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“Thanks for the meal.”

Panty Sensei (パンツ先生, Pantsu Sensei) is a vile pervert living in the village of Pornof, he can be recruited as a companion. To get Panty Sensei, you must first "collect" 5 pairs of unique panties from monsters you fight along your journey. Once you have presented them to him, he’ll be able to join you.

World Interactions

Pocket Castle

Basic Greeting:
Panty Sensei: “All right, let’s go. The panties are awaiting me.”

With Scat Captain:
Panty Sensei: “What’s the situation, Colonel? Oops, I mean Captain!”

Scat Captain: “Extremely good. Sensei also appears to be doing extremely well.”

Panty Sensei: “Even so, for us to be fighting on behalf of the world… How weird.”

Scat Captain: “We are creating a new era, one where we will not be labelled perverts. Therefore, we are no longer perverts.”

Panty Sensei: “I agree.”

Scat Captain: “…………”

Panty Sensei: “…………”

With Kockyoin:
Kockyoin: “What’s with his gesture?”

Panty Sensei: “I. See. Pan-ties.”

Kockyoin: “…*smile*”

Panty Sensei: “…*smirk*”


Gadabout Actions

1st Action:
Panty Sensei: “Haaa! Haaa!”

Panty Sensei grabs his dick and strokes it up and down…

It was not effective against Panty Sensei!

[Nothing happens]

2nd Action:
Panty Sensei: “Please take this.”

Panty Sensei presents a gift!


3rd Action:
Panty Sensei: “Everything is white, I’ve burned out…”

Panty Sensei died…

[Panty Sensei dies]

4th Action:
Panty Sensei: “……”

Panty Sensei was suddenly immersed in ecstasy!

[Panty Sensei suffers from Trance]

5th Action:
Panty Sensei: “Thanks for the meal.”

Panty Sensei gropes Random Enemy’s body!

[Random chance to steal Panties from an enemy]


  • He doesnt have any reaction to Collaboration Character Panties despite being available.