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Shadow Girl Chrome →
Level: 55
HP (Normal): 16000
Skills: Kiss of Desire, Sensual Handjob, Mouth of Desire, Ass of Desire, Withdrawal, Eye of Obedience, Forced Masturbation, Baroque Orgasm
Area: Haunted Manor
Appears in: Chapter 3
Artist: frfr

Paintgeist is a monster in Chapter 3 in the Haunted Manor, a "failed" creation of Chrome.

Monsterpedia Entry

“A painting located in the Haunted Mansion, where the soul of a monster with powerful magic was transferred to. Although she was created intentionally by Chrome, she didn’t intend for her to be stuck in the painting itself. Chrome left her hanging there, deemed a failure.

Basically harmless, she only tries to drag in men when they interest her. If drawn inside the painting as her prey, there is no escape, and she is free to continue toying with the male forever. Since the flow of time inside the painting world is different from the real world, this rape will continue for eternity.”


Kiss of Desire: Normal attack that damages once. Will trigger hand and facial bukkake on loss.

Sensual Handjob: Normal attack that damages once.

Mouth of Desire: Normal attack that damages once.

Ass of Desire: Normal attack that damages once.

*Withdrawal: Counterstance that leads to Baroque Orgasm if attacked.

Eye of Obedience: Used during Withdrawal. Triggers Surrender and leads to Forced Masturbation.

*Forced Masturbation: Normal attack that damages once. Only happens during Surrender status.

Baroque Orgasm: Triggers bind status and leads to KO via instant follow-up.

*Non-requestable technique

Battle Overview

Alice wanders off prior to this battle, so there is no help from her. But, as with all previous monster battles, use Serene Mind and Daystar.

Rather than having a bind, she instead has a counterstance via Withdrawal that lasts three turns and attacking her will just end Luka's game via Baroque Orgasm, so do not attack her in this state. However, in her counterstance she may use Eye of Obedience which causes Luka to undergo surrender status and result Forced Masturbation, so switch to Fallen Angel Dance, then switch back once it ends.

If Luka loses, he will be pulled into her painting and given a handjob. His semen is then milked inside the painting for eternity.


“This time it’s your art debut. Shall I display you in a museum, so everyone can point and laugh at your stupidity? Since your opponent is a monster, use your serene state. But hold back when she goes into her picture. You’ll lose instantly if you attack when she does this. When she’s in her picture, she will also still use eye magic… But this status effect is completely avoidable with fallen angel dance. When she goes into her picture, make sure to change to that. Now go, oh brave Luka. A painting like that needs to be completely destroyed.”


  • "Geist" is a German noun that has "ghost" as one of its meanings. Paintgeist could thus be understood as "ghost painting".