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From left to right: Kazuya (SHRIFT), Lest (PB), Hakunen (TTC), Lars (SQ), Luka (MGQ), Novissa (ROBFS4U), and Lauratt (SR).

This guild will cover the Collaboration Scenario that was added in Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG version 2.30. The collaboration contains characters from: SHRIFT, Parade Buster, The Three Charms, Succubus Quest, ROBFS4U, Succubus Rhapsodia, Succubus Prison and of course, Monster Girl Quest! Paradox RPG.


In order to start the collab scenario you need to have completed the main story of Part 2 (Ilias Temple Ruins) and a few particular sidequests. These are:

Only after doing all these will you be allowed to start.

Chapter 0

At the beginning, the White Rabbit shows up in the Main Hall of the Pocket Castle. She's in a panic, and upon taking to her a few warnings pop up. If you haven't done the previously mentioned quests, it'll stop you right there, otherwise it will explain what you are getting into:

  • There are no H-Scenes while controlling the party without Luka in it, you can change the difficulty and respawn only.
  • All items and equipment in your inventory are moved to storage. However, a Move All option has been added to make returning all those items back much easier.
  • Gear from the Labyrinth of Chaos other than white named gear will be unequipped and locked for the duration of the collab.
  • After finishing a chapter, you will keep any items you have obtained, but weapons and armors are moved into storage.
  • There are no Evaluation Meetings at all.
  • All Monsterpedia Entries will be the same for the Collab Characters and Monsters (more accurately, the Monsterpedia will start filling only after you get back the control of Luka in chapter 10)

Then, you're given a choice to start or not start the collab. Once you hit yes, you won't be controlling Luka quite some time, so be prepared. You might want to switch to Normal difficulty as well, for reasons that will soon be apparent.

The White Rabbit explains that while she was going to another world in order to guide the local Monster Lord, she went to the wrong world address and someone came though the gate. This person began to corrode the space around them, but she was not worried about it and unleashed a powerful attack to send them back. However, they were unharmed and mocked her, saying that she can't attack a Nightmare like that, and counterattacked with pleasure. Again, she was not worried, she was immune to pleasure! However, for some reason the attack was able to pierce White Rabbit's defenses. As a result, she was captured and the person made use of her powers. After explaining that, the White Rabbit continues and names the unknown person as "The Queen of Dreams". The Queen of Dreams then used her power to open up gates to other worlds and bring over anyone who answered her call, to form an Alliance to help her expand her "Land of Night". Among them, there would be enemies similar to The Queen of Dreams known as Nightmares. They're completely immune to all non-pleasure damage and ignore pleasure immunities and resistances alike, so you need to keep that in mind. Finally, The Queen of Dreams appeared in the Lima Village Ruins, but her current location is unknown. With no clue as to where to go next, the party let the various kings and queens go back to their counties and start looking for information while Witch and Morrigan (should they be in your current roster) will leave as well. As this part ends, the White Rabbit mentions that pulling enemies from another world would have triggered an equal reaction: heroes from another world might have come as well...

Chapter 1

Suddenly, we are at Scenic Hill. A portal appears, and our first group of heroes appear: Lauratt and Rigeo. They're confused, and while looking around they're attacked by a lone Succubus A. If you're on Paradox Difficulty, it's almost a sure loss. Lauratt and Rigeo start off at level 50, have the Unemployed job, basic races (Human and Imp) and extremely low quality equipment. The succubus will usually kill Lauratt in a single hit, then two hit kill Rigeo. This fight is also unavoidable. Anyway, after defeating the succubus, explore around and open all chests you find. As your entire inventory is gone, you'll need all the help you can get. Make your way down the mountain, then exit and head to Lady's Village. Once you enter you'll be thrown into a fight against Executioner after a brief talk with her and her sisters Mysteltainn and Ogretooth. This fight shouldn't be too hard unless you're on a higher difficulty, as it's just a DPS race. Once you "win", she powers up and prepares to unleash her full power. While this is happening, Ogretooth notices a boy coming out of the bar and leaps to suck him dry, but she is blown away by Magatsu! The trio then retreats, despite Executioner's protesting. Afterwards, the White Rabbit appears and explains what is happening to the group. This ends Chapter 1.

List of Items:

  • Holy Tiara
  • Wizard's Staff
  • Barrier Rosary
  • Blue Robe
  • 3 Phoenix Tails
  • Dusk Ring
  • Angelic Breasts
  • Bunny Suit

Chapter 2

Close up of a face, and then you find yourself controlling Kazuya, our next protagonist. He has woken up in a bed in a strange place, but it's nothing new to him. Check the glittering spots one by one to hear his thoughts on the world. One of them is his weapon, so be sure to pick it up and equip it. After exiting the room, a female voice speaks directly into Kazuya's mind, declaring that everyone is going to be her food, but if they escape the area, they're free to go. Kazuya focuses on the "everyone" part and concludes that there are civilians in need of protecting. After walking a bit to the right, a Lampas appears. It's not the one that Kazuya knows, and she wants to eat him up. If you get caught by one, you'll go into a battle, so try to avoid them as your skills and equipment are once again really bad. Run past the Lampas to find another one, and another, and then escape down the stairs. You'll spot a monk running away. Follow after him, and after a few rooms, Kazuya will comment on how he's already been here before. In that room (Third room with a roaming Lampas), return the way you came to exit the loop. Beyond lies an ambush! Kazuya then uses magic to set the Lampas on fire, surprising him, then he quenches the flames with water. Thankful, she lets Kazuya passes... and also forces herself into the party. She recognizes Kazuya after he gives his name, and provides quite a bit of backstory.

Leave to the right and encounter a group of four Lampas. You can fight them, or despawn them by exiting to the left and returning. There's a real ambush once you head south, so be prepared to fight or flee. You'll encounter that monk again, so chase after him after defeating the two Lampas he left behind. You'll just barely miss him, and encounter a new enemy, Spirit Fox. They're fast and use Beast skills, but are weak to pleasure as one might expect. Better be prepared because right afterwards you'll have to fight a few groups of them in quick succession. Beating them all up, the monk appears, and the foxes cry out for him to run, for the demon in human skin will come after him next! Said "demon" Kazuya is not happy at this and tries to convince the monk otherwise, but the boy runs off. To clean up this misunderstanding, Kazuya chases after him. After another close escape, the monk ends up trapped by walls of foxes. Of course, you appear and beat them up, and finally clear up the misunderstanding. The monk, Hakunen, then joins the party. He says he isn't good at fighting, then breaks a boulder with his fists. Anyway, you'll encounter a Fox Statue, which is a barrier that disappears once you interact with it from the back. They will always act as "doors to before", allowing you to return to an area you alredy explored. Keep going, and eventually you'll find yourself in another area that loops if you take the wrong path. The correct path is right right right up down. However, you might need to talk to the fox at the start or take the wrong path a few times before it will allow you to exit.

Remove the Fox Statue in the way, then head upwards for a cutscene. You'll find a youth named Tony, frightened. Kazuya calms him down, but then Myusca appears and in one swift move, consumes the life of Tony. Kazuya yells out to run, and you should, since no matter how strong you are, if Myusca touches you, its game over. Increasing the running speed in the options trivialize the escape. Keep running and running, then exit to the right. You'll enter a makeshift rest area, in which Myusca then bursts in and sucks dry five people after knocking the party back, then leaves as she is full for now. To the right, three foxes will appear. Talk to them and the middle one, called Dream Fox, will join the party. Once you leave to the right, you'll spot a familiar looking book. It's a Job Change book, and after touching it, the entire party will gain several basic and intermediate jobs. If you have the the advanced job change item, you can also put the party in advanced jobs, which will make what comes afterward much easier. Keep exploring and you'll encounter the first shop of the collab. The Fox sells basic items, and as you'll keep them between chapters it might be best to get as many phoenix tails as you can. Soon after, there's another shop, this time for some decent weapons and armors. Get what you need, then depart. As you find some stairs, the White Rabbit appears and once again tells the party what is happening: Queen of Dreams appeared, Heroes are summoned, go and save the world! Also, be thankful that Kazuya can use magic!

Descend the stairs, and prepare for a proper boss fight! It's Myusca, of course. As a succubus, she has lots of Pleasure and Wind based attacks, so Dream Fox will be extra squishy and likely to die quickly. So, use Hakunen's Charms to try and Stun or Silence her, the charms have a 100% effectiveness, but Myusca only has a 25% chance of being affected. Or, beat her down with Kazuya's Gun skills. As expected, defeating her does nothing, the heroes have only scratched her elbow. But suddenly, she's distracted by the Proof of Collaboration on her hand which is burning her, and the party escapes... right into two other succubi. So chapter 2 ends...

List of Items (Bold means unique):

  • Rebellion-K (Shining Spot)
  • High-Quality Herb (Pot)
  • Red Fire Stone (Drawer)
  • High-Quality Herb (Pot)
  • Boost Drink (Pot)
  • High-Quality Herb (Barrel)
  • Mithril Helm
  • Red Fire Stone (Pot)
  • Strike Rod
  • Phoenix Tail (Pot)
  • High-Quality Herb (Pot)
  • Gun Scroll
  • Yamatai Sake (Pot)
  • Phoenix Tail (Barrel)
  • Battle Jacket
  • Panacea (Pot)
  • Elven Miracle Drug (Pot)
  • Boost Drink (Pot)
  • Falchion
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Feather Shield
  • Camping Rucksack
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Kaiser Knuckles
  • Yamatai Sake (Pot)
  • Ultimate Herb (Barrel)
  • Harp of Blessings
  • Lampas Drop (Barrel)
  • Marine Armor
  • De-Love Potion (Pot)

Chapter 3

Suddenly, we are in control of Lest, who is awakened by a dancer named Tarsa on a beach. Some conversation is given, and then you are free to explore the area. Upon heading to the right, a Mermaid attacks the group. Afterwards, there is only one path, which is downwards and to the left. From there, you'll head upwards and discover a cave! Inside, the White Rabbit appears and presumably explains the circumstances to Lest and Tarsa. More exploring later, you'll encounter two men, who upon being talked to will start a cutscene. Then, a sparkling area will be left behind that you can interact with to heal. Be sure to talk to the priest in order to gain jobs and races for both Lest and Tarsa. The exit of the cave will be blocked by a Devil Fighter. As expected, talking to her with result in a fight against a duo of them. Beat them up and then leave, Tarsa will prevent you from going anywhere but rightwards over the bridge to Grand Noah. As you cross said bridge, Lyla and Bell who are from Lest's world appear in front of the party in a beam of light. It's a boss fight! Seeing that they cannot defeat Lest and Tarsa, the two retreat, and you are free to enter Grand Noah.

As Lest stands before the Grand Noah Queen, there's an uneasy atmosphere as she contradicts what was said back in the Pocket Castle. Eventually, it's revealed that she has been brainwashed... The culprit is Musette, who appears behind the Queen, with her goons Lyla and Bell. Seeing the three, Lest prepares to engage in combat, but Tarsa suddenly turns into a succubus as Musette awakened her innate properties, and she ambushes Lest, who is powerless to resist her charms... And on that note, Chapter 3 ends.

List of Items:

  • Dragon Shield
  • Battle Wrist
  • Hypno Crown
  • Dancer Suit
  • Fan Scroll
  • General Helm
  • Temple Knight Armor
  • Defender
  • Trance Check
  • Succubus Fan

Chapter 4

We begin this chapter rather differently from the previous 3, as we are treated to a conversation between Ogretooth, Executioner, and Mysteltainn as they fly over an unvisited village. They're talking about which village to suck dry next when suddenly, Rovissa appears from out of nowhere and blasts Ogretooth with magic, forcing her down to earth! The two others chase after her, while Ogretooth lands and attempts to fight back. Lars stands between Rovissa and Orgetooth and blocks the hit. Meanwhile, the other two begin to suck the villagers dry. As the two sides prepare to clash, we get a flashback to how Lars and Rovissa got to this point...

The two had gone into a small village west of Yamatai in search of the elder there for his request, and while doing so, met with a strange man near the bridge. His name was Novissa, and he was looking for a person named Tarsa. Rovissa replies that they haven't seen a person by that name, and Novissa leaves after politely declining the offer to fight together. Entering the elder's home, it seemed that there was already another guest meeting, so the two of them wait and listen in. That person is a mysterious Taoist who calls herself Daimyokai, and was wondering if the elder couldn't sense the "earth's pulse". Asking for a reward, and after mentioning that she wanted to go back to her world, she leaves. Of course, the two catch that, and keep that in mind as the elder calls for them next. With Daimyokai's words in mind about the "earth's pulse", Rovissa deduces it was the flow of magic, and as a mage, she could track it. Doing so, she predicts the next attack location: Izumo Village. She then tells the elder that she'll set up an ambush there. And so we return to the present...

As expected, it's a boss fight against Ogretooth. Same as the fight with Executioner, just beat her up with your skills and stay healthy. Again, "beating" her does nothing, she powers up and is raring to fight again! But Mysteltainn stops her, and instead just drains everyone in the village in a blink of an eye with chains. With their job finished, the three begin to depart... but of course Lars and Rovissa won't let them! However, in a turn of events, the village girls that were drained begin to stand back up, one by one... they are Demi-Nightmares now. The two carefully knock them out, but more come, then a third wave... Both Lars and Rovissa sound the retreat, but begin to get surrounded by the transformed girls. However, as the girls walk over the bridge, the ground beneath them lights up! They become snared and unable to act. Daimyokai reappears! Her traps immobilize another group of succubi, and what appears to be the rest of them. As Rovissa and Daimyokai start to argue, the White Rabbit appears! ...Right into a binding seal. She's fine, of course, and explains everything to the group. Finally, we learn the true name of the Queen of Dreams from Rovissa: Est.

Since Daimyokai wasn't able to capture the trio, she won't get the reward from the elder, and thus joins the party in hope of getting something. The next goal is to talk to everyone in the ruined village to get some information. The person you are seeking is the messenger from Grand Noah, who proclaims that their kingdom was usurped by a white demon. Hearing that, the group decides that the other heroes would also be heading towards Grand Noah, and they should go as well. After leaving the village, head south through Yamatai Cave. Note that trying to enter Yamatai Village, the mountain, or Orochi's Cave will be met with failure. The cave itself is nothing new, just charge forth while looting the various treasure chests along the way. Once you exit, head westward towards Grand Noah and enter. Once you do, the scene changes to Luka, Sonya and either Alice or Ilias having just entered Izumo Village and witnessing the horror within. As they talk about it, Mephisto interrupts with news that Finoa has been taken over by succubi, and a powerful barrier is sealing the village. As Luka and party head off to investigate, chapter 4 ends...

List of Items:

  • Panacea (Cabinet)
  • Ultimate Herb (Barrel)
  • Eye Drops (Pot)
  • Elven Miracle Drug (Pot)
  • Elixir (Cabinet)
  • Yggdrasil Leaf (Cabinet)
  • Boost Drink (Cabinet)
  • Pitch Black Dark Stone (Cabinet)
  • Small Medal (Drawer)
  • Great Helm
  • Maximilian
  • Yggdrasil Leaf
  • Medusa Crown
  • Angel Ring
  • Alondite
  • Dragon Robe
  • Water Mirror Shield
  • Max Belt
  • Wizard Rod
  • Great Shield
  • Minotaur Rod

Chapter 5

We return to Lauratt, Rigeo, and Magatsu as they ponder where to go next. After hearing of Succubus Village, the party decides to head over there in hopes that they'll get some information about why Lauratt's runes aren't working. Entering the village, the party asks the locals about any famous people in the area, to which they reply that the mayor would be able to help. Head upwards to the mayor's home and enter, then find Succubus sitting at a table. A short talk later, Witch appears and studies Lauratt's runes, and thinks she can fix them with a few days of work.

Time flies by, and Witch gets the fire rune working and starts working on the ice rune. In the meanwhile, she tells Lauratt to relax a bit and check out what Rigeo and Magatsu have been doing. Magatsu is in the pub as expected, while Rigeo is cornered by Saki, a Kunoichi Succubus, and Magical Mari-chan, each of which are offering to teach her a unique skill set. Saki will teach her Pleasure Dance, the Kunoichi will teach her Shinobi Initiative and Ninja Art:Reverberation, and Mari will teach her Love☆Meteor and Magical☆Rigeo. Don't worry about losing access to the other two you don't pick though, as after the collab the Pocket Castle Board will have sidequests for them. Or, you can redo the collab again. Anyway, afterwards return to Witch. She'll finish working on the runes, and Lauratt will max out Priest and Mage. Witch will then recommend that he forms a contract with Salamander at Gold Volcano in order to get stronger, and the party will agree. Head there after changing jobs and buying new equipment, you'll need it.

Once you meet Salamander, she'll explain that her physical body is not present at the moment, so they're dealing with her spiritual self. Hearing of the party's request, she wants a show of strength. The fight is the same as the main story with different stats. I find using Magatsu's Dragon-Gorged Flood Taoism skill as an excellent way to deal damage as she's weak to Water. No matter the method, after defeating her she infuses the runes with her power, then vanishes to her physical body. As the party prepares to leave, a mysterious voice calls out... It's Fulbeua Sina Lestani, a Nightmare that Lauratt and Rigeo are well acquainted with. She explains a few things as thanks for something that Lauratt does not recall doing, among which is that her domain, the Château des Romances will appear soon in Grand Noah! As it is part of the dream world, once it is summoned, the Land of Night will keep expanding and the world will fall into unending dreams of pleasure... With that, she takes her leave, and chapter 5 ends.

List of Items:

  • Bewitching Tail (Pot)
  • Potato (Pot)
  • Potato (Pot)
  • De-Love Potion (Pot)
  • Milk (Pot)
  • Potato (Barrel)
  • Boost Drink (Drawers)
  • Potato (Drawers)
  • Monster Milk (Pot)
  • Potato (Pot)
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Boost Drink (Pot)
  • Blustery Green Wind Stone (Barrel)
  • Potato (Pot)
  • Milk (Pot)
  • Boost Drink (Barrel)
  • Panacea (Pot)
  • Potato (Wardrobe)
  • Red Shield
  • Dragon Rod
  • Fire Amulet
  • Gelatinous Hand
  • Double Dragon Robe
  • Blazing Orichalcum Hammer
  • Magic Bikini
  • Ichigeki

Chapter 6

We return to Kazuya and co. as they've just escaped from Myusca right into two other Succubi's hands. Luckily, the two don't attack right away, and instead mention that they should know the rules by now: escape the town or perish, and then they take their leave. There's only one path, so follow it and enter into another cutscene of two people being attacked by someone that Kazuya knows: Mukuro. However, they only look like her, they don't recognize Kazuya, and it simply seems that they are just doll without a conscience. Rescue the two people, then continue onward to discover a job change book and a rest point. Soon afterwards there'll be a item shop in case you need it. A few rooms later, you'll encounter Nemea as she sucks dry a young boy. A chase sequence will begin, so run away with all your might until you make it outside. Nothing exciting happens until you find and then descend down a ladder, where Vinum awaits. However, she's busy reading, and let the party off. Make any noise and you die, so avoid the loose paper on the ground, ignore the chest (it has a chicken inside), step on the far end of the piano, and read the note instead of going through the door (it is squeaky) and you'll finally make it out alive.

Another job change book and bed await here, so prepare yourself. In the next room, you'll encounter Kagetsumugi surrounded by Mukuro dolls. She's the one who has been making them. Kazuya is quite angry, and Kagetsumugi notices before sending out a Mukuro doll that was different from the others. After saying her true name, Kazuya is convinced that the Mukuro in front of him is the one he knows as she reacts unusually, but Mukuro herself is unstable and attacks the party. She's much much stronger than the other Mukuros, but otherwise she mostly have the same attacks and weaknesses. However, she does have the Time Stop skill, so if you're unlucky she could wipe out the front row with her additional turnss. Anyway, she comes back to her senses after being beaten down. While you might expect Kagetsumugi to intervene, she doesn't, and instead is willing to give her to the party. As she begins to leave, Kazuya asks her a question: if she is a puppeteer or a puppet. Kagetsumugi... doesn't take being called a puppet lightly to say the least, but leaves without fighting the party.

A bit of travel later, Vinum has apparently finished her book and is prepared to chase the party around. You know the drill, run away! But this time, Nemea awaits at the exit. It's a boss fight! As another Succubus, Nemea is weak to earth (and ice strangely enough) and does lots of pleasure damage. At this point you should be able to defeat her without much trouble unless you're on a harder difficulty. But alas, winning does nothing. The party begins to retreat, but Vinum appears from behind, then Myusca. It seems the party is out of luck... As Nemea steps in to claim Hakunen as her prize, a club strikes her in the face! It's Magatsu! And backing her up is of course Lauratt and Rigeo. While Myusca and Nemea are raring to fight, Vinum calls them back for a retreat. While doing so, we discover why Myusca had the Proof of Collaboration: Upon being teleported, she discovered a human next to her, whom she sucked dry, and then the crest appeared on her hand. On that note, the three leave. The two parties introduce themselves to the other, then join together. Their next goal? Grand Noah! After that, chapter 6 ends...

List of Items:

  • Kappa Shield
  • Small Medal (Barrel)
  • Dragon Rod
  • Antidote Grass (Pot)
  • Orichalcum Harp
  • Dragon Whip
  • Restorative (Pot)
  • Crimson Buddha Gi
  • Elven Miracle Drug (Pot)
  • Bright White Holy Stone (Barrel)
  • Ultimate Herb (Barrel)
  • Magical Armor+
  • Blaze Penalty
  • Burst Drink (Barrel)
  • Orichalcum Claws
  • Dragon Robe
  • Phoenix Tail (Pot)

Chapter 7

We return to Lest, who is now stuck in a small prison cell. There seems to be no escape... Of course you wouldn't be fooled by that, there are sparking spots to investigate after all. In the barrel, a small diary which belonging a person named Whitestone is discovered. The self proclaimed "jailbreak expert" notes that he has been digging out a wall with a spoon for a while, and writes about how the Grand Noah Queen has apparently gone mad. Nearly done with the wall, he comes up with a second plan just in case, and escapes that way, but notes that if someone needs to, they have his permission to use it. The pot and jail door have nothing to give, so poke around the left side and Lest will break though into the storage room to get back his stuff. Now, onwards! But carefully, Lest is sure he can take on the guards (the guards being Automata Girls.) but is worried that noise from the fight will attract more guards. Just pass though without touching them, and you'll be alright... Or not, since the next room has about six or so waiting in ambush. But suddenly, from behind them...! A greatsword begins to cut down the guards, it's Novissa! He is looking for Tarsa, and joins the party afterward the two clean up the guards.

So now, where to? Perhaps the prisoners will know more? The upper path is a dead end, but head left than up for the person that you need. From them, we learn that Tarsa was taken deeper, so downwards we will go. But the door is locked, and only the prison warden has the key. She's on the other path to the left, past the job change book and then down. The warden is a Four Tailed Samurai, and after a brief fight she surrenders and hands over the key. She explains that this is a good time to quit, since the Queen has gone mad. With key in hand, head down to the next basement...

The rightward path is a dead end with a chest, once you get it the rightmost prisoner coughs up some news on where Tarsa has been. She's been taken even deeper down, to the third basement... There's no door blocking the entrance to the third basement, so head on down once you've explored the area.

This area has quite a few paths that connect back to each other, but they all lead to the centermost room. Defeat the Succubus Monk who is guarding the way, then head inside where Tarsa awaits... in her succubus form. She's been busy, as evidenced by the surrounding bodies. To bring her back to her senses, Novissa takes up his greatsword. Boss fight time! Again. Succubus boss. No further words needed. But the real fight has yet to begin. As Tarsa recovers, the mastermind, Musette, appears! She's not an angel, but a "white-winged demon", which is almost the same thing. Defeat her, and she stumbles back. However, with the power that Tarsa had already gathered, she uses it to summon the Demonic Castle Château des Romances. With it, the Nightmares that dwell within come forth and attack the party. There are too many, they start to close in... Suddenly, Rovissa appears, then Daimyokai and Lars. The two groups join forces as the scene changes to Luka and co reaching Finoa, too late. More news reaches them, that of the Grand Noah palace becoming a black ominous castle. The group heads off as this chapter ends...

List of Items:

  • Elven Miracle Drug (Pot)
  • Mandarin Orange (Barrel)
  • Burst Drink (Pot)
  • Red Helm
  • Secret Sword Scroll
  • Noah Bread (Pot)
  • Elixir (Pot)
  • Small Medal (Drawers)
  • Phoenix Tail (Pot)
  • Rumbling Orange Earth Stone (Pot)
  • Zeal Ring
  • Noah Wine (Barrel)
  • Orichalcum Armor
  • Panacea (Pot)
  • Alondite Arc
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Phoenix Tail (Barrel)
  • Trance Guard
  • Elixir (Pot)
  • Seduction Guard
  • Yggdrasil Lead (Pot)
  • Ultimate Herb (Pot)
  • Dragon Bastard

Chapter 8

And what a sight the castle is! We are treated to a picture of the place as Kazuya and his party approach. There's not much time left, and also no more options other than to charge inside and see what to do from there. You're greeted by Nightmares as you enter, and you'll quickly discover whom should be on the frontlines and who will be sitting out for a while. After all, the entire castle is full of these Nightmares, and even if you will fight other opponents, anyone without pleasure attacks will be a meat shield at best. Take your time to shuffle your party at the beginning of each fight. Continue down the path and enter the main hall. The party will sense the presence of Fulbeua on the second floor. As there isn't much else to go off of, head there. But that would be too easy. There's a barrier in front of the stairs preventing access. But the device to turn it on and off is somewhere on this floor. Where? Well, ask around. Eventually, in what appears to be a kitchen, you'll find a Nightmare who is willing to answer for a small fee of some energy from the three men in the party. It doesn't matter who you choose, they'll take a bit of damage but that's it. She'll tell you to go the room with the dancing Nightmare in it. Talk to the dancing Nightmare to confirm that yes, the cracked wall is where the canceling device is. Behind lies... a Nightmare who had the same idea and was about to cancel the barrier. Oh well. Defeat her and open the chest to cancel the barrier, then head upstairs.

As expected, Fulbeua is there, waiting for the heroes. Unsurprisingly, she will not listen without a fight, so a fight is what she'll get. She's the first Nightmare boss you'll fight, but apart from that she's just a normal Succubus. It's all a matter of keeping your active party healed while they dish out pleasure damage. As it is the norm with these fights, she comes out of it without much issue and actually plans on telling the heroes where the gate is. But Musette appears and the two begin to argue. Sensing a chance, the party escapes. In the next room over, the party catches their breath as they talk about what to do from here. As the plan to fall back and regroup is formed, a very familiar face appears. It's Myusca! And soon after the other two warp in! It's another escape game, but this one is more rail roaded than the others. You'll manage to escape to the basement once all is said and done. And as soon as you explore a bit to the left, Vinum shows up bored of the chase. Time for the fight against her! She's not a Nightmare of course, so you should use non Pleasure attacks on her. One Succubus boss fight later... She's warmed up. And with her, Myusca and Nemea show up. Again, all hope is lost as the three close in. Only to be interrupted by Alice/Ilias, Sonya and Nuruko, and Luka! On this note, chapter 8 ends.

List of Items:

  • Elemental Robe
  • Great Pirate Helm
  • Glory Armor
  • Aegis
  • Aphrodite's Lips
  • Jibril
  • Grand Wizard
  • Angel Gi
  • Angel Cross
  • Crimson Hood
  • Idea Prism

Chapter 9

We return to Lest and his party fighting off the hordes of Nightmares. It's a three wave battle, and after the dust settles you're allowed to explore the castle. However, while you might think there are quite a few paths to explore, there is only one route forward at first. The staircase in the upper left leads to a dead end thanks to fox statues, and the path on the right side only has a chest at the end. Thus, head for the exit in the lower left. There appears to be many different ways to go again, but eventually you'll make it to the lower left again. You might have noticed a pattern, as once again in the next room the exit is placed at the lower left again. Continue onward, and discover that for once, the staircase is placed in the upper left. There's a drop off here and it is one way to descend to get more loot. Proceed once you are confident you've opened every chest along the way. The sparkling spot will have the party remark that it appears to be an elevator, but it's not there and also they have no reason to be heading down anyway. Keep this place in mind for later, though. There are two paths that you can go from here. The right side loops back to where the fox statues were and has an equipment and item shop. This leaves the left side as progress. After heading down the narrow path, the party is ambushed by of course... the three cursed sword sisters? It's the same thing though, if they touch you it's game over. Run like the wind for about ten seconds as they give up as soon as you enter the next room. Again, paths diverge here, a choice between heading up or upstairs. Heading up into the next room will lead to an encounter with Ogretooth. Unlike the other chase scenes, if she catches up it isn't gameover. You'll just have to fight her head on. So, if you aren't confident, run away. What of the other path? Dead end with a chest. Once you've gotten past Ogretooth and went up (the other path loops), you can decide to either head right for a mimic room or up for progress. If you had been exploring, you might have encountered one of the Nightmares talking about this room. There's only one correct chest; the rest are mimics. The correct chest is the middle of the middle right row of chests.

So, back onto the main path... Head left for the chest before heading right for yet another chase scene with the the cursed sword trio, which also lasts just about as long. Once you enter the next room you are greeted where we left off last chapter. Luka and party busy fighting the succubus prison trio. There isn't any time to rejoice before the Cursed Sword trio waltz in. But as they prepare to engage in combat, Alma Elma/Eden and Alicetroemeria/Lucifina-Chan and Micaela-Chan will stop two of the three sisters, leaving just Mysteltainn to fight the party. Take her down and she'll comment about how hard it is to fight without unleashing her true power. Meanwhile, Luka and his companions are holding off the succubus prison trio when Myusca dodges directly into one of Daimyokai's sealing circles. While she insists she can break it, Vinum bargains for her release. The heroes demand for them to retreat and for Myusca to give her Proof of Collaboration back, which Vinum accepts. Luka gets the proof, and the Cursed Sword sisters and the Succubus Prison trio leave. Thus ends chapter 9.

List of Items:

  • Lordly Robe
  • Prism Sword:Fire
  • Succubus Slayer Talisman
  • Mini-Ribbon
  • Glory Armor
  • Super-Armored Plating
  • Strike Dragon
  • Climax Guard
  • Gold Hair Ornament
  • Elemental Circlet
  • Princess Guard (Hidden room south of red carpet)
  • Flame Breastplate
  • Chaos Circlet
  • Frost Lord
  • Pleasure Tome
  • Mysterious Bikini
  • Tiger Helm
  • Zantetsuken
  • Artisan's Necklace
  • Spirit Fan
  • Zeal Ring
  • Magical Shield
  • Meteor Armor
  • Meteor Shield

Chapter 10

Seeing as there's quite a few people now that everyone has joined up, the group heads over to a crystal to reorganize. Finally, you have access to your pocket castle members, but LoC gear is still locked of course. Once you've finished, Rigeo mentions that she's looking for someone in the castle: Demon Lord Gilgorn. She's hostile to Nightmares, and as such should help out once the party finds her. She should be in the deepest part... perhaps now is the time to use that elevator? Or explore a bit first, up to you. Not that there's much, trying to head upstairs will be rejected, but there are a few chests here and there. Anyway, Lampas will lower a vine to use as a rope in place of the missing elevator, and the party makes it down safely. There's not much here: the staircase down is the right path, as Gilgorn is there studying a crystal. Talk to her and she'll misunderstand the situation when Alice/Ilias points out they are a Monster Lord/Goddess, and engages the party in a fight. If you don't lock her down with pleasure status ailments, it is likely you will perish. But the fight is as simple as that, just reapply those pleasure status ailments if they wear off, and use pleasure against her. Once she goes down, she'll join the party, and also enable the teleportation function of the crystals, which the party uses to return to the first floor. Leave the castle, and return to the Pocket Castle to talk about what to do now.

After some time, a plan is drawn: Gilgorn will bombard the castle with her powerful magic amplified by Rovissa, and once the castle is damaged enough the party will march on in and storm the portal. But before that, some free time to talk everyone, then everyone will rest up for the battle tomorrow. This very short chapter concludes here.

List of Items:

  • Climax Guard
  • Royal Crown
  • Secret Physical Tome
  • Supreme Sex Toy Scroll
  • Angel's Leotard
  • Ribbon

Chapter 11

Once you're ready, travel to Grand Noah. You'll have to fight off wave after wave of Nightmares who are attempting to take down Gilgorn, knowing that her weakness is pleasure. After two waves, Imps surround Gilgorn, which the party fends off. Then a couple of waves later, Gilgorn brings breaks down the castle before being buried in a pile of Nightmares, and is put out of commission. But her job is done, and the party heads inside...

Meanwhile, the Succubus Prison trio is off in another village about to suck them all dry when either Zion/Gnosis/Eden or Morrigan/Astaroth/Lilith will show up and battle them for their own reasons. This even shorter chapter ends here and our final one begins.

Chapter 12

As the party enters, a Shesta notices the party and attacks. The place is being corroded, and in addition to the Nightmares and usual slew of monsters, now you'll also fight some Apoptosis as you descend deeper. You can recruit the Nightmares there, but they don't answer to discussion, so you will either have to be really patient or use Praise/Great Praise skills from the informant job line. As you progress, be certain to open any chests you see, as inside those are unique equipments for the collaboration characters, and they will need it for the final fight. As you're about to go to the third layer, Musette, Bell and Lyla show up to stop the party. It's a triple threat, but shouldn't be as bad since you have your full party now. They'll retreat after you fend them off, so continue heading down. A few uninteresting layers later, on layer 6 as you might have been expecting it's time for another boss battle! This time it's Executioner, Ogretooth, and Mysteltainn, who all attack at once! ...Or not. As either Zion/Gnosis/Eden or Morrigan/Astaroth/Lilith will show up depending on your route to fight them instead.

Yet a few more layers go by without much to talk about, until you reach layer 9. On her throne, it's Fulbeua, who will teleport you back if you try to ignore her. She is blocking the way, and of course the only thing to do is defeat her. A reminder that she is a Nightmare, so bring your best Pleasure dealing characters and bench the rest. Afterwards, she'll let the party go by, while Kazuya whispers to Luka that "she's lying". There isn't much remaining, once you get to the end of layer 10, you're teleported to a small area where the White Rabbit appears and mentions that the magical supply room with her captured form is right there. Now you just need to open the door and enter, wake up the sleeping White Rabbit, and everything will be resolved...

Hopefully you listened to Kazuya and didn't open the door. Else you'll get a swift gameover. As Kazuya points out to the "White Rabbit", he tells that she mentioned to Kazuya when they first met that " seem to be able to use magic again." as if she was aware that he had lost his ability to use magic before, while apparently she didn't even know the names of the people from other worlds. So, how did she know about Kazuya? Well, Kazuya directly exposes her as Daji, from his world. Surprised that Kazuya managed to discover her with just a few words, Daji transforms back into her usual state, then attacks the party! Her battle is extremely tough as she's on par with Tamamo in Grangold, but with more pleasure attacks and status ailment inflicting auto hits. As a Kitsune, she's weak to Wind, so make use of that and take her down! She'll admit defeat, and even summon a portal to where the real objective is. Alas, the hoard of Nightmares have caught up to the party. It seems like it'll be a grueling battle, but...! Either Tamamo no Mae in the flesh or Raphaela will appear to fend off the hoard while the party escapes into the portal.

This is it, you're in the Land of Night now. There's a few floors to go, and then you'll be in front of the gate. But of course, there's one person left to defeat before you can destroy the gate... Est. Time for the final showdown! She's a Nightmare, so as per usual bench the people without pleasure attacks. She shouldn't be too hard of a battle, at least for now... Take her down, and... she's actually getting stronger. Great. She knocks out everyone but the seven heroes with the wave of pleasure that she's giving off. You'd think you'd be quite literally screwed, since only three of the heroes can do pleasure damage, but the Proof of Collaboration shines, and imbues all seven of the heroes with its power. Time for round two! It's the same as her first fight, but keep this in mind: The buff that allows you to damage Est with non-pleasure attacks is a buff. It will be lost on death. Thus, keep your DPS alive at all costs! Pull this off, and Est climaxes, which makes the portal behind her disappear, then she goes off as well. The world is saved, and we end here...

List of Items (Bold means unique):

Floor 1:

  • Dragon Stone
  • Shadow Shield
  • Night Sky Belt (confirm floor?)
  • Rending Rod Ebiru

Floor 2:

  • Lusty Fox's Hairclip
  • Crescent Cider
  • Vintage Tunic

Floor 3:

  • Bishamonten's War Clothes
  • Lampas Whip
  • Cane of Wisdom
  • Angelic Guard

Floor 4:

  • Black Cat's Bone
  • Ruling Crown (side room)
  • Assault Unit PoN-10
  • Lord of Death Card

Floor 5:

  • Rear-Mark 42
  • Crashing Dragon Fang
  • Shining Helm

Floor 6

  • Arm Strengthening Unit M-e
  • Devil's Hairband
  • Byeollungum

Floor 7

  • Oni's Sake Gourd
  • Zero-dimension Expansion Device -> MTTK Special
  • Lusty Fox's Robe

Floor 8

  • Crypty Ribbon
  • Peerless Prayer Beads
  • Alice Card

Floor 9

  • Hate Slayer
  • Skanda's Geta
  • Mucus Cream

Floor 10

  • Slave Collar
  • Love Pendant
  • Rigeo's☆Parasol

Land of Night 1

  • Crypty Dress

Land of Night 2

  • Vorpal Sword
  • Winged Demon's Armor

Land of Night 3

  • Banquet Dress
  • Hat of the Sun God
  • Warped Rod of Justice

Land of Night Epicenter

  • Six Soul Banner
  • Gambanteinn


So, Luka and party are fine, but what of the people from another world? The gate closed after all, and they couldn't leave though it. So they're stuck here until the real White Rabbit reappears, and knowing that Luka's world was still facing a major crisis, decide to help. Now what of the alliance? If the party wasn't able to go back, certainly they haven't. For their side quest, head here. Also, head back to where you fought Est to obtain a unique ability for the Seven Heroes.