fight in the game and, post game, will allow you to have access to the Labyrinth of Chaos.

Main : Find the Informant
Moving on, talking to the man in the alley has him mention a person by the name of Amira, who is a well known informant that may have the answer to where the White Rabbit went.

He says that she was spotted by the fountain. Unfortunately, she isn't there.

The girl there will tell you that Amira went to the blacksmith. Surprisingly, she's not there.

The soldier nearby will say that Amira went to buy a weapon from the weapon shop.

Still not there but asking around reveals that she tried to earn money from the gambler in the back alleyway.

And, once again, to no one's surprise, she isn't there. Apparently, she went to the Ilias Temple to change jobs. Head back there and speak to the head priest. He'll mention that he hasn't seen her. Take this time to also switch out any jobs or races that you may have mastered, as any Job EXP gained will be wasted otherwise. Speak to the first person again (the man in the alley), and he will say that he saw Amira being captured by bandits! These bandits are located west of Iliasburg, in the Irina Mountains. They're in the northern cave, not the southern cave. We will head south later.

Main : Save Amira!
Entering the cave, the party is stopped by a Goblin Girl. Talking to her, the camera pans to show the three tombstones behind her - an ominous sign for what's about to happen...

In the following battle, Goblin Girl does high amounts of damage and will most likely be the first battle that'll require proper tactics. She'll run away after being defeated, so explore the cave for "Treasures" such as a Sickle and Antidote Grass.

Blocking the stairway to the next floor, Tiny Lamia appears! She has a dangerous but low accuracy party-wide hitting attack as well as an instakill for Luka should he get bound. However, she is weak to Ice, so any one with ice attacks like black mages should use it on her. She'll also run away after being defeated.

There's a barrel of food next to the staircase that will fully heal your party, so use it before proceeding.

Next up, a Vampire Girl! She has a very annoying move that'll continue to be a problem later in the form of Demon Eyes of Seduction. If not resisted, it'll force anyone under its effects to attack Luka with sexual attacks. It lasts for about 3 turns, so instead of waiting for it to wear off, switch out anyone affected into the backup party. After defeating her, she too runs off.

Finally, all that remains of the bandits is Dragon Pup. She is the most dangerous of the four, with an attack that deals high damage, hits the entire party, and may inflict Burn. However, she's weak to Pleasure-type attacks. If you are having problems with her physical-based attacks, Blinding her will help with that. Note that defeating her will teleport you out of the cave, so be sure you're ready to leave before doing so. The green chest in the back requires Lockpick II, and contains a Breath Scroll.

The bandits are brought together and asked where Amira went, but they have no clue. They're forced to apologize to the villagers, whom accept and give each of them jobs. You may return to recruit each of them by talking to them and asking them to join your party, but apart from the Goblin Girl, the other three require side quests to recruit them. In addition, Vanilla and Papi both have a questline that spans the entire story after being recruited.

Vanilla's questline is listed here, and Papi's questline is listed here. Teeny requires the party to bring back the missing harpies - a tall order for the current team. After going though that, the party sleeps in the Sutherland Inn for basically free! This is instead of the usual 100,000 gold per night - however, you get an achievement for doing the latter, although waiting to reach NG+ beforehand is advised. Walking outside, an Unfortunate Lamia appears!

Choose between being nice, or just murdering her. Don't worry, she comes back if you kill her. This is Amira. The party asks her for info on the rabbit, but she says that info is worth 1500 gold which the party may or may not have at the time. She can't give it out for free either, but the party can convince her to let them do a quest that will allow her to share the information. Should the party pay the money, the following side quest can still be taken by talking to her in the Pocket Castle.

Side : Nameless Slums Trafficking
You can find more details regarding this quest here.
Main : Track Down the Rabbit!
Once you're done, Amira will tell you that a rabbit was last spotted in Pornof, a town east of Iliasville. Take the road south and to the east to reach the town. Note that once you pass the bridge, the monsters will become much stronger, so prepare accordingly.

Entering the town, go to the inn and talk to the rabbit. She'll give you the real location of the White Rabbit: The Tartarus Pit located west of Pornof! You can immediately head there if you want, but Alice/Ilias recommends you to get iron gear first.

Side : Introducing Iron!
if you speak to the blacksmith, he'll say that the old Pornof Mines contains iron somewhere on the lower levels... These mines are found north east of Pornof.

The Pornof mines introduce pitch-black areas, which reduce vision to just about 1 tile around you.

The enemies here are highly dangerous, especially the Rabbit Girl, who combines pleasure attacks with a hard hitting physical bow skill. If you can spare the time, recruiting the Bunny Girl will make your life easier. She functions similarly to Ilias with high damaging attacks, but her trait keep being very strong at any point in the game.

Once you're strong enough to head down to the final floor, find the Lump of Iron and leave. Talking to the blacksmith will have him forge Iron gear for a fee. Forge any equipment that your team might need, but don't spend too much. After you're done, head westwards.

Main : Down the Rabbit Hole...
Upon entering, the party spots the White Rabbit jumping right down the hole while muttering that she's late. The party chases after her, climbing down on the ladder... only to find themselves in an eerie location.

You will now encounter Apoptosis as enemies: Sully, Jaide, and Shesta. Apoptosis monsters are highly resistant to damage and status effects, and it'll take some serious firepower to take down them down.

Opening one of the chests on the first floor will also provide the team with their first glimpse of "Makina", a move set of highly powerful skills that generally don't miss their target. In this case, the Auto Crossbow hits all targets with a good scaling of 400% Dexterity. In order to use it, you need to head back up and talk to the person next to the entrance, who'll give you a Machina License to become an Engineer. Feel free to make Ilias or anyone with a good Dex scaling into an Engineer.

Heading downwards, the party encounters a strange door... Ilias recognizes it - its a door that separates dimensions. Very few people should be able to see them... And yet, it opens when Luka leans on it. Surprised, the party enters an otherworldly area.

Talking to the nearby "people", the party finds that this area is actually a corroded Remina! The people talk as if the area isn't being corrupted by purple veins, and after talking to one of the townsmen, they transform into a Shesta. Exploring the nearby building, the party run into a mysterious creature... who suddenly attack them!

She's a boss, and can deal high amounts of damage in a short period of time. Not only that, but she can also heal herself if she connects her Tentacle Drain. However, she's weak to Lightning and at least one person in your party (Ilias, Rami etc.) should be capable of dealing lightning damage. 

Defeat her, leave and reenter the house and talk to her to recruit her.

Once you're finished, exit through the north wall until... You're suddenly in space? It's apparently an area between worlds, a dimensional corridor. Following a bridge, the party decide to go through a white magic circle... only to realize that they went back to where they started... or so it seems.

The White Rabbit shows up, allowing you to talk to her... Or just ignore her precious advice and die three seconds later.

She's surprised that Luka and his companions made it here and congratulates them. After some back and forth, she vanishes, but not without a warning that stepping off the path might attract beings that think walking on the soil is beneath them.

Leave the area, and make sure you don't step off the road! Do so, and you'll run into either Archangel Ranael or Principality Nagael who will promptly one shot you with an attack that hits the entire party for hundreds of damage. In part 1, they could be beaten with enough firepower, but their health was multiplied by 10 once part 2 was released (from 18,000 to 180,000).

Anyway, there's only one place you can go to - Iliasville. However, the town was destroyed, with skeletons littering the ground. In the graveyard, you'll find Sonya's tombstone. And, next to it, Luka's grave with his diary on top.

In this world, Luka met Granberia at Iliasburg but decided to not confront her and return home. Years later, angels attacked, and Luka was killed in their second attack. The final entry is of an unknown person, writing that Luka was a true hero before falling. Distressed, Alice/Ilias attempts to warp home using a Harpy Feather, but can not. Luka try it instead and it works. After seeing so much, the party decides to hold a meeting...

Main : Attend the Meeting
Note that the answers you get are determined by your chosen partner. In order to leave the meeting, you must listen though (or hold down a and mash z) every option. Once you've done so, your next course of action is to head towards the Tartarus pit. However, the party is way too weak to tackle it for now. Instead, you head over to Harpy Village, eastwards of Iliasburg.
Main : Harpies' Problem
See Harpies' Problem for more details.
Side : Medal Queen Encounter!
While you could have reached that location at any time, the monsters would have overpowered you unless you got lucky and managed to escape without dying. However, you should now be strong enough to reach the Transfer Shrine that's north of the Harpy Tower.

There is a BF in the house before the actual transfer shrine as well as a Small Medal in the chest on the left side. After entering, the party will emerge on a small island with only a small castle on it.

Enter it and meet the mysterious Medal Queen. In exchange for Small Medals, she will give the party very strong equipment or job change items. In particular, the Archangel Bra is extremely useful even into late game of part 2, and she can be recruited for 45 medals. However, unless you're on NG+ or spent lots of time farming Small Medals, you will likely not find enough medals for it.

If you can, try to get the Noble's Family Tree to unlock the Noble class. Later on, you should come back and grab the King's Proof for the King and Pope classes.

Side : Slug Problem
Heading northeast of the Harpy Tower, you'll reach Midas Village, where you can get Gold gear... if you get some gold ore to craft them !

However, the place is infected with Slug Girls! They aren't really harming anyone, but there are really too many of them. Head north to the house with the maid outside and enter. Talk to the person inside to discover that she had taken care of the slugs beforehand, however she is now too old to do this again. Agree to help, and she'll give you a couple Slime Guards.

The Slugs Tower is westward. The enemies here are slugs, as you might expect. They're weak to Lightning and resistant to Physical, so once again Ilias proves to be useful. The bow skill Land-Dweller Killer will also do wonders, as slugs are Land-Dwellers.

At the top, the Sluggy Stars reside, making more and more slugs. They are your target and can be quite difficult. For starters, they have 3 actions per turn. Thankfully, their attacks aren't too dangerous by themselves, but if they all hit the same target, the battle might tilt in their favor quickly. Their attacks mostly deal pleasure damage making Imps a solid choice for this bossfight. Finish them off and the problem is solved!

In order to recruit them, raise the affection of a slug from the tower (High Slug or Slug Nun) to 100 and bring the Slug Medal to the Sluggy Slimes to recruit them.

Back at Midas Village, talk to the retired maid to obtain a job change item to become a Maid, which has one of the best abilities in the form of Job EXP Up, reducing the amount of time needed to level up jobs and races.

Side : Getting Gold!
Going up from the town, you'll reach an abandoned mine that you can enter. This is where Midas Village mined the gold that gave it its name, however due to monsters among other things, the place has been abandoned.

The monsters can be tough, with moves that can inflict Slimed, Digest (though no enemy so far can follow it up with a OHKO yet) and Paralysis. Get down to the lowest floor and you will find a massive chunk of gold ore, which you can bring back to Midas Village to smith into gold gear. If you need more money to forge gear, selling the Slime Guards isn't a bad idea. Like before, gear up your main party, but don't overspend as they will get obsoleted not before long.

Main : Onwards To Pit Two!
Now with better gear and more experience, the party should be able to get though the Rostrum Mountain Caves, which is the path that leads to the ruined town of Rostrum. Bring some fire resistance or people with Fire attacks here, as the Candle Girls here can appear in groups of 4 and can damage the entire party with fire attacks.

Passing though the area, the party may rest in the ruined town or head right for the Tartarus Pit. Unlike the previous pit, there isn't anyone camping at the entrance. Passing downwards, the party comes across a strange site - what appears to be a forest has merged into the surrounding walls. Apparently bits and pieces of other dimensions were combined together when the Tartarus Pit appeared.

Eventually, the team will find themselves yet again in another part of Remina. However, the party notices a person that isn't one of the Apoptosis. She also spots the party and retreats into a house. Following her, the party discovers that she is Promestein. Hearing how the party managed to get to her, she wishes to join them and to dissect Luka's brain should he fall in battle. Accept or don't, but certain sidequests are locked out if you haven't recruited her at least once, including several that increase your race change options drastically.

Entering yet another passageway, the party finds themselves back in a dimension corridor. Wondering if it will lead to the same world as before, the party proceeds further. After seeing life around them and no sign of angels, the party heads to the only place they can go: the town of Rostrum.

Upon entering the town, the party is stopped by a villager, telling Luka "Welcome back Marcellus!".

Confused, Luka asks when was the last time Marcellus had come. He came twice before - once a month ago with two companions and looking carefree, and a week ago without his companions and bearing a seasoned veteran's look. He had stopped by to give a letter to the village chief along with a warning to get out of the town while they still could. But, the letter was addressed to a young boy by the name of Luka...

The chief's house is the one south of the entrance. Talk to the man to discover that Marcellus, much like Luka, can also go to other dimensions and had left this letter in case Luka followed. The letter in question directs Luka to the hidden village of Enrika, which is located west of Iliasville inside the Lost Woods.

Before leaving, enter the house with the tree in front of it and talk to the man inside. He'll prepare a meal and lament that he never had a disciple. He says that he'll bury the Chef’s License under the tree. Luka wonders if the chef in their world did the same thing... Return to the ruined village to find a Chef’s License buried under that tree.

Main - Secret In The Woods...
Using a Harpy Feather or walking back to Iliasville, head westwards across the bridge to enter the Lost Woods. There are 3 exits, counting the one you just entered from. The exit to the south leads to Lemuse Beach. There's no real reason to head here just yet, unless you want to get a head start on a side quest. Anyway, head leftwards and enter Enrika. Everyone here won't talk to you, as you're an outsider. Talk to the elf that's standing south of the town square, and she'll tell you to head inside for more details. The elf inside will ask if you're Luka, respond how you want, she'll still find out anyway. As it turns out, according to what Micaela said before leaving, if a boy named Luka came by that she is dead. Its been two weeks since, and now Luka has shown up... The elf promises to help the party in any way they can. After leaving the house, the elf outside the house asks for a favor, enter the shop and talk to her to start it.
Side - Making Medicine
She asks for a Healing Shell in order to make some elven medicine, which can be found on the Lemuse Beach. If you had taken a detour, you might already have it, but if not its found on the beach. Give her the Healing Shell and she'll give you lots of helpful mana-restoring Elven Miracle Drugs as well as a unique elven item that's needed for a small side quest later on.
Main - Finding Poseidon’s Bell
Heading northwards, you should now be able to fight off the hoards of Blonde Centaurs that would have one-shot you had you decided to head past the bridge. After a short camp, the party makes it to Iliasport! The building on your right is the university, and if you have the elven medicine, you can talk to the doctor to give it to him, allowing access to the upper floors where a character willing to give you a flamethrower and a flux emitter is located. The Battle Fuckers here give job change items for defeating them, Nurse and Scholar respectively, so return later to get them. Talk to the sailor to discover that due to a storm, all ships are delayed. The party is unsure what to do, but suddenly Nero shows up and tells everyone that an item called Poseidon’s Bell can help. It's in the Cave of Treasures, west of Iliasport, and is rumored to be a fox den now.

The cave contains two types of kitsunes, and is also when you start encountering Mimics. Mimics appear to be normal chests and trying to open them pulls you into an inescapable battle - as they're extremely powerful at this point in the game, be careful when opening chests. At the end of the cave you discover Nanabi guarding the door. You must fight her to proceed! However, you get only one turn to attack her, and it is highly unlikely that you'll deal the over 30,000 damage needed to defeat her. Do so, and you'll get her rewards twice and an alternate scene. Anyway, a voice scolds Luka for being weak, before a Vaporizing Rebellion Sword utterly destroys Nanabi. A mysterious girl shows up, saving the party and introducing herself as Neris. Soon after, Tamamo shows up, says that she cant unseal Nanabi, before Neris points out that isn't Tamamo. Instead, White Rabbit shows herself, declares Neris to be in the way, and freezes time. Right before impact, mysterious guy shows up and blocks the attack, then drags the White Rabbit elsewhere. Neris invites Luka onto a date, is denied, and leaves. Nanabi will be in shock, and if the party is strong enough (you won't be for some time), the party can challenge her to recruit her. Raiding the treasure room, the party gets the Poseidon's Bell, and can return outside by interacting with the ladder.

Main - Succubus Attack!
Talking to the sailor, he says that they're ready to go at anytime. There's another proper boss fight after this, so after preparing, set off. If one has played the original game, you should know what is coming. After teaching Luka a skill, the storm hits. The ship is fine, but suddenly, the party feels an immense power... A succubus descends and declares herself as... Morrigan! She's gonna play with the party, not using her hands or feet... Pound her with earth-based skills and avoid having people that are weak to pleasure or wind, and you should be ok. She gets pissed off and prepares to turn everyone into dried fish, but notices that the wind is howling still, despite her not doing anything. A huge flag of Ilias flies above head, right before a voice yells that she finally found Morrigan! The strange angel Zion tosses fire balls and other attacks downwards onto the ship, setting it on fire. Annoyed, Morrigan flies up and also begins attacking with powerful wind attacks, causing the storm to worsen. Alice/Ilias tells everyone to jump into the sea to escape...

2.Natalia Region

Main - After The Storm...
Waking up, the party appears to have survived thanks to some mermaids. Turns out, the party made it safely to Port Natalia. After discussing the attack by Morrigan, the party leaves, but not before one of the mermaids calls out to ask a favor. Recently, sailors and mermaids have gone missing and they would like the party to investigate the cause. Say yes to gain the Ball of Guidance.
Side - To The Temple!
Exit the town after buying and upgrading your stuff, and head leftwards to the sparkling area on the beach. This is Natalia Coast. Feel free to open up the chests that are scattered all around. Be warned, however, as a few of them are mimics. When you are ready, head to the sparkling point and use the Ball of Guidance. This will take you directly to the Southern Undersea Temple, where Kraken is said to live. Making your way down, you'll run into the missing mermaids! Their tale is strange, however, they say that the first mermaid captured, Meia, is the culprit! At the throne room, surrounded by many small children, is indeed Meia. But, she claims to be the Queen of the Southern Seas. Naturally, in order to get Meia back to her senses, you beat her up. As a mermaid, she is quite resistant to water and sonic attacks, but weak to earth, lightning and holy attacks. Also, she mostly targets Luka, and her attacks can also inflict Seduction, which will force your team to do the same. Take her down quickly, else she might prolong the battle with her heal.

Knocking some sense back into her, she recalls that a strange succubus handed her a squid, telling her it is Kraken in her sealed form, before using a magic influence to tell her to go wild. So she fulfilled her heart's desires - abducting men and using her magic to turn them younger. Afterwards, returning to the mermaids has them gift you items and gold. The house north is Meia's house. Enter and talk to her to have her join the party.

Main - Meeting the Pope
Heading west, your party reaches San Ilia. Enter, and the party advises to gain some information around the town. Ask around, poke into houses and take their stuff... then head northwards to the main cathedral, the party is stopped by the guard and asked to state their name and date of baptism. As it turns out, Luka gained special access because of the fact that he had Ilias descend personally for him. Meeting with the King of San Ilia, the party is told that he has indeed seen Marcellus a year ago, heading down into the Underground Library for unknown reasons. However, monsters have taken up residence in the time between, so it's not safe for people to go inside. Of course, Luka and party are more than up for the task, and by heading down the stairs and to the right, you may enter the library. It is a small dungeon, with most of the monsters inside weak to fire. Finding your way up to the second floor, you'll meet Page 65537, who has been commanded by the current Monster Lord to protect a book - one that the party presumes Marcellus left. Beating her up, she drops the book Four Animists and their Sources. Upon opening, a letter falls out, along with a Summoner's Contract, another job change item. The letter details that Luka should stay on the path of the true history in order to suppress chaos: he must gain the power of the four spirits.

Returning to the king. The party asks if there is anything they could do for him. He answers yes, but the Knight Commander speaks up against it, claiming that without mithril equipment they are under geared for helping. Nodding, the king gives the party permission to mine some mithril from Mt. Saint Amos, but notes that he is fine if the party thinks they don't need it.

Side - Making Mithril!
If you have Ilias, she notes that there is another reason to be going to Mt. Saint Amos - she feels a vast and powerful angelic presence there, and would like to know what it is. Anyway, the place is located west of Luddite Village, which itself is north east of San Ilia. The mountain is tall, but eventually you'll find mithril. After mining some, Ilias/Alice will tell you to go to the top of the mountain... Prepare yourself.

For at the top...

Lying in a field of flowers...

is Micaela.

Gravely wounded, but from whom? She calls out that the culprit is still around, and an angel by the name of Gnosis comes by. While the dialogue is different based on which route you are on, the result is the same - she attacked and fatally wounded Micaela. After Gnosis leaves, Micaela smiles at seeing Luka and, with her final bit of energy... makes him a hero before becoming scattered particles of light. The Hero job is now unlocked, with Luka being automatically set to this job (and Apprentice Hero and Warrior are maxed out for him, if they weren't already).

Main - Escort Mission...?
After forging gear or not, the King tells the party to go to Luddite Village. Head there and speak to the priest of the town (Inside the house near the cabbage farm). If you had come here before, he had been like the other residents - highly xenophobic. However, he is a double agent, and asks you to meet up in the western woods. Do so, and continue walking though the area. The entrance to a cave will show up, and the guard will allow passage. There are no monsters inside, and the priest will give information about the mission as you walk though the area. Finally, you'll come to another entrance with the King in front of it. Speak to him and enter...

For a second, you might think you walked into another Tartarus Pit, judging from the advanced technology. However, the ever-present purple corruption isn't there. The King speaks more about the area, called the Ancient Temple Ruins, as you progress through the area. After a few detours, the party will reach what appears to be the center area. There is a capsule here, holding a robotic person inside. The King calls her "Sleeping Beauty" as nothing they've done to her has woken her up. The king will then sit down and prepare to run maintenance on his body. Meanwhile, Luka, after hearing how much of the King's body had been blasted away from the bomb, accidentally falls onto the capsule's control panel. And what do you know? The person inside opens their eyes, steps out, and speaks. Concluding from her orders to only awaken if the world is in danger, she begins to shift to battle phase against the party, whom she thinks if gonna destroy the world. The King, having also gone into battle form, offers to help.

The battle against Brynhildr is quite dangerous, with attacks that don't miss, hit the entire party, or hit 5 times. If you feel that she's too strong, come back after you grind out a few levels or gain stronger gear. Defeating her, the party manages to recruit her to their cause after convincing her that they're trying to save the world. If you have recruited Promestein, you can return here for her side quest. Afterwards, the King asks for another favor - the haunted house west of the castle has taken in dozens of highly trained soldiers who've gone to investigate it, and the King wishes for the party to go and uncover what's going on.

Side - Promestein Field Trip
In order to start, head to the Pocket Castle and check the board. One will be of Promestein, who'll request that you take her back to the Ancient Temple Ruins. Take her there and check sparking spots (there is one on every floor) to gain plot information.
Side - Ghost Busting
Head to the Haunted House that's northwest of San Ilia. Upon entering, one might try to head upstairs, but for some reason something is preventing you from passing. The solution is to head to the side rooms (located by the red carpets) to either side. The left has Ghost Girls cooking, with a delicious looking cake on the table. Alice/Ilias will attempt to eat it, let them and beat up the ghost girls that come afterwards. On the right, a Cursed Doll will ask for you to choose between two chests - a large and a small. The small one contains a small medal, and she will be happy that you aren't greedy. Pick the bigger one and it's a mimic. Still, she leaves afterwards and you can proceed to the second floor. The big doors lead to the dining hall, in which you fight 3 waves of monsters. On your left side is a strange room in which Zombie Girls are dancing Thriller. You can battle them if you want, but you don't need to. To your right side, there is a zombie girl who only wishes to talk to the party. She will fully heal the entire party every time you talk to her as well. The room below that contains a friendly mimic girl, who will give out the Magical Book of Secrets for "Calming down all the residents" (aka going into every room and either talking or battling the monsters inside). Once finished, head up to the third floor and enter, Chrome will be startled by you, and run off to a secret place... Reading the note on the wall and your eyeballs, you can just head right into the wall to enter the secret room. Chrome will command 2 zombies against you, but she gets tossed out by them instead. Next, she'll appear in the hallway to her room. Talk to her, and she springs the trap on herself instead, dropping down to the first floor.

Heading back, you might have noticed that the large bookshelf is missing. Head into the path that has been opened up and down the stairs. There, Chrome and Frederica will battle as a duel boss, the first in the game so far. Focus on Chrome as she has both less health and more damage than Frederica. Both are weak to Holy, so Ilias can be useful. After beating them up, Chrome releases the soldiers and either Alice or Ilias will command her to stop making more zombies. Chrome then decides she would be a dollmaker then, but she is out of Magical Thread to do so. Her recruitment quest is further explained here.

Main - Power of The Wind
Now with hopefully well equipped party members, you may head over to the Forest of Spirits that's west of the Haunted House. The place is filled to the brim with elves and fairies, so bring people good at taking down quick and evasive targets. Talking to some of the non aggressive monsters has them comment that a weird monster has been scaring people because of their appearance. Luka is convinced it's just a misunderstanding however. At the end talk to Sylph. She asks Luka why he wants her power. Possible answers are to save the world, to find his father, and to take over the world. No matter the choice, Luka and party will beat up Sylph afterwards in order for Luka to gain her powers. Mere seconds afterwards, something shows up... The Armored Berserker is even stronger than Nanabi and will easily crush your party (you can try to beat him if you want, but it's very difficult). After your party is defeated, Nero will appear and battle him while Neris will take the party away. You can get a taste for how strong your party will be through Nero, as most of his attacks are ones you can learn late game (except for Chaos Drive and a few other attacks). Feel free to experiment with his attacks, as even without attacking, Nero heals enough that the berserker wont be able to kill you. If you managed to beat the berserker on your own, Nero and Neris will not appear.

If you lost to the berserker, you'll appear back in the Pocket Castle. From the battle, Luka gains understanding of himself and gains access to the Angel race. If you didn't, you'll still be in the Forest of Spirits while Alice/Ilias are confused on how strong the party is.

Side - Save the boy...?
See here for details.

3.Safina Region

Main - Seeking out the Queen and a Despairing Discovery
See here for details for this quest and the related quest afterwards.
Side - Superstar Succubus!
The party can now go and find Gnome, however you might be a little underleveled to do so. Not only that, but there are other problems that Sara would like help with. On the way to Witch Hunt Village, the party stops at Grandeur. The residents there have become seduced into loving a rising superstar: Saki. Naturally, the next course of action is to go and beat her up. Her fight is different from most bosses since Saki likes to de-buff your team as well as using her signature attack Sparkle☆ to stun your entire front line, so using characters that resist Stun is a good idea. After you beat her, recruit and then bring Saki back to the theatre, and you'll unlock shows that your companions will put on to earn random items or money. They can range from helpful items like Small Medals to foods to rare accessories, so recruit as many people as you can.
Side - Witch Hunting
See here for details.
Side - Crafting Crystal
The final side quest before heading off to find Gnome is to upgrade your gear to crystal. To do so, head over to Saloon and talk to Orlan, the blacksmith. She'll ask two things: one, if you haven't already rescued the accessory merchant in Saloon Hills, you need to do that. Just talk to the girl when you find her and she'll use a Harpy Feather to return. Next, as per usual, you need raw crystal to begin forging. There's some crystal in the Saloon's Abandoned Mine, but it has been overrun by lizard bandits. Enter the mines and head down to the second floor, where the Lizard Boss awaits. You wont be able to mine the crystal without first defeating her, so do so. Afterwards, return the crystal to Orlan to have her smelt crystal gear. If you only have part 1 and not part 2, this is the best gear that you can get without synthesis.
Main - Power of The Earth
Finally, with every side quest finished for part 1 (Not counting the pocket castle quests.), you can now enter the Safar Ruins to seek out Gnome. The area isn't very large, and Gnome and her mud dolls will be stalking you as you wander about. Once you finally find Gnome, Sylph will tell Gnome what's going on. She, of course, wants to see Luka's power and so the party beats her up. Gaining the power of Gnome, the party can do the final main mission of part 1.
Main - A Ruined World
East of Saloon, the final Tartarus Pit of part 1 is found, surrounded by a massive poison swamp. Despairing engineers and solders can be found here, wondering if their king is still down there... Climb down the ladder and explore the area, and take note of the cracks of the world being returned to chaos as you pass through. Finally, go though the dimensional door to enter a ruined world... both Sylph and Gnome discover that their respective elements are dead, and as far as the eye can see, only the pitch black of true nothingness can be found. The only place that can be entered is the Administrator Tower east of here.

Once you enter the tower, a small robot introduces herself as Radio. When asked about where everyone has gone, a soul crushing reply is given - humans, monsters, and angels have all gone extinct, having either been killed off by the Apoptosis, committed suicide or were transformed into Apoptosis and put down. The only things left are beings like Radio: robots and artifical monsters, as well as her master. Radio advises the party to hurry and meet up with her master up on the 4th floor, and then hurries off. Don't be too hasty however, head to the basement and beat down the 17 Honey Pots that are found there for small medals and Job XP. Then, as you ascend the tower, enter every room and look at the flashbacks of the people that once lived within.

Once you reach the top, you may no longer return. Saving is disabled as well. Once you're done opening all the chests, talk to Radio's master, who introduces herself as La Croix. She is the final survivor of this ruined world, but even as they speak, an Apoptosis of the highest order to coming to erase the world. She gives you her notes as the high class Apoptosis reaches the third floor. With merely a few minutes before she reaches the room where the party is, La Croix tells them to return to their world and use her notes to make sure they won't end up like her world. She will stay behind and safeguard their escape. As the party leaves, she asks them to take Radio along, then prepares herself for battle. The Apoptosis, named Adramelech, appears seconds after the party leaves and coldly announces the erasure of anything in her way...

The party appears back on the first floor, but already you can see the devastating effect of Adramelech, as the world has already been corroded so much that there's only one way out. Follow the path, while Radio gives news on how La Crox is faring. Half way though, Radio drops the new that she can not detect La Crox's energy anymore... but the party presses on. A few steps from the exit, Adramelech appears in front of the party. However, she isn't unscathed after her battle with La Crox, having suffered enough damage to only be fighting at 10% of her full power. This... this is it. The final battle of part 1.

Adramelech can be pretty easy if you are playing on Normal or lower, but is dangerous on higher difficulties. Her attacks deal massive damage and can hit the entire party. She is immune to most status effects except for Slow/Stop and Seduce/Incontinence. But since Seduce and Incontinence only have a 2% chance of working, don't bother trying them. However, Stop will lock her in place for quite a few turns, and with a 50% chance of the spell working, it might be a good idea if you have any time mages. She has no weaknesses, and is immune to Sonic and Bio, so focus on Physical attacks. Remember, the fate of the world resides on you.

Once you finally defeat her, she slowly vanishes into the nothingness while the party makes a mad dash to escape. However, disaster strikes as Adramelech appears once again, intending to drag Luka into chaos with her. But, there is a flash of light as something bisects Adramelech and takes her off your back for now. It's Marcellus, Luka's father, but he looks considerably different from how Luka remembers him. He asks Luka to protect his world, while he'll protect the rest as he walks into another world. As the party basks in the afterglow, every member announces their renewed determination to make sure their world will not fall into chaos... and the credits roll if you only have part 1.

Other - The Appearing Tower
After completion of part 1, the Administrator Tower appears east of the Tartarus Pit for you to explore. You can no longer go to the second floor or higher, but the basement can spawn Mimics and Honey Pots. This is where you go if you haven't recruited the monsters that were found in here when you were in the other world.
Other - Reaper's Challenge
Feel that you're strong enough to take on anyone? Then talk to Reaper in Hades and challenge her. At first, she'll think you're joking and instead summon a unsealed Alice to fight you. Most likely, she'll wipe you out with Monster Lord's Cruelty. However, if you beat Alice, Reaper herself will attack. Every move she does will kill you, or if you block it, also kill you because of the insta-kill effect. One way to defeat her is to use Carbuncle to reach 100% magic reflect and send her magic back at her stack Victorious Clara to summon 3 (2 in part 2) deflectors to not explode, and use the harpy sky dance to prevent her physical attacks from connecting. Beat her, and Reaper sighs and wonders if you're satisfied now as you didn't solve anything. Sti,, you get a Gaia Robe, the best robe in the base game.
Other - Labyrinth of Chaos (Part 1)
Also after completion of part 1 (But only if you don't have part 2), the Labyrinth of Chaos will open up. This place is an endless dungeon that is randomly generated from all maps in the game. While inside, you almost never can escape from battle and you cannot save except on every 10th floor. The main draw of the place are the random teachers you can find, who can teach a skill onto a character that they would not normally get as well as the super bosses every 100th floor. Beating them awards you with very strong legendary equipment that serve as bragging rights if you manage to get them. A full list of the bosses you can fight is located here

Part 2

4.Noah Region

Main - What Now?
Free feel to skip this if you came directly from part 1, unless you haven't played in a long time. Alice/Ilias will ask if the party needs to call a meeting to talk about what's happened so far. After reading though or skipping the text, the party is told that the blockage that was preventing the way forward has been removed from the Marle Grand Corridor. This is located north of Luddite Village. Enter and make your way over to the next town: Port Marle. Upon entering, the party learns that the entire area has been locked down by the local Marines. Asking the sailor down by the docks has him tell you that all ships are being prevented from departing due to the war, but perhaps if you talk to the admiral she'll let you through. To do so, you need to talk to the vice admiral, who is stealing fish. She'll give you a pass to Navy Headquarters. Return to the sailor and show him the pass to be transported. Head inside the building and go to the second floor to meet with Leviathan, who promises a ship if you assist with arresting the Fishy Pirates. The party then walks outside and are told by a Dog Girl to follow her. She'll take you to a small boat who'll quickly row you over to a ship.

Upon landing, the party is greeted by Ashel. I turns out these are the Fishy Pirates! But, they aren't here to fight, they just want to talk to you, and wish to show you around. Walk all the way down to the third floor and talk to the captain...? Nah, its just a Nekomata. The real captain Bonnie is a floor above, stuffing her face in with food. Hearing the party's problems, she offers her ship if you help her recover the pirate queen Roza's treasure from the Great Pirate's Cave. Wanting you to decide on your own, they dump you back at Navy Headquarters. This is another place where you can choose which side to pick. On one side, the Pirate route gives you a lot of items at the start, while the Navy will give you rewards every so often as you progress through the story. In order to pick a side, head left to the boat for the Navy, and head right and talk to the pirate to join the pirates. Either way, they both will head to the Great Pirate's Cave, but the main enemy will change based on your side.

Main - Pirate Queen's Treasure…?
On the Navy route, you first head to the MS Fish and conduct a raid. Making your way down to the captain's room, the group finds a note with the Great Pirate's Cave circled, and makes an assumption that the rest of the pirates fled to it.

On the pirate's route, you head to the cave first.

Either way, make your way through the caves, fighting off pirates or marines as you journey towards the treasure. On the navy route, you'll fight Bonnie and Ashel, but on the pirate route you'll just open the chest and find a dark rapier.

After capturing Bonnie and Ashel, Leviathan will give you the MS Fish for your boat as well as allow access to the storage room. Tatsuko and Stacy will also join the party for good, and will tell you when you can return and get more supplies. Be sure to check the back room to get an Ocean Business Permit.

On the other hand, the pirate route will have you attack the Navy Headquarters after the cave. Fight off the marines as you make your way upstairs to the flag room. Feel free to raid the supply room as well. You'll get an Ocean Business Permit as well as a pirate flag. Leave now, unless you feel that you can take on Leviathan, who is the first super boss of part 2. She can be challenged on a navy route as well, in case you were wondering, and taking her down is a necessary step in her recruitment.

Main - To Grand Noah!
Now with a ship, you can sail northwards of Navy headquarters onto the shore. There is a small village there of the name Finoa that you can rest at and restock. From there, follow the road and ignore the cave on the right. The enemies there are stronger than usual, and you'll come back later anyway. Entering Grand Noah, the party needs a way to be permitted an audience with the Queen. At this point, if you skipped going to Sabasa and freeing Sara, you need to go back and do that. With her status as the Queen of Sabasa, the party is allowed a talk before the Queen. Once before her, Luka and co explain their goal of investigating the various Tartarus pits around, in particular the one in the town of Esta. At first, she is willing to allow permission, but is stopped by her advisor, Mephisto, who is against it. She says that the party isn't strong enough, to which the Queen suggests that the party should win the upcoming Queen Cup to prove their worth. Before doing so, Alice/Ilias will comment that perhaps upgrading gear would be a good idea, and that Dragon Bones can be obtained from the Fossil Mines south of Grand Noah.
Side - Digging Dragon Bones
Of course, if you feel that your team is strong enough, you may skip this part. Heading south and into the Fossil Mines, head down to the second floor. In the upper left corner you'll find a large skeleton, which will award the party with enough dragon bones to last forever. You can either upgrade your gear now or when you're actually in the Queen Cup, but once you start the Queen Cup, you can't back out until you win.
Main - Becoming the Champions!
Sign up for the Queen Cup by heading westwards while in Grand Noah. Head up and into the building to talk to the person behind the counter. As stated before, once you sign up you cannot back out, so be fully prepared. The party battles against boring enemies over the course of three days, and are now in the last three fights. Between every fight, you get a chance to rearrange your party, buy items, or forge gear. Anyway, your first playable battle puts you against Dark Elves, who have not improved since the last time you saw them back near Enrika... Wipe them out and you get to fight Dullahan. She is pretty much a warm-up boss, as she attacks twice a turn but is pretty fragile. Next up, after fighting a trio of previously fought beast monsters, Cerberus steps up to the challenge. As a beast, she is very weak against pleasure attacks, so stomp her into the ground using these and move on to the finals.

While in the waiting room, Mephisto shows up and hints that the party won't be winning as Kyuba, winner of every tournament she's entered in, might be showing up. With that, she vanishes, leaving the party to worry. When the party sees the final person they need to defeat, they're certainly surprised. Alice/Ilias certainly recognize Kyuba, as she is Alma Elma. After some teasing, she begins the fight and gets "beaten" by the party. Afterwards, Hild scans and declares that Alma Elma has only been using only 7% of her power. Suddenly, Mephisto reappears, bringing with her a surprise guest... Granberia. She wants Alma Elma to return to the Monster Lord's Castle and serve under the returned Alice XV, but Alma Elma wants nothing to do with it. In turn, Granberia points her sword towards Alma Elma and the party, ready to cut both down. Alma Elma joins the party for this battle, and will be doing almost all the damage on your first playthough. Alma Elma can easily subdue Granberia with her pleasure skills, and afterwards both Mephisto and Granberia retreat. Alma Elma forfeits the match and gives the party the championship!

After returning to the Queen, she mentions that Mephisto has holed herself up in her Magic Academy north of Grand Noah, and would like the party to apprehend her while she fills out the paperwork for the party to be granted permission to Esta. On your way out, however, you are stopped by Arthur and Caesar, who both want the party's power to solve some problems.

Side - Mystery of the Disappearing Minotaur
See here for details.
Side - Four Shrines Disturbance
See here for details.
Main - Schooling Mephisto
Now that you're a bit stronger, go and storm the gates of the Magic Academy! Upon entering, a group of schoolchildren questions the party. The party hesitates at first, but once the children show their true forms they are more than happy to beat them up. Heading to the right, you can see a poorly disguised Alma Elma, who tells the party that the headmaster is in her room upstairs with a guest. If the party wants to catch her red-handed, they'll need to hurry. Rushing upstairs, the party barges into the room to find Mephisto and... Lilith. At first, it seems like they will team up and fight the party, but Alma Elma bursts into the room and drags Lilith outside, leaving the capture of Mephisto to Luka and co. Mephisto chuckles and says that while she's faded into history, she was once as renowned as the Four Heavenly Knights and transforms into her battle form.

The fight can be difficult, but as a spellcaster, most of her attacks are magical. So, on any given turn, there is a high chance she'll cast magic. What does this mean? It means that if you cast Carbuncle (+ 100% magic reflect), the fight becomes really easy. Afterwards, Mephisto is brought before the Queen for her trial: After being asked some questions, she's given her punishment: to continue loyally serving Grand Noah to the best of her capabilities. Afterwards, she also mentions that the town of Plansect Village is having some problems.

Side - Civil War in Plansect!
Following the road west into the forest, the party enters into Plansect Village. Upon doing so, the party is mistaken for insect reinforcements and attacked by Alra Alum and Alra Rooty. After forcing them back, the party is taken to Alra Priestess and learn that after Alice the XVIIth stopped the war, Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca reignited it by fighting each other and respectively asking for the support of insect and plant monsters.

For the best outcome, answer them that you cannot decide at this time. Alice/Ilias will be somewhat impressed at your thinking, and that you should hear both sides of the story indeed.

So, leave the village and head south east into the mountains. You'll reach Red Mountain, where the insects have retreated too. Fighting your way up to the top, Queen Bee awaits. Talking to her reveals that the Insects are actually fine living on Red Mountain, but since the war has gone on this long, it might be impossible to reconcile. Luka disagrees, and vows to talk sense into Alra Priestess.

Return to Plansect Village and talk to Alra Priestess, who agrees, However, Tezcatlipoca shows up and throws a hissy fit. After you defeat her, she complains that her fight with Quetzalcoatl had weakened her. Having a bad feeling, Alra Priestess joins the party for a short time and you will be taken to the top of Red Mountain. Here Queen Bee is being pushed back by Quetzalcoatl, and is surprised yet happy that Alra Priestess showed up to help her. After the battle, Tezcatlipoca shows up and the party tenses up, thinking that she will join up with Quetzalcoatl and stomp the party... only for the two to fly off into the distance fighting under everyone's aghast gaze.

Afterwards, talking to either of the leaders allows you to recruit them.

Main - A Vision in Esta
Now with the permission finally in hand, the party can go to Esta. After talking to the guard, the party passes through the gates... only for a flash of light to appear. Luka checks around to find his party is missing, and an Esta with people living in it. Talking to them, what they say all points to the same thing: By allowing the angels to dictate what to do, they can live safely. After a while, a bell will sound. You may now enter the church to finish this interesting experience. There, Raphaela will ask Luka if he liked the world he saw, seeing how humans would live such pleasant and easy lives by following the will of the angels. Then, Saja will appear and claim otherwise. They both ask you for what you think.

Afterwards Luka awakes in the current town of Esta: a town with no one remaining, save for the investigating team dispatched by Grand Noah. To reach the Tartarus pit, the party rows a boat over, but discovers there is no way down, and so returns back to shore. However, upon landing, either Gnosis or Zion will appear, attacking the party. After getting pushed back, the Seraph will prepare their full power, but stop once Luka tells them of his vision. They leave, noting that it is not time yet but that Luka is one of the chosen of the goddess.

Main - Power of Water
Afterwards, you're advised to go to Undine's Spring and gain the power of water. To do so, head northwards following the road until you reach a small spring. Enter and dive down to the inner caves. You will find lots of slimes down here, so bring people who don't rely on physical attacks. In the innermost part of the cave, Undine is waiting. Like before, Sylph tries to convince her to join, but she wants a fight first. Beat her up, and she agrees to join. But then Erubetie shows up and engages the party in a fight. She doesn't seem to be at her full power though, so force her back. Luka will point out that her mind is clouded, and that it is why the party was able to defeat her. After a moment of pondering, Erubetie silently teleports away. Finally, Luka gets the power of water from Undine.


Main - Sneaking Inside Gold Fort
Returning to the Queen, the party discuses a plan to take down the Grangold King. After some back and forth, the plan becomes "Grand Noah will attack Grangold, while the heroes sneak into Gold Fort as they move their froces". The first step is to meet with a helper in the Lima Village Ruins. Head westward, then northeast to reach the ruins. Searching though the area, you find quite the surprising helper: Alma Elma. She once again joins the party for a short period of time, and won't leave until you pass through Gold Fort.

If you want to cheese the game, you can return to Sphinx/Leviathan/Yamata No Orochi and beat them up with Alma Elma to get some nice Job EXP.

Anyway, entering Fort Gold, Alma Elma takes care of all the humans inside, leaving only Automata Girls and Paizuri Dolls to fight. After leaving the fort via the backdoor, Alma Elma leaves the party and tells everyone to go on without her. When prompted why, Morrigan and Astaroth suddenly show up. Alma Elma stays behind to hold them off, thus leaving the party. The party quickly retreats...

Main - A Unexpected Encounter
Heading north, the party enters the town of Goddard. As you enter, there are signs that something isn't right. The people all mumble about their "Queen". Head over to the bar and ask the bartender for chicken. With a confused look, he says that the bar doesn't serve that here... before telling the group to head upstairs. There, your next contact awaits... Nero? He points to the somewhat dazed merchant in the corner, noting that he was the contact, but he had fallen to the ill air and could no longer fulfill his job. He hands over some anti-anti-teleport wards, allowing the use of Harpy Feathers to get back to Goddard (had you tried using feathers beforehand, they wouldn't work) before departing.
Main - Golem Blockage!
Your next designation is to meet a contact in Poison Swamp to take care of possible magic that Grangold has desployed as traps. Head inside and endure the poison to meet... Mephisto. She's willing to join the party now, so take her in and go to the March Hills. She'll pull out a golem buster talisman, and return the large number of Golem Girls to earth. It will take quite a long time to pass through the caves, so prepare yourself. At the end, there is a lone golem girl. Mephisto doesn't have another golem buster, so the party takes it out with brute force. Finally, in front of you lies Grangold...
Main - Finding the Mastermind
Entering Grangold, an Ant Girl walks over to investigate the party. Sensing trouble if she alerts anyone, Luka pretends to be charmed by mumbling "My queen...". Head over to the bar again to discover your last contact: Lazarus and Merlin! They're just as surprised as you are. Talk to Lazarus once you're ready. Various places in the city will be bombed while the party sneaks into Grangold Castlethrough the sewers. You'll be stuck here for a bit, and once you complete this quest the monsters here won't be encountered until later in the game, so recruit them now. Pass through the sewers until you find a ladder heading upwards. Lazarus and Merlin will exit the party to fend off the Grangold King who showed up from behind.

The entire castle appears to have been turned into a prison... Fight off the Kitsune guards and head to the second floor to meet Queen Ant, stuck in a cell. If you have Ilias on your team, she'll attack her, but Alice will not. She's not a hard fight, but is pretty sturdy. Either way, she sadly sulks in the corner afterwards. Head downwards into the throne room to discover Lilith! The party concludes that she must be the mastermind, but the latter tells her that even brainwashing a whole country is too much for her, hence why she got support from... Tamamo? She's nothing like the Tamamo you met in Yamatai Village. After she stomps the team, the local one shows up, heals the team, and unseals herself. While she duels herself, the party fights off Lilith. It's another succubus boss fight, but the only real dangerous move she has is her Demon Eyes of Climax, so remove people weak against it.

Afterwards, it appears that the local Tamamo will lose as her seal will expire. Then Nero and Neris appear from subspace! The mere shockwaves from the battle are overbearing, and the castle begins to collapse. The party barely makes it out... and everyone else is also fine. As the war is finally over, it is time for all the leaders to make peace....

6.Gold Region

Main - War never ends...
As everyone is eating and making merry, someone shows up. Its Alice XV, Alice's mother. She declares that as of this moment, monsters and humans will be at war with each other! Of course, the entire room goes into a panic, so everyone holds a meeting to figure out what to do. However, the next morning as no monsters show up, the Grand Noah Queen tells the party to go meet her counterpart.

The King of Grangold who is now freed from his brainwashing. However, as the castle was completely destroyed, he and Queen Ant will reside in the warehouse next to it. He also has some problems that he would like the party to help with, in exchange for a few items. You can also return to Gold Port for a quest, but you can do any of the sidequests in any order.

Side - Obtaining Orichalcum!
But first, the party could use some new gear. Luckily, the Lava Mines north of Grangold are said to contain Orichalcum. The first floor has been cleared out. Thus, head down to the next floor using the rope and see for yourself why it's called the Lava Mines. You can find some Orichalcum in the bottom right corner. Be sure to save the Box Girl stuck in the lava for some Small Medals and a hint to an island later in the game.
Side - Pirate Queen's Legacy
Heading back to Gold Port, a strange lady stops you at the entrance. She was wondering if the party could help her with a small problem. Saying yes has her take you back to her house and explain that there is a ship that she wants to party to escort her to. If they want to help, they should meet her at the docks. Do so, and she rows the party over to the Ghost Ship.

Lazarus and Merlin can be found at the bar, and can be recruited by talking to them. They open up the Pocket Casino, where you can get an advanced job change item if you either have the money or the luck to gain 3000 coins. Alternatively, Lazarus having gambling luck III, you can use him to scam his own casino and get late part 2 equipment right now.

There aren't any ghost monsters here, only sea ones, but the atmosphere certainly would make you feel like one would appear. Head down to the third floor, then outside to find a key that will open a door into the captain's room. Inside are the 3 last Beelzebubs. This is really tough fight, as each of the Beelebubs can use AoE attacks alongside a unique attack. Take them in the order B -> C -> A, and you should be fine. They vanish into a cloud of flies and escape afterwards. Then, head though the wall on your left to find the key to the treasure room, raid everything and then leave. On the way back Selene revels that she's actually a ghost, and vanishes.

However, if you head back to her house, she's still there and is worried about where the Beelzebubs went. A cutscene is played of them heading to Grangold, then to Yamatai. Head to Yamatai and talk to them, and they along with Selene will join the party. At this point, you can recruit Leviathan if you have bested her in battle.

Side - Succubus Schism!
The first problem the King has are rumors of a civil war that is happening in Succubus Village. Head northwards past the gate to there and witness for yourself the ongoing conflict. Various named Succubi such as Maccubus or Lencubus can be found as mini bosses, and groups of Succubi are assaulting random men throughout the town. When you're done saving them, head north past the bridge to reach the mayor's house. Downstairs, the mayor and Natasha are fighting over a man from Luddite Village. This man was someone that had abused Natasha and was away when the Lilith Sisters wrecked the place, and she wants to kill him. The mayor, on the other hand, wants to try the man under the law, as he is a resident of Succubus Village. The correct side to choose actually depends on if you picked Lily or Lucia back in Magistea Village. Lily will want you to pick Natasha, while Lucia will side with the Mayor. Picking the wrong side will prevent you from recruiting either of them, so plan accordingly. The person you didn't pick will attack the party. They're both Succubi, and actually almost have the same attacks, just differently titled. After defeating them, the town calms down, but you'll encounter succubi in a small area off the path (this is mentioned by the NPCs nearby). You'll also acquire "Lily's Research" if you've sided with Lilly earlier in the Witch Hunt Village questline after concluding the main event here. Report back to the king to claim your first reward, or head to Lady's Village for the next quest.
Side - Lady's Village Incident
Nothing seems out of order when you enter the village, but head over to the manor that Cassandra and her daughter Emily live and the party is stopped at the door by the Scylla Maid. You need to fight her to be allowed inside. It turns out that both Cassandra and Emily have been transformed into a weakened state by Candy, a witch that can turn her foes into sweets. She had taken advantage of their moment of weakness (after being beaten up by Neris) and then fled along with some of the more violent residents of Lady's Village to Scenic Hill. Cassandra would like the party to help her, and commands Ran (the maid) to join your party to help.

Head east a few tiles to Scenic Hill and you'll find Candy waiting. She shouldn't pose much of a problem, being slow and inaccurate. Afterwards, she barfs up two cakes that contain Cassandra and Emily's power.

Head back and give these cakes to Cassandra and Emily, and they'll regen their power... However, Cassandra's cake had been somewhat absorbed already, so she is still weakened and has a younger body instead. Afterwards, they rush out the door, saying that'll they're going to the Magical Girl selection ritual in Goddard... You should get all the rewards from the Grangold King first.

Side - Magical Girl Selection
Heading back to Goddard, talk to the magical girl in the house with the flowers outside. She'll tell you that the party needs to head to the Poison Swamp again to take part in the selection.

Go to the swamp and then head north from the entrance. You'll run into Emily and Cassandra, who will attack the party in order to become the next magical girl. After being defeated, they will join the party. Then go to where Mephisto was to find and defeat Succubus Witch. Yet another Succubus, just with more spells. The magical girl appears and is about to transform Luka into a magical girl when... *someone* interrupts. They become the magical girl instead, awkward times are had, and they leave afterwards. Succubus Witch joins the party, and the party can all become magical girls now. The magical girl also becomes a BF that you may fight at any time.

Side - Reviving Kraken...?
Northeast of the Poison Swamps, there is an area named Gold Coast. You can explore it as much as you want, but in order to access the second location, you need to have done Meia's quest in order to gain the Ball of Guidance and also have the key item Dried Squid (Kraken in sealed form). Once there, Kraken will tell the party to head to the sparking spot in order to travel to the Northern Undersea Temple, where Poseidoness is. So, travel there and make your way to Poseidoness's room. She thinks the party is here for the Silver Orb she holds, and attacks without hearing out the group. She does have some powerful lightning attacks alongside physical tentacle skills. But, as a Sea-Dweller, she's weak to lightning herself, so fry her. Beating some sense into her, the party shows her the sealed Kraken. However, she does not have the power to restore her form, but mentions that the Queen Mermaid probably will. As a parting gift, she gives the party the Silver Orb anyway, and says that she'll join he party once Kraken is fully restored.
Main - Power of Fire
With the other sidequests done, now is the time to head to Gold Volcano to get Salamander's power. Watch out, as apart from the entrance the entire floor is lava. Be sure to heal up every now and then. Head to the center to face Salamander. Like the rest, she demands a show of strength. Oblige and wreck her. As the contract is being formed, Granberia shows up again. On the Alice route, you don't fight her (Alice talks her out of fighting), but you do on the Ilias route. She has barely changed from her first appearance at Grand Noah, just with a bit more health. You know the drill - just spam pleasure attacks at her until she falls. Afterwards, Salamander tells her off, and as she departs, Luka finally gains the power of fire.
Main - Tartarus Pit Three!
With Salamander's power, now is the time to head to the Tartarus Pit that's west of Grangold. However, you need to pass though the Nightmare Wastes, a rather dangerous spike in monster level in order to make it to the pit. You can take a small break in the Holy Wings Shrine to recover, but ignore the Devasted Plains in the bottom right corner, as you WILL die if you enter, unless you cheese the area with a No Encounter ability. As you near the entrance to Tartarus, there is a barrier of fire that prevents you from descending. Naturally, Salamander dispels it. This prompts White Rabbit to appear, and she explains that she placed the fire barrier there in order to make sure that Luka had the power of the spirits before coming here. She then vanishes, leaving the party to head downwards. This Tartarus only has one floor, but it is filled with dangerous Apoptosis such as Libo-Libo, Jellaila, Twinkell and Amphil. Find the door to the next area to discover a chaos-eroded Remina castle. Finally, pass though the door to the chaos corridor to appear in another world...
Main - Crisis of 500 Years Ago
The place appears to be the same as the current world. However, you'll soon notice that the Nightmare Plains are missing, and that Lady's Village as well as Scenic Hill likewise have vanished. The only town that you can enter is Succubus Village… However, as you enter, its clear that is not the same village that you were in before. There are no Succubi at all, just normal humans. They're also in a state of emergency: the Succubi Lilith & Lilim are being kept at bay in the future mayor's house and people are waiting for the hero Heinrich to handle them. However, Luka tells the guards that he is Heinrich, and heads downwards in order to take them out. You've fought many Succubi by this point, and the only difference is that they take two actions per turn. Defeating them, they disappear to places unknown. As this happens, the party hears a voice heading down the stairs... it's the real Heinrich and his trusty partner Alicetroemeria. They're surprised that the fight is over, and welcome the party to talk with them at the inn.

7.All Out War

Main - Crisis in the Present!
Head over to the inn and talk to either Heinrich of Alicetromeria to start a cutscene. Luka will explain that the party comes from 500 years in the future. Suddenly, Luka gets an emergency communication that the capitals of the world, Grangold, Grand Noah, Sabasa, and San Ilia are under attack! Hearing this, Luka takes out a harpy feather and teleports right to Grand Noah, where he sees various elves and fairies attacking the town. On the Alice route, Alicetroemeria will have come along for the ride, and joins the party. Run about and save various people while fighting off a Gigantic Girl, Elf Amazoness, Carbuncle Girls and Trick Fairies for additional rewards. When you're done, its time to take down the leader - Queen Fairy. After defeating her, the elven army retreats. However, there is no time to waste! The order doesn't matter, but you'll need to head to the other three capitals.

In San Ilia, it's the mermaid race whom have invaded. Apart from the mermaids you've already seen, the army also contains Mermaid Generals, Mermaid Knights, and a lone Lorelei, who is guarding the commander - El. Defeating the Lorelei, El is frightened by some Makina that explodes near her, and gets kicked backwards into the fountain square, where the party can confront her. Like with Queen Fairy, her defeat causes the mermaid army to leave with her.

In Sabasa, vampires have descended. Sara will leave the party if she's in it, and fight her own battles off scene. As for enemies you'll fight? The regular Vampire can be found, as well as the more dangerous Conquista, Vendetta and an Elder Vampire. There are two commanders here, Carmilla and Elizabeth. You fight Carmilla first, as Elizabeth heads off to command the army ahead. When you find Sara, she's surrounded by vampires, and Elizabeth taunts her. However, Sara merely smirks and transforms into her succubus form that you fought back in part 1, but she has control over it. She'll request to rejoin the party, and you'll fight Elizabeth. With both defeated, the vampires flee.

In Grangold, spiders of all sizes have emerged. You'll fight a group of three Arachne that are surrounding a Golem Girl, but they are the only new spiders that are wandering around. However, as you approach the bridge that leads to the castle, a small mini boss rush will occur, as you'll fight a Tsuchigumo then two Arachne Lords. As soon as they fall, the Spider Princess, who is leading the army, is annoyed that she can't seem to find the King at all. Then, someone in the army comes out from the castle reports that the castle already seems to be destroyed. There is a sound of a door opening nearby, and the King of Grangold steps out for some fresh air, having awoken from his nap. He sees the spider army that is ravaging his city, and in a fit of rage, teleports to one wing of the army and vaporizes them all. Seeing his power, the Spider Princess teleports down there and begins fighting. Meanwhile, an Atlach-Nacha appears to stop the heroes. When your battle is over, the Spider Princess sounds a retreat, seeing that they would lose the fight if they continued. The King teleports in front of you and asks to join the party, wanting revenge.

After fending off all of the queens, Luka and co are pulled into a meeting to decide what to do next. The plan is for Luka and party to strike back at the queens, defeating each of them in turn while his companion asks the human lords to search for more information on the Six Orbs to awaken the Garuda Girl. To do so, the leaders have opened up the Navy Headquarters' gate that allows access to the open sea. Your goal is clear...

Side - Mimic Island Massacre…?
Or, take a second and murder an entire island of innocent mimics for their tasty job exp. By heading south east of Navy Headquarters (or east of Happiness Village), along the eastern edge of the map Mimic Island is waiting. Step inside and check every box/pot/chest to fight a mimic monster. Not only that, the only encounters here are mimic monsters, so just farm here if you need small medals or job exp.
Main - Payback!
You can complete these in any order that you want, but the listed order is the recommended path according to how they're listed in the monsterpedia.

Directly east of Mimic Island, you'll run into two islands. One has the World Tree on it, but you are barred from entering further. The other island is the one you want to head to. The Fairy's Island as you might expect, is where the Elves and Fairies that invaded Grand Noah live. Head inside and take either path to reach the center of the island and confront Queen Elf. However, upon defeating her, a Dryad and Walraune shows up. The Walraune attacks the party, since Luka discovered that the Queen Elf was actually under a mind control spell that is coming from the world tree. Defeating her, the Dryad remarks that the party is still strong even after defeating the Queen Elf and retreats back to the world tree. The Queen Elf is thankful for the help and the shopkeeper and blacksmith to the left of her open their services. You can head to the World Tree now for a side quest, which will be mentioned after this section.

Next up, Lyra Falls is far west of Esta, and is the place where the Mermaids are hiding. As you progress though the caves, talk to El, who is having second thoughts about the war. After passing though 3 areas, you'll meet Queen Mermaid. She, of course, attacks the party. But, after being forced back, El leaps out of the water and pleads for her mom to stop fighting. After a brief second, she agrees and also asks the party to take care of El, who joins the party. At this point, if you have the sealed Kraken, head outside and then back inside to talk with Queen Mermaid. After pestering her enough, she unseals her, and she joins the party.

Now its time for spiders... Unlike the rest of the queens, Spider Princess is not in the Open Sea area. Instead, she resides on Solitary Island which is directly north of the massive Tartarus Hole in the inner seas. Take out the guard at the entrance and begin to explore this chain of islands filled with spiders. At the end, Spider Princess awaits. Knocking some sense into her, she calls off the attack because she fell in love with Luka... which Sonya is not happy with, even as she promises to marry him. This opens up a side quest to recruit her later.

Finally, the vampires are holed up in Vampire Castle, which is on a small island next to Hellogondo. Enter, and search around. If you decide to head upstairs, you'll quickly find that you can't advance - there's a magical barrier that teleports the party if they walk a certain distance. Next is downstairs, where you'll find Carmilla sleeping in her coffin. Disturb her and beat her to up to have her cough up some Vampire Tears which will disable that barrier. At the end of the hallway Elizabeth is guarding the entrance into the throne room. If you try to walk past her, she gets annoyed and demands that the party fights her. Do so and then meet Queen Vampire. You know the drill by this point, one beating coming up. She admits the party's power, then commands Carmilla and Elizabeth to join the party. Recruiting her require additional work and being quite far in Vanilla's merchant sidequest.

Afterwards, head to each of the rulers and tell them that you've defeated the Queens and receive an Advanced Job change item from each. After talking to the last one, everyone throws a party! Nothing could go wrong now...

Side - Receiving Rainbow Crystal
Heading over to the world tree, the guard from before is still blocking the way. This time, however, Luka and co just blast them to pieces and continue onwards. There's only three floors, but you'll travel between the three back and forth as you try and make sense of the maze-like insides. There's another reason to come to the world tree, for the place holds Rainbow crystals, a material stronger than Orichalcum and the last tier that you'll find in part 2. Anyway, making your way to the throne room, Queen Alraune waits. She attacks the party after a failed conversation with her, but the brainwashing weakens afterwards. In doing so, however, the party attracted the one who caused this entire affair - Azi Dahaka. Like the rest of Black Alice's faction, she attacks and is forced back. As thanks for helping, Queen Alraune gives the party the Star Spirit, an advanced job change item, as well as promising to give a Fruit of The World Tree for Queen Harpy.
Main - Gathering the Orbs (Part 1)
If you've been doing all the side quests so far, there should only be 3 left to get, the Red, Blue and Yellow Orbs. In case you have other orbs to collect, the ones that you should be missing would be the Selene side quest (For the Purple Orb), Meia's side quest (To get the ball of Guidance to head to Poseidoness and then beating her up for the Silver Orb). The Green orb was for winning the Queen cup, and you had to do that anyway. So, where are the rest? One is in the hands of the Elven Princess, who has never come out the hidden elf village at all. The other Is with Sphinx, and the last one was with Kraken. Lets do these in order.

For the elf, head back to Queen Elf and talk to her. As the queen, she can get in touch with any of the elves, and asks the princess to give it over. Before she does, she wants to see the hero that everyone has been talking about, and when Queen Elf mentally sends a picture of Luka over to her, she falls in love in seconds. She promises to meet the party at the Snake Shrine in Yamatai. Head there and walk inside for a cutscene. She gives a ton of gifts, rare items, the Red Orb and leaves behind her Elf Attendants for blacksmithing and item shopping.

Now for the Yellow Orb. Going back and talking to Sphinx has her give the orb to you... if you can prove that you're worthy of it. She was a super boss in part 1 but is now a regular boss for part 2. After beating her up, she hands over the orb and can be recruited by talking to her again.

Now for the last orb... if you haven't already unsealed Kraken, go do that. She says that before she was sealed, Astaroth got her hands on the Blue Orb and destroyed it, which means the Blue Orb can no longer be used in their world and it would take more than a year or so to recreate one. It seems that the adventure is over... but then someone remembers that there was the Blue Orb during the reign of Black Alice, and fortunately, one of the Tartarus leads to such a world.

Unfortunately, the Blue Orb is in the Monster Lord's Castle. Yep.

Main - Gathering the Orbs (Part 2)
Talk to the mayor in Succubus Village (Alt) to have her give the party a boat to row over to the Hellgondo continent. Depending on the route, you might need to stop by the inn to talk to Heinrich. On the Alice route, this is unneeded, but you'll recruit Heinrich here on the Ilias route. Once there, you'll find a cave that is the only way forward. Once out, you can head to the bottom right to find the Hellgondo Shrine, where you can rest up and change jobs/races. On an Alice route, upon trying to leave, Lilith & Lilim will show up, but Alicetroemeria will quiet them down, and they'll join the party. Anyway, travel the one-way path to find the city of Remina before its fall. Explore the city, and make sure to talk to the King to gain an advanced job item as well as heading over to the lab to have Promestein also earn you an advanced job item, before leaving.

The Monster Lord's Castle awaits. The path to the castle has a much higher encounter rate than usual, but entering the castle will provide another fast travel option, so persist. Entering, the party reminds Luka not to go charging in and challenging Black Alice to a fight. There is a healing spring to the left, so head there if you're low. You will find the Blue Orb past the Three Nobles of Black, who had been assigned to guard it. Defeat them and claim the Orb as well as various rare items. If you really want to, you can head up the second floor's staircase to find Black Alice, but only if you don't have Heinrich in the party, Alicetroemeria will leave the party if present. She is the hardest super boss of part 2, and has 3 forms you must fight through one after the other to win. Unless you're on a new game plus, come back later.

8.Snow Continent

Main - To Hellgondo…?
With all of the orbs in hand, head over to the Holy Wings Shrine. A cutscene occurs and... nothing happens. No Garuda Girl shows up. However, Nero does, and says that there is a disturbance on the Snow Continent, and that is preventing the Garuda Girl from showing up. So, the party sails to the entrance of the Snow Continent, and enters the Snow Cave. This is where you'll first meet Angel enemies, whom are resistant to most elements but weak to pleasure. Anyway, pass through the cave, take a break at the Polar Bear Village, then head outside. The town of Snow Heaven awaits.
Main - Searching For Eden
The angels here are friendly compared to those wandering the land, and direct the party to the lead angel. She mentions that what they are looking for should the Ilias Temple Ruins that is in the far west. However, Eden has been powering a barrier surrounding it, as she had discovered that some sort of corruption was being emitted from it. Eden had been keeping this barrier active for many years, over at the Snow Shrine to the east. In order to enter the Ilias Temple Ruins, Luka and co need to have Eden open up the barrier, so leave the village and head eastwards. Various angels are guarding the area, but take them down and head to the inner area. On an Ilias route, upon seeing the sealed Ilias, Eden joins the party without a problem and releases the barrier. However, on an Alice route, she attacks the party, but is vastly weaker than her prime, since she had been using up so much of her power to maintain the barrier. After a short battle, she discovers that Luka is the son of Lucifina and releases the barrier, but does not join the party, wishing to stay alone. The finale is quickly coming, there are only a few things left to do...
Side (Ilias Route Only) - Holy Revival
After joining the party, Ilias mentions that the party should visit the Hall of Creation, as this was where Ilias created new angels as well as revived fallen ones. Of course, she is planning to revive Lucifina and Micaela. The hall is found westward, across a bridge. Entering, various angels patrol the area. Despite the presence of both Ilias and Eden, they'll attack the party. Anyway, make your way to the large magic circle to witness Ilias and Eden combining their holy powers together to revive Lucifina and Micaela... Yet, something is off. Due to Ilias's sealed form, she didn't have enough power to fully recreate them, so they both become small children and lost all their memories from after their childhood. But, either way, they join the party. On an Alice route, you can make it all the way here, but Alice will simply mention that it seems to be a ritual for angels, and leaves it at that.
Main - Point of Divergence
Now, with the barrier down, Luka and co can finally enter the Ilias Temple Ruins. At first, the place seems fine, music is calm and holy. The White Rabbit is there, blocking the path, and she asks the party if they are ready to see what is past this point - there is no turning back. Nod yes, and suddenly, the place shakes and static covers the screen... The entire place has changed, the elements are in disarray, the place is being transformed into chaos. Follow the White Rabbit as you make your way though the tangled mess. The monsters here are quite dangerous, but the really powerful enemies are in the next area. There, you'll find the White Rabbit in a church, she heals the party, but then the places undergoes another round of chaos which erodes the entire place. Here and in the next area, you'll find the apoptosised angels Heriel and Alciel, whom are basically mini bosses. Be prepared or flee. Anyway, as you make your way up the stairs of the once great Ilias temple, the White Rabbit attempts to explain how this all happened, before being blasted with holy lightning into ashes. But only one person could use that power... and indeed, at the far end, is another Ilias. After a lot of exposition from both, the White Rabbit takes everyone into a magical portal to a distant past, to some sort of laboratory. No one here can see nor hear the party, and the party likewise can't interact with them... except to pick up a key item along the way. Entering past a double set of doors, a cutscene plays out. Heinrich's sword, coated with blood on it, is being used as a catalyst to summon... something but, what they summoned was clearly not what they were expecting:

Black Alice, from the ordinal trilogy, moments after being defeated by Luka, but before she died. Not seeing Luka, Black Alice quickly realizes that no one can stop her from fusing with the Ilias inside of her and mixing Holy and Dark together into her mortal frame, becoming the Goddess of Chaos. With her newfound power, she turns her surroundings to chaos, summoning the Apoptosis, and proceeds to ascend. She sees the monsters of the Monster world and the angels of the Angel world, before turning... and seeing the party, peeking in on her. White Rabbit quickly forces everyone back before she can do anything.

Again, she tries to explain something, but Ilias blasts her again, before explaining it herself. When the Ilias from the trilogy died, her death causes a ripple effect of paradoxes, creating parallel worlds. These worlds all stem from the trilogy's world, and chaos is trying to correct any worlds that diverge from that path. The only way to stop it for a short period of time is to cut the Ilias of the world down. A sudden wind magic strikes her, and she falls, dead. The Lilith sisters show up, and in response, An Eden alongside Zion and Gnosis. Seeing their counter parts, the two sides duke it out, only for Sonya to step in between them, muttering and having a vague blank stare...

This is where the timeline splits between the Alice and Ilias route.

On an Alice route, Gnosis steps in and tries to shake her off, but Sonya rips off her arm and absorbs it, transforming into Sonya Mazda, who attacks the party. Defeating her causes Morrigan to try and kick her while she's down, but Luka manages to prevent her from dying when she attempts to absorb power from Morrigan by making Sonya flinch, thus allowing Morrigan to escape. She then summons a fully powered Adramelech and transforms into Sonya Chaos. Angels and monsters team up to stop Adramelech, while the party faces down Sonya Chaos. After wounding her, the party sees how Adramelech is faring. She is taken down by a combo attack, but revives in seconds, further pulling the world into chaos... the angels retreat, leaving the monsters and Luka's party behind. However, a small creature steps out - Nuruko. As the party watches, she transforms into a being much like the four spirits - the Spirit of Chaos. With her powers, she reverts Sonya and the world to normal and vaporizes Adramelech before transforming back. Lilith recommends having Morrigan join the party since she is wounded, and afterwards departs. The party talks about what happened before a few words from Morrigan end part 2 on a shocking note - Alice XV, Alice's mother, has died by the hands of Marcellus...

On an Ilias route, Morrigan is the one who tries to stop Sonya, but loses her arm and becomes Sonya Mainyu, the Dark counterpart to Sonya Mazda. Similar to the Alice route, defeating her causes Gnosis to stop her, but Luka interprets again and Sonya transforms into Sonya Chaos and summons Adramelech. This time, however, the Lilith Sisters flee first, leaving the angels and Luka behind. All seems lost, but then Sonya Chaos hears a whisper of what she used to be, a human, and turns her lance against Adramelech, piercing her. With her newfound powers, she rewinds time to before Adramelech was summoned, clones a Sonya from another world, and drags Adramelech with her into the void. The party awakens without any memory of what happened, just that they need to prevent the spread of chaos. The angels leave, promising to help if needed. As the party begins leaving, Luka looks at Sonya, feeling that something is off. An image of Sonya Chaos goes across his mind, but it was quickly fleeting. Feeling a sense of great loss, part 2 ends...

Side - Serious Alma Elma?
In order to take this side quest, you must have done Promestein's previous side quest, in which she asks to be taken to the Ancient Temple Ruins. Then she will want to do another trip, as she has an idea regarding the capsule that Hild was in, on an Alice route, Morrigan will also ask to be taken along with Prom. Take them both, and regardless of route, Alma Elma will show up and attempt to silence Morrigan (Who pops into the area on an Ilias route). Since the party is either defending the elder succubus or wants Alma Elma to stop, she'll attack. As she is most likely the second strongest super boss in part 2, she has a very good chance of taking your party down. If, however, you manage to bypass her healing and damage output to take her out, she will join the party afterwards.
Side - A Meeting With La Croix
With the Remina Keycard you have, there are two things you can do. You can head back to the west Tartarus and open that door in the corroded Remina castle for an advanced job change item, and you can go back to Devastated Plains and explore a bit. In the plains, you'll find a building with a locked door which has a small key slot. Of course, swipe the Remina Keycard and the door will open. Head inside and loot the various rare chests inside, and proceed to the top. There, Kagetsumugi and La Croix are busy talking to each other. If Chrome has not been recruited, La Croix kicks the party out, which has Alice/Ilias comments that they should bring someone that La Croix would know. Otherwise, seeing the party, Kagetsumugi leaves after asserting her stance that she'll stick with Black Alice. Chrome keeps trying to get La Croix to say that she is her sister, but La Croix, after denying it twice, snaps her fingers and sends Fernandez, Titania and Roza after the party. After fending them off, she sends the other half, Queen Lamia, Former Queen Harpy and Queen Scylla, without a chance to take a breath.

Defeat them, and La Croix will comment that Chrome has grown up and found some powerful allies, but that it will all come to naught as the world will come to an end soon. But Chrome denies it, declaring that in another dying world, her sister fought to the very end. With that, Chrome hands over the La Croix notes. She reads though them, while muttering... before commanding the Cirque du Croix to follow the party under Chrome's command and departs after saying some words of encouragement to Chrome. Speak to each of the Cirque du Croix and then grab the Dark Arts Grimoire on the desk to the right for the last advanced job change item.

Other - Pocket Castle Requests + Other Quests
Head here for more details about the Pocket Castle Requests. In general, these requests either give the requester skills, give plot info, or other extra things. There are other side-quests that are not on the board, such as Vanilla and Papi's Shop and Blacksmith quest respectably, or returning the Polar Bear Girl to her village. For the side quests that allow recruiting the Queens, head here and head here for the 4 directions (Kraken, Sphinx, Yamata no Orochi, Poseidoness)
Other - The Land of Night and the Heroes of the Seven Worlds
See here for details. You need to have a copy of Paradox 2.30 however.