“Thanks for the meal.”

Panty Sensei (パンツ先生, Pantsu Sensei) is a vile pervert living in the village of Pornof, he can be recruited as a companion. To get Panty Sensei, you must first "collect" 5 pairs of unique panties from monsters you fight along your journey. Once you have presented them to him, he will be able to join you.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:

Panty Sensei: “All right, let’s go. The panties are awaiting me.”

With Scat Captain:
Panty Sensei: “What’s the situation, Colonel? Oops, I mean Captain!”

Scat Captain: “Extremely good. Sensei also appears to be doing extremely well.”

Panty Sensei: “Even so, for us to be fighting on behalf of the world… How weird.”

Scat Captain: “We are creating a new era, one where we will not be labelled perverts. Therefore, we are no longer perverts.”

Panty Sensei: “I agree.”

Scat Captain: “…………”

Panty Sensei: “…………”

With Kockyoin:
Kockyoin: “What’s with his gesture?”

Panty Sensei: “I. See. Pan-ties.”

Kockyoin: “…*smile*”

Panty Sensei: “…*smirk*”

Grandeur Theatre


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
Panty Sensei: “Haaa! Haaa!”

Panty Sensei grabs his dick and strokes it up and down…

It was not effective against Panty Sensei!

2nd Action:
Panty Sensei: “Please take this.”

Panty Sensei presents a gift!

You obtain Milk!

3rd Action:
Panty Sensei: “Everything is white, I’ve burned out…”

Panty Sensei died…

4th Action:
Panty Sensei: “……”

Panty Sensei was suddenly immersed in ecstasy! (Trance status)

5th Action:
Panty Sensei: “Thanks for the meal.”

Panty Sensei gropes Random Enemy’s body! (Random chance to steal Panties)


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